Paul Morocco & Olé! - The Latin Music Comedy Explosion

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Gökay Turumtay Turani : 1:07:29 This is the best cover of "All of me" in my opinion. Even better than the original.

Khalil Joumal : Amazing ...i Love it Viva Morocco!!

The Biggestone : Great!!!

Raymond Mirivel : Excellent Excellent MDRRRR Je découvre et pas déçu !! encore

DRAGAN MILUTINOV : nomer uan ,beautifool,perfekto..

professorpopkiss : I remember Paul from a while ago, and have only stumbled upon the current ensemble, who are absolutely Fkng Great, recently, but this has to be the best. So entertaining...... isn't that what we want?

DamePolgara : EXCELLENT !!!

Vampirzaehnchen : Versicherungskaufmann.

gerdj07 : Zarpado

apayz jr : Amazing.... Oleeee 😊😊😛😛

Od Ysr : ...legends ..respect

倪杨 : 43:50 what song?

professorpopkiss : Just spotted the juggling back heel over head return, I have never ever seen that done before, absolutely fantastic, Lionel Messi eat your boots.

Black Jack : A miracle trio

concordebakje123 : they should come to holland, i would defenitly go to their show. it is funny like hell

Jean-axel Pain : Amazing When and where will be coming in london:?

Công Tuấn Trần : Nobody help me! I really want to know the names of the members of this group

JHRO34 : SUPERBE SPECTACLE MERCI DU PARTAGE *********Amitiés ...............***Robert***

German Lopez : Muy grandes!!!! enhorabuena por el numerazo!!

Rimello : Best music comedians !

Josefine Schulz : Best best best...thanks for posting!!!!

Sofia Gonzales : wau

Jose' Blunt : Hey Paul! You cats are ridiculously funny! What a concept. A Trio with a twist, lots of colors,humor, and just simply, funny!!!. I wish I can see one of your shows when I come visit Valencia next year in July. I've been working for your brother, Jerry for over 14 years now. Hola from Virginia Beach, Va. Btw, I met you when you visited his Print Shop many years ago.