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Valentine Vcb : This ball looks even better then the one before, great job!

Joshua Raj : Wait... shouldn't this be viral or something?

Farouk Azim : I’ve made papermache crafts before and from experimenting, it’s better if you mix the mashed paper with flour and add in PVA glue. Once it hardens, it can be sanded close to shine like plastic and it can even bind to spray paint without absorbing it entirely so it can keep its shine.

Technic // : Try making a polished cardboard ball

Decoy Sheet : It’s really cool that you took peoples criticism, and improved on your last video! It’s a shame that “some people” are still hating on your past video without giving any sort of constructive criticism... oh well, it’s the internet, so what can you expect?

MikeNicAj HarWoj : This is the ancient Flash, managing to make fire with cloth and rocks. 9:14 XD

Davis Reynaud : Props for giving it another go, way better turnout than the last one 👍🏽 a better way to sand round things though is to use something soft like a dish cloth behind the sand paper, (the way you were doin with your hand) that way it applies even pressure on the surface of round things instead of pressure points

The Immortal Wolf : Congradulations... Not only you made it into a shiny ball.. YOU MADE PAPER HARD!! Imagine paper cuts..

Philippe Meurice : But would it work with colored paper though🤔 could do some nice decoration with that maybe Great idea I subbed :)

Bryan Haya : this guy likes playing around with balls

Silviu Tudorel : I'm not going to make the ball but the video was fun to watch. You got a new sub 👍

Black Cloak : Turning paper back into trees

nambinhvu : What I learned from this video in the comments is that there are a lot of thirsty girls out there. XD

Mikeman 6960 : T Th Thi This This i This is Not what you expect

gamer boi523 : THE FIRST EVER FAMOUS YOUTUBER GOT NO DISLIKES 😱🤓🤓🤓🤓🤓🤓🤓😌😌👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏. Congratulations bud

Matt Sampson : Great vid! Subbed. How about doing a video on how to turn a polished paper ball into a sheet of paper?

Manni's workshop : 1⭕️1 ways to use paper!

Brooke Knowlton : Im prolly gonna regret saying this but ur rilly hot😂😂😂😂 dont judge me😂😂😂😂 oof i wanna die now😂 instant regret

Blue 913 : First you made liquid paper, then you made a bread out of it. That's great! Also you have a great superpower called editing!

Paola Socconini : You can make a house out of this, genius, you've got a new sub ♥️

Zuri_Mayen : 6:51, it sorta looks like a jaw breaker 🍭🤤

vincent trigg : For shaping the ball, Maybe you could try and use one of those sphere ice cube makers to have it take that shape, leave it in the sun to get it to just barely hold its shape, then put it in the oven

csumpasd : 5:29 Lol just like the Flash

G - BOW : You should put a shoe polish on it

Rosenthal Bros : Cool man! Now go one step further... 🤔

Luke McIntyre : love the content man! stay true to yourself, and keep up the great work!

yusuf Misbah : Tip: use a blender next time, you'll get it a lot smoother

Rheo Milvus : Blending the paper with a stick blender would make the paper paste much less lumpy. This will make it a lot smoother I think. The reattempt is great!

King Kriptiv : Ive been waiting for this video💯💯

Fatu Bility : Try an make the aluminum foil ball

Chez nugget : 11:18 did I scare you :D

LOUDEN : Jupiter?

Potato JuiceYT : *HOW DARE THEY DISLIKE* ᵘᵍʰ ¹⁰ ᵈᶦˢˡᶦᵏᵉˢ

M.Basit Tech : That's allot of hardwork but it is lit

Count Otto Von Husen : Oh my goodness. You doing it this way is SO SATISFYING. Especially the part where you started to drain the mixture.

RealNoVaBR GT : Flash? Is that you?

marshmallow3000 : I've had this same idea in the back of my mind, and I'm pretty happy with your results, subbed!

Sabari Nadh : Use a mixer blender

ThatOnePerson : It's time to stop. First mud, then aluminum foil, and now paper. WE ARE TEACHING PEOPLE HOW TO MAKE AFFORDABLE WEAPONS. 😂

R Sandy : We can dry that in sun or not

Kén jetsi : 2:47 this reminded me of slime...

can we get 60k subscribers with no vids pls : Make a water ball

Andreas Köhler : Can i buy it?

Zenraged : I love how ingenius your ideas are I love your vids

Filip Djordjevic : Dude why didnt you use a mixer? And do you see that you have 4.500 dislikes LESS than the clickbait one? this one is awesome

Yummy Cookie : Ma sandwich is covered in paper mommy Mom: that’s powder Me: *Shows whole video* Mom: *Oh... right...*

Gabby PS : Cardboard!

Ditzy Dubs : You have beautiful eyes.

Ollie S : Holy schnitzel that’s amazing

Walter Morgenroth : Don't need powertools, just get finer grit sandpaper and some real polishing compound