out-of-touch dad trying to connect with his son through anime
Out of touch dad trying to connect with his son through anime YouTube

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Veridian : *Hey son who's your WiFi?*

The Derp Chaos : I want to see a Japanese father try to connect to his son through “Cartoons”

Carolyn Grace Marie : What that’s literally so nice of him to try hard like that, and he even bought him a DVD like what?

RynKen : Okay, I'll be perfectly honest. A father genuinely trying to understand and support their child's interests is a beautiful thing, even if it creates some of the most awkward moments on the planet.

milk 고양이 : At least he's not one of those parents going "these kids and their damn mangoes"

Evan L. Rodriguez : I know this is a joke, but if you're parents really are trying to show that they care about the things you like, appreciate it. It may seem cringey and weird at times, but it's because they love you, and not everyone has parents who are willing to give their kids' interests the time of day.


Dio Drando : a bit of a *B A K A*

Choatemister : My dad calls every anime character Goku and Vegeta. He assigns them names based on how crazy there hair is.

Seiji Senpai : good for him for having an understanding dad :) my parents thinks im just drawing p0rn

ATPR : *Ah shit.... It's anime, isn't it?*

Kid Sparta : But dude, he's actually being so sweet. Like, he's messing up so hard, but he's really trying to be kind and understand.

Veridian : This is Lysanderoth as a father

Potato Patato : He’s trying SO DAMN HARD

Darkus Hydranoid : *Hey Son! Look I got another manga for you* Son: Oh boy, what's It called, Dad? :D *KING DRAGON SENDS HIS REGARDS..*

Fernando Incetta : I know you are wearing the fake moustache.

Krissy Fea : I mean, at least he’s trying? 😂😂😂

Grafton Brown : Got some bad news for the dad: Omae Wa Mou Shindeiru

lili aqn : wait until the dad discovers body pillows

Andre B : "Oma Wo Ma Shiny Doo, amirite sport?" "...It's Omae Wa Mou Shindeiru, Dad." "NANO?!!?!" "...Nani, Dad."

StickMaster500 : What is this *Porkyman?*

AnonymousVendetta : This is somehow so wholesome

Brent Mukai : I know this is fake, but I really hope this fake son appreciates his fake father trying his fake best.

like to get a dolphin : This is almost on the level of teachers trying to be hip *Almost*

WDYES : This low-key makes me kinda sad tho

Team Dusk : This is beautiful. This is a beautiful thing you've done.

Praise the Beef : What a good dad. Reminds me of that cartoon trucker that likes anime.

Justin Y. : "Yes and hello, fellow waifu enthusiast."

SmasherREX : Dad:Oh hi son Dad:Are you watching your hentai Son:Yes dad Dad:I'm proud of you son Son:Thanks dad Best dad ever

Zella Price : "Who's that? Is that Naruto?"

despersona : Ya know what he sounds like a swell dude , I would route for him the entire movie.

Jason Luthor : Weebing in old age.

ShameldaTheMomFriend™ : Hey, he freaking tried! I can't remember the last time my parents did that! 😂

t-owl : at least he tries

PabloAfroSamurai : this is so touching 10/10 would watch

JesseRoxII : It’s not just dads. Pretty much anyone who isn’t familiar with a certain franchise is like this. For example: “Hey look, it’s Back to the Future. Great Scott, am I right?” “Dude, do you even know what the movie is about?” “Yeah, it’s about two characters shouting ‘Great Scott’ and ‘This is heavy’ for 2 hours straight!”

Xyon : *If only parents understand like this Dad.*

rielitty : *_SHE'S A BIT KAWAII, EH_* best dad confirmed.

Rodrick H Smokes Dank : Top ten anime dads that can beat thanos

Ethanerd : Why do I feel so bad for the dad?

SuperGaming Dude : This hurts...hurts

Neus Palou : This is actually so soft

TheKiraLaugh : >Dad gets his kid the Korra comics This dad is good

Frank Enzo : "How do you do, fellow son"

Pers Godiva : I'm at the age now where I find this weirdly sweet tbh. I'm all for parents trying to connect with their kids.


Alison Claire : I need this dad, can I trade fathers please?

za warudo wryyy muda muda muda : Sounds like my dad, but he's actually educated about anime.

AirbagVII : You thought this was a clever comment but KONO DIO DA!!!