Hidden Meaning in Spirited Away (Miyazaki) – Earthling Cinema

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Wisecrack : Earthling Cinema is back on the airwaves! Which cinematic artifacts should Mr. Wormuloid probe next?

Josie O's : Saw it Clicked it Loved it

Nelv T : Awesome! One of my favourites!

Miranda Kelley : The running gag with you guys censoring chewing is honestly one of my favorite jokes on this show

Rapid Readers : Here's a challenge: Hidden Meaning in "the Room" by Tommy Wiseau

Reed Oka-MacLaren : Gotta watch this now before Miyazaki takes it down in a week

hlutei lol : Is it bad that i kinda laughed on some parts of the video ??😂😂😂

Adam Dictated but not read Kadhim : Good how long I've waited for this.... And now that it's here, feels so good. Great Work Wisecrack Smartasses!

Noseefood : visually stunning but a mess of a story.

Her Highness : *comes in expecting stupid prostitution theory* *leaves with way more insight on a film i've been watching for the past 15 years* excellent, excellent analysis; great job.

amanda easley : Oh this episode was great you guys! Keep up the great work!

Kat Wolf : "This dream-boat, Haku"

24 Frames Of Nick : Thank you wisecrack for being such an inspiration for me and helping me understand film more clearly. You and the nerdwriter have helped my start my channel and I thank you for that.

The Death Star II : Can you do full metal jacket

Arceus Lord of Creation : "An economic Boom, no offense" 😂😂😂

Aleks Mcallister : How did you fail to mention the overall metaphor of prostitution in the film? Chihiro being given a new name and forced to work after she finds herself lost and without anything, being forced to deal with disgusting customers by the matron of the establishment (whose name is also related to that of a brothel madame), and the name of the bathhouse is a reference to the old bathhouses in Japan which were basically whorehouses. Just surprised you didn't mention any of that.

Vincent Carter : u tried to be funny but it didnt work, no subscribe for you. Now, where is the other guy

Rodney Smithson : The Royal Tenenbaums ?? The Grand Budapest Hotel ?? Midnight in Paris ??

Geon Quuin : The only complaint I have for every Earthling Cinema is how you violate the cover of the DVDs

burn9003 : Love this channel but hate this alien gimmick. Pure cringe.

Andrew Tickel : If she had trouble trying to remember her parents why couldn't she just put a tag to mark them. If she couldn't remember her name why didn't she just write it down? I feel like this movie could have been solved with some pencil and some paper

Andreia : I click anything Studio Ghibli related. 😂😂😂

Dion Dion : Due fucking Nolan part 2

Ryjoma : Actually the spirit realm was not modelled after Meiji, but after a town in Taiwan. I'm pretty sure at least.


JunielDE : Please do one on The Iron Giant , pleaseeeeeeeee!

3sr4 : FIIIINALLLY!!!!!!

S3ANoWAR : I just watched this for the first time earlier this week and this just came out this is so cool!

Laurens Peek : What's with the censoring? Annoying! Also, emphasizing and being grossed out by an age difference between two kid characters that are in love with eachother, thus thinking about a sexual relationship between them, makes you the perv, not the characters themselves..

Critter Cosner : This video spirited me away.

The Batman : why it shouldn't be considered a over rated film??

Ambie or James : This movie gave me nightmares

Zarina A113 : You guys are the best!!! Keep up the great work!!! Please do: 1) The Princess Bride 2) The Circle 3) Ghostbusters 4) The Martin 5) Brave 6) The Truman Show 7) Indiana Jones 8) Star Trek 1,2,3 9) Skyfall 10) HOW TO TRAIN YOUR DRAGON 2!!!!!!!!!!!!

Nicole Beth : "This dreamboat Haku" is a brillant phrase

Brimestone Lewis : Thug Notes is better than Earthling Cinema. Sweets over Wormuloid any day of the week!

warriorman has died : PLEASE DO DEATH NOTE!!

Jakob Piil : So why are all their mouths censored ?

The Private Select : Personally, I think Spirited away is kind of overrated but still good. My favorite would have to be Castle in the Sky or Howl's moving castle.

Tristan Neal : Capitalism as the end of humanity was funny, but you really got me at the human arm being an elaborate system of levers and pulleys XD

Massimo Vianello : Lol why is it dubbed?

Nelson Warner : For everyone who has heard the rumor that Spirited Away is about prostitution, I can tell you that it's not. I can speak Japanese and I tried looking for the source of this rumor in Japanese. All I got were some unreliable tabloids. As far as I can see, this is completely unsubstantiated beyond some faint lines you can draw with names/history, and articles make them seem a lot stronger case than it really is. Miyazaki has said in various interviews that he made Spirited Away because he wanted to make a film that 10 year old girls could watch. He talked about how it was a difficult time for them, but he found the movies that they watched to be mindless. You can listen to him talk about this in the behind the scenes on the DVD. If this is the case, then why would he make something about prostitution?

fresh cut Greens : It's not funny to joke about dropping nuclear bombs on innocent Japanese civilians. And then another joke about how offensive your joke was?? I stopped watching and unsubscribed.

obaidullah obaid : First To Like My Comment lol

Felix Kennedy : Mr. Wormuloid, I beg of you, analyze Reflections In A Golden Rye. Perverse filmgoers such as myself would be eternally grateful.

Link Strider : Hidden Meaning of Citizen Kane

theodor bourelius : why do you censor people eating? it's a bit annoying

Jim From down the road : I was about 5 when I first saw this. I was Fing terrified.


Varinder Bhandal : Disney touches the heart Studio Ghibli touches the soul.