Jon Is Disgusted... Coffee Eggs From 1769
Jon Is Disgusted Coffee Eggs From 1769

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William Mayonnaise III : _"If i had to eat coffee, this would be the way to do it"_ ...that's..reassuring

Rory Christel : YouTube Title: Jon is Disgusted!! So gross! Jon: This is okay. I'd call it a success

Rhiannon Soto : "It doesn't look promising, still gonna do it anyway" My life

PhD Executive : Ah yes. Another 18th century broke college student recipe!

Clorotch : "Ugh, that's disgusting!" I say as I shove stale Lucky charms down my throat at 3 in the morning

The Don : Could you imagine trolling someone from the year 2019 from writing the bait all the way back in 1769 and succeeding? Legendary.

Artbug : **tastes it** thats PROBABLY really good 😂😂😂😂

polly jetix : A sweet coffee custard! I think I'd add a bit of cream, and perhaps a touch of vanilla..?

Mark Savoy : I think you just got trolled by a colonial

arata yuki : In some Asian countries, they have this egg tea, and it's pretty tasty, not everyone can make it, actually it needs technique so it wouldn't be smelly,

kpkndusa : Seems like an early version of an energy bar with all that caffeine and sugar. Sounds like it might be good.

Rini2g : i used to have coffe egg for breakfast In northen italy we call it rüsumada

sarah richards : 18th century starbucks. Double chic Mint frappa baked latte hold the cow. 🤪

Jake Branthe : Colonial Prankster from 300 years ago: "Heh, got 'em"

Kelvin Thenedy : I thought it would be similar to the vietnam(?)'s coffee and egg ahaha

JUJU TZ : This is a flan. I recommend not whisking it so fast. Ruins the texture. Also, make some caramel and coat the molds with it. Have it with cream and of course, dulce de leche.

HappyG : Wow, it's an 18th century version of a coffee baked custard/créme caramel

E A : "How bout eggs...and coffee together? Hi im Jon and welcome to Jackass" ((im sorry mr jon))

Farnella Husseini : My mom makes coffee pudding similar to this. Our exception is we use a lot of milk to it!

Vancouver Comedy Uncensored : (Look of apprehension...) 😐Uggghh ok...😦🙁 (Music cuts.....) Well..., that's probably actually pretty good. 😎

Maurice Mooij : That moment.. just before you tasted it.. and that moment after when you found out it was good... wonderfull. Love channel btw. Keep it up. -A fan from the Netherlands.

William Wurthmann : I tried the "COFFEE AND EGGS" this am; it is a new favorite.

Boring Buttons : Ah the pre 19th century. Germs were laughed about and teeth were thought of as things that fall out!

MotherOfMany _ : A compliment from Gregory, a three year old fan: "Me grow up, me be that man!" Your work is appreciated by all ages. Thank you!

Tyler McCormick : I love how excited he is even about things he doesn’t like.

Daraen YT : A sweeter version would be an amazing dessert indeed That jigglyness is super marketable

Cody Dockerty : I think you found an 18th Century morning workout brew

Marius VanDamme : This is what happens when you smoke a blunt before dinner. Doesnt beat my noodles with chocolate receipe though.

john wall : Had to share with one of our local restaurants Eggington's herein Casper Wyoming.

LEEROY JENKINS : Ahhh this is rare footage of a "good morning America" breakfast channel. Dating back from the 18th century cable net work

Echo Rose : It’s probably breakfast, not dessert; the best way to get your morning protein with an energy kick! 😊

Eric Krupa : Brother, your look of nervous apprehension and the sigh of resigning yourself to your fate was priceless. Well done brave warrior.....well done.

Faithful Bear : So like a coffee custard? AND Jon literally says, "This isn't a custard" right after I type that statement.

Game Lard : this is coffee flan from what it seems lol sounds good actually lol.

Joseph Buckler : Lies! Not disgusted. I ate way too many shrooms to watch this two more times =) So once will have to do =P

Cristina V. R. : That's a Spanish flan, instead of milk, they used coffee to have a different flavour.

Chibiwaza : DUDE!!! Ya just made Coffee Flan! Eggs + liquid (milk/cream/coffee) + gentle heat(usually by steaming) + a mold = jiggly treat. It's flan, but coffee flavored! Give it to your kids and make em do chores once they're hyper!

Doyoukown Uay : Hahaha Western cooking is the wrose and this is one of the best example

Shawn Adair : "If I HAD to eat coffee this would be the way to do it." LOL

AceMcCrank : I swear I subbed to you a while back but YouTube says I didn't, so... Try again?

Terri Katz : Sure. That is a coffee custard.

Hakim M : Dr. Wilson from House hosting his own cooking show

L I : A lot of effort went into the making of this video

LoL Darth Ynot : 5:47 English Translation: oven [Music]

Radford University : This is one of the funniest (if not THE funniest) video you've ever done, haha

heavy meddle : And I love the 1769 heavy metal playing in the background

xXRacer9000Xx : I was expecting him to use the eggs as a creamer for coffee... hmmmmm

Firevine : I love coffee. I love eggs. This...this I don't know about.

kurishiler : This reminds me of a flan or creme caramel recipe. Maybe if you added some sugar or if they had any caramel recipes maybe that will improve the flavor a little bit.