Dan Price’s underground home, art & philosophy on $5,000/year

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My Damn Channel : Man what a adventurous life this man has led..even the richest people on the planet have probably not had the quality adventures he has.

Grimpus1 : Bet hes got a tunnel behind that picture leading to an underground garage with 10 sports cars

John Smith : The only thing I would change is dig in a little deeper to add a room to stand. My knees are toast. and yes being an adult sucks but someone has to do it. I will bet he lives a long and peaceful life!

Hope Cotney : I just love how the woman filming is genuinely interested, she wasn't expecting such a nice, cozy place haha. Neither was I! it looks amazing

Wasteland Gypsy : Im so glad the local Government hasnt messed with this guy. What he does is such a good thing.

Supreme : watching this made me realise how vain i am and how mad society has become. One love for this guy.

PONYBOYonline : "This meadow is like my church". I wonder what this planet would be like if people worshiped the earth as much as they do their gods.

10,000 Rambos : I wouldn't mind staying there, except I can't sit indian style. I'd just be sprawled out on the floor like a discarded banana peel.

Gary Mayo : This guy has life figured out. Bless him.

Wasteland Gypsy : Why would anyone rob a man who already had so little? Some people need to be sterilized from reproductive ability.

Steven Palmore : dont grow up its a trap!!!!!!

Joe Tittiger : It's very ironic that the building codes that Dan was forced to deal with are the primary reason that we are enslaved things such as mortgages and rent. The bankers certainly like it this way.

TheXanUser : The reaction of your children says it all!

Jeff takes Disney : He is more free now than he would ever be as a kid again!! kids are busy with school and all kinds of things now a days

HOBO ARTIST : I didnt build it to stand up in because i dont like furniture of any kind. Dust chatchers. Its very cool to kneel down in order to enter your home that protects you from the elements. To kneel down upon entering a sacred space makes me feel humble and very grateful that i have such a cozy, warm, or cool place to be in and call home. One that isnt sucking all my financial resources and my soul and creativity along with it. I will take LESS any day over more.

Tom O'Hawk : I've lived like this for 40 years, I don't own anything apart from my tent, a change of clothes and a few photos of a long lost love. I'm 64 now with no living relatives, it's been lonely.

John Ullman : If all had a consciousness like this fellow, the world would be a better place to live. We are taught as young as four "this is mine!" "I want this" This is better than yours" "You can't have this!" Society want's us indebted, obligated. Revenue. Profit from us. To tax us, to control us. Subject us. Counties will try to fine you, penalize you, destroy what you built, charge you for wrongs against established ordinances. Public health, safety codes as the excuse, reason. They don't want you self-reliant, self-sufficient, independent, free. They want you indebted, not free. A non thinker. Dependent.

BKHtheWonderWoman : He should use neem oil! That would solve his bug problems permanently.

Praetorian 0008 : I wish I could like this more then once. this guy has it figured out as a disabled Vet I really think this is the answer for the homelessness that vets face.

Howitzer933 : Ah, he's divorced and doesn't have custody, this totally makes sense now

Guru Murphinda : You could probably rig something to generate power from that river, and make more from the land as to sustainable food (A small fish farm, Some chickens and a goat or 2, Apple and Pear trees, some tree colards, cabbages In raised beds, potatoes, carrots, Cruciferous veg, black berry and blue berry bushes and plenty of strawberry plants up on those roofs). He would only need to donate around a quarter of his 2 acres to this food production and invest a little into the power requirements to sustain a family of 4 in a virtual Eden... I love the concept and the potential of this guys set up. Very Good

Andrew Frost : and here I am thinking that my 850 sq./foot apartment is not big enough...

iH8uA11 : I think this is brilliant and it's his choice to do so. Most Americans work to live and have forgotten what it's like just to live free, like when we were kids. Just because our bodies grow old our minds don't have to do the same. The old mighty dollar causes us to be so judgmental of others, I bet all the money in the world couldn't make this dude happier than he is right now. Unless you've truly lived free as an adult, and most of us haven't, you will probably die without ever REALLY living!!! Don't judge, PEACE!!!

Eric Bender : "Everything I do is a joy, and that's the way it aughta be"

Martin Stewart : Great to see a wild deer during the filming. Such an interesting chap. Lovely film.

Kirk McCoy : As much as I totally love this lifestyle we are adults, not children. Who doesn't want to be a kid his entire life? If he were single and had no children or parents or family to take care of then it's his life to do what he wants. But I soon as we have a spouse and children, I'm sorry, all bets are off. I would live this life style in a heart beat, and have at times. I'm married, have a child, pay for my dad's retirement and take care of an older special needs brother. I have major responsibility as do most of us. Who among us would not like this at some level. I have a huge problem with anyone that bails on their responsibilities. It's his life, his ex spouse, wonder why and his children. We all have choice. He made his and for that I congratulate him. I strive for the simpler life and I hope to get there someday... but I'll never get this far, I have to many other people I have to consider.

Das Neko : For me building underground is interesting because space is not limited. I guess we are very different.

paulspydar : this really should be the model for as many buildings as possible, work & to live, can you imagine a whole town just under the ground so all you will see is mostly grass & trees, :-) really nice,. He was super lucky to find a land owner who let him do that,

diggs : my side of the mountain - love that book

beingatliberty : he's burying himself and retreating pschologically a minimalised existence, but hes done a beautiful job very - wabi sabi. different approaches to existence are totally fine. pity people robbed him, caused him to retreat more.

I fly F52 into your MuM : If you let me dig a cave house like that... I might end up with a underground bunker system which is way too big for 1 person... Also come with full defensive anti-siege parts as well...

Banjo Cricket USA : Kirsten, Just want to say how much I enjoyed this video. I think you did an excellent job putting this together, to show what a fortunate man Dan is. Less = More. Love it.

Meow Meowich : so he's a hamster

Merikara2 : I've been binge watching tiny homes videos but this one is a stand out. I wouldn't want to live in holes in the ground myself, but his compound is beautiful and I like his overall philosophy about living in tune with the environment. I especially like his shower/sauna set up.

Furrane : This is very nice, thanks for making this video. I related a lot on what he said at the end about security, and I totally agree. I want to see more of this content =)

nodws : Thats the problem with living anywhere, eventually someone is gonna break into your property no matter how humble it is

Beardshire : "Sorry, the landowner sold, you're gonna have to move" Would be my luck.

Creaky C. : Now it needs WiFi and a nice laptop.

honey owen : very interesting. i can see the attraction of living almost cost free. when he said he wanted to feel like a kid again, and always built forts, it seemed like his motivation was more emotional than practical. that's kinda odd. when an adult keeps wanting to be a kid again and don't seem to accept their adulthood and resort to living in isolation, anyone i know would suggest i talk to someone about what it is in real life that i can't accept. just thought that part was really odd.

Yard Sale Dale : The robbers are cursed.

wtf : this dude is gonna survive nibiru. the only way for anyone to is go under. and he eats raw food (high vibe diet). he knows more than he's letting on. wont be suprised if he's in contact with ancient humans in inner Earth.

purrrrson : So many of these tiny house dwellers are living their dreams. Many other people are chasing their dreams through material things. How many people of wealth are truly happy? Sure, money helps in achieving happiness but it's not the main thing.

frozentootsiepop : He could rent this out on vrbo. I'm sure there would be tons of people who would want to try out his little house for a weekend!

SoulfulVeg : I like him. He's mastered what it takes to make him happy. My idea would be different but seeing him inspires me. I especially like what he says about living on the land for a while before building on it.

Carl Trustrum : There is nothing wrong with that life .Very smart man.

St. Apollonius : A beautiful layout but I think when a person decides to have kids they should live up to their responsibilities instead of just indulging in their childhood fantasies.

WolfWhisky : Imagine what he could do with some more manpower...

Lia Hansen : im in love with this dude

Erik Blair : They say if you don't grow up by the time you're 50 you don't have to. I'd love this lifestyle!

vvlmm : It is really impressive, this guy is nice builder. But at the same time I feel bad for him to live in such small space, I can't help it.