Hidden Meaning in Spirited Away (Miyazaki) – Earthling Cinema

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Wisecrack : Earthling Cinema is back on the airwaves! Which cinematic artifacts should Mr. Wormuloid probe next?

Jake Bryant : Please do Princess Monoke

Varinder Bhandal : Disney touches the heart Studio Ghibli touches the soul.

sagely Demonologist : 2:18 is a metric assload more than an imperial assload?

Nelson Warner : For everyone who has heard the rumor that Spirited Away is about prostitution, I can tell you that it's not. I can speak Japanese and I tried looking for the source of this rumor in Japanese. All I got were some unreliable tabloids. As far as I can see, this is completely unsubstantiated beyond some faint lines you can draw with names/history, and articles make them seem a lot stronger case than it really is. Miyazaki has said in various interviews that he made Spirited Away because he wanted to make a film that 10 year old girls could watch. He talked about how it was a difficult time for them, but he found the movies that they watched to be mindless. You can listen to him talk about this in the behind the scenes on the DVD. If this is the case, then why would he make something about prostitution?

Varinder Bhandal : Now do one on the Iron Giant you beautiful bastards.

Tristan Neal : Capitalism as the end of humanity was funny, but you really got me at the human arm being an elaborate system of levers and pulleys XD

Arceus Lord of Creation : "An economic Boom, no offense" 😂😂😂

Andreia : I click anything Studio Ghibli related. 😂😂😂

Rapid Readers : Here's a challenge: Hidden Meaning in "the Room" by Tommy Wiseau

warriorman has died : PLEASE DO DEATH NOTE!!

Miranda Kelley : The running gag with you guys censoring chewing is honestly one of my favorite jokes on this show

The Private Select : Personally, I think Spirited away is kind of overrated but still good. My favorite would have to be Castle in the Sky or Howl's moving castle.

Massimo Vianello : Lol why is it dubbed?

24 Frames Of Nick : Thank you wisecrack for being such an inspiration for me and helping me understand film more clearly. You and the nerdwriter have helped my start my channel and I thank you for that.

Roberto CB : why are the mouths censored when they eat?

The Meme Lords : T H O T L O C A T E D

Joseph Phillips : Do Nausicaa of the Valley of the Wind

S3ANoWAR : I just watched this for the first time earlier this week and this just came out this is so cool!

ilovefood : why are you censoring the eating scenes?? dafuq

Matthew Rowe : No talk of the obvious prostitution theme? Or No-face representing modern Japanese salarymen?

Natural Nia : One of the best anime movies of all time!

hlutei lol : Is it bad that i kinda laughed on some parts of the video ??😂😂😂

Dan Tisshaw : Wasnt this shit about prostitution?

Ynse Schaap : Best anime ever !

Wilner's wonderful world : This movie seems dumb as fuck no offense if u like it

Amber Gifford : Why is the eating censord

David Hylton : Why is eating censored?

brian anderson : Other themes? -Chihiro/Sen character growth from a whiney helpless baby, to a hard working self sufficient responsibility bearing hero. -The duality between the witches who inhabit different preferences, opposite magic and are essentially 2 sides of a coin that both must be expressed. Sen ended up helping both. Yubaba got rich off the river gods gold after sen cleaned the god. And zeniba got her magic item returned by Sen. -The baby who turned into the rat had personal growth from a literal/ figurative "big baby" to a critical thinker -dragon tips. Don't let humans block up your river to build over, then sell yourself to a witch. He was under a spell till the knight in shining armor saved him(sen remember his name and set him free). Kinda like classic Disney movies-ish. -That little spirit girl waiting at the middle train station. Among all the train stations. At the far end of each line exists a witch, one living in a swamp as a farmer and homestead with magic of friendship and love to empower. The sister witch lives in the largest city in spirit world and uses contracts assisted by magic to enforce a net-wealth generating space which also has a strong economic supply/demand for the universe to service the needs of gods.. Weird theme there, run with it where u want -

Leopard-King : I have a solution to coarseness of capitalism that maybe unthinkable inside the hallowed realm of modernity. It is this, commerce may not advertise around the drives of humanity. No advertisements to titilate or dare through the life principle. Sex, food, violence, bonding, and fear of death would be stricken from acceptable angles allure. Companies would not be permitted to peddle the fantasy that the stakes for abstaining from product consumption would result in the spike or deprivation of the drives. A company would be free to sell cool, sophistication, leisure, adventure, spectical, exercise, entertainment, optimisation, advantage, and service outside of drives. Consumerism should not bleed into meaning and being. Since so much of it is anchored by the drives, this prohibition would give this power back to individuals and communities.

Francis Srečko Fabian : Boom! You went there? Way to make Japan switch to North Korea's team. Love Miyazaki . . . however . . .if you do Ponyo then I unsubscribe and send this video to the Japanese consulate. First film I've walked out on in decades. Also, pigs are my favourite animal. Ham, bacon, pork, salami . . . a magical animal. It gives so much and it asks for ...??? Actually, I don't know what it asks for? Mud? food? water? Not to be slaughtered and eaten? One of life's mysteries that we were never meant to know.

Vixx Celacea : Kinda sucks that pigs are always determined as disgusting and worthless creatures. They're smarter than dogs, share more in common with humans and are actually fastidious creatures. Rolling in the mud is to both regulate temperature and to have a makeshift sunscreen. They aren't dirty or stupid in ANY capacity. Ironic that we use them in such despicable ways, treat them like shit, use their name as an insult etc, they're incredibly close to humans. Also, I eat meat, and yes I eat pig, so this is not a vegan/vegetarian tirade, it's just sad regardless that pigs are considered so negatively. Anyway, great video as usual, I laughed quite a few times and love this series.

Nameless Guy : Holy crap, didnt realise the english version is so shit

Rodney Smithson : The Royal Tenenbaums ?? The Grand Budapest Hotel ?? Midnight in Paris ??

Bhavyadeep sinh Rathod : For some reasons I don't like this earthling cinema analysis

Brian Powell : Please, if nothing else, please do Princess Mononoke. It was a big influence in my childhood, although I need to watch it again since I haven't watched it since I was young

Mathew Godfrey : So I'm not the only one who saw the connections of Wizard of Oz and Alice in Wonderland in this film.

Harvey Blandon : Yeah this gimmick is absolutely restarted

Kelleybeth Joseph : Do howls moving castle

John Mellon : Can you please stop doing children's movies

Jose Guerrero : DO PSYCHO-PASS!!!!

MyPepperFishy : I feel like I'm going to barf

3ICE : SO WHAT!? I have spotted a timing error, let me fix it! (Re: "The video owner already provided subtitles/CC" tooltip / error message under the word "Locked") I wanted to help subtitle this video. In English. Just a minor fix: Last five lines are off by at least half a minute. But I was stopped by the above bull....

obaidullah obaid : First To Like My Comment lol

The Death Star II : Can you do full metal jacket

Andrew Tickel : If she had trouble trying to remember her parents why couldn't she just put a tag to mark them. If she couldn't remember her name why didn't she just write it down? I feel like this movie could have been solved with some pencil and some paper

Renee Peters : Awesome video, could you do Alien Covenant? I hated it so much.

Peter "Avatar" Altmaier : When I watched as a child i found it really weird and disturbing and i remember getting nightmares because of the movie. Especially the faceless guy creeped me out as a child, i mean that thing was eating living humans and barfing all over the place, thats the kind pf monster you imagine hiding under your bed...

FringePlayer : 4:09: The best line ever "Japan experienced an economic BOOM.. no offense (none taken)" lol. Comedy gold!

Starr Hernandez : This is my favorite anime movie