Honor The Fallen TAPS - OFFICIAL military version.

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United States of America : Heavenly Father, rest the souls of our brave men and women who made the ultimate sacrifice for our great nation: The United States of America. Amen.

blue diamond : my cousin held off enemy forces so his wounded buddies could get help . they said they seen him charge at them with a American flag and a hand gun killed a few and took a bullet in the lung and got up and finally died he saluted the American flag and died with it in his hand .

Nova EclipseGaming : my best friend take a bullet for me in Marine Corps and he die and I will never forget get that day

Shea Aubuchon : I am playing this for memorial day at my school

Alonzo McCoy : all I say is who care about the election. trump won. all of us had spoken. it is what it is.

David B : I always use this song to make fun in games but when I heard it on my grandpa's funeral, I learn to respect. :b

Eric Sjöström : ohh the feels... *Saluting*

Glen Whitmore : Now that's, Honoring the fallen ones !

Key Koy : My great grandma was a soilder he died from a German soilder

Terrell L. Howard : "Bless all those that have served in the defense of our country"

Summer Rose Sutton : I can't number all the military funerals I served at, folding and/or presenting The Flag to a family member; but everything I heard TAPS played, it definitely did something to my heart.

Quality Music 2 : I got goosebumps! Wow.. so emotional.

Kenneth Day : bless the men in the army

Scott Rodrig : Rest in peace Gunnery sergeant R Lee Ermey.

Satans Fat Cat : R.I.P Captain Khan

Duncan Manuts : We had to say goodbye to Scurvy Dan today😢😢😭

Alex Drew : RESPECT.

Chris Vlogs and stuff : My uncle passed away and he was in the military for 7 years

mario lozoya : Just hearing this breaks me down

D1the100 : I can hear old lil rusty howling at the moon. Love you one leg dan. Real American hero. Only troop I am aware of that jugged and finessed. Shout out gothghanistan.

D1the100 : If you go eaton canyon. Please don't remove the American flags. Smoke the American flags with only good Reggie. Not no bunk that you pick off of a Snapchat.

90’s Scott : 😓

Ryan Boner : Thank everyone for your service at war

Braden Smith : Playing this at my Great Grandfather's funeral tomorrow. Fought in WW2.

Fortnite Fanatic05 : Thank you grandpa for your service Rest In Peace

Edward Campos : Grandma just died. Walking in the burial with this playing.

Malisa Duran : Amén.

TOX11K X WASTE : My dad has sadly past away in the army

Saliya Weerakkody : armen my miltory friend, i am sri lanka army red/

D1the100 : Rip one leg dan. Resting spot was located in eaton canyon. He layed happily there with an edible, an American flag and a raw roach bud. Stay up good friend.

Tyler Harmon : RIP DALE

Football101 outside : Its sad because my grandpa was in the navy and died 2 years ago

powerstrokethis03 : Every one of those white tomb stones is why I get upset when someone uses our flag and anthem to make a political statement. Every single one of those stones represents a man or woman who answered the call of duty and who gave their last dying breath to defend what we as Americans hold dear. It goes so far beyond the color of your skin or the party you vote for. It's about tradition and history. If we forget who we are there is absolutely no way of knowing where we're going. To all the men and women who have answered the call, may God bless your soul. To all those who have died at the hands of those who wish us harm, may God rest your soul. To all the families torn apart by war... May God bless your lives for it is you that carries the true burden.

Jason Jones : hooah

Barbara DeMatteis : 'Beautiful.

Chris Berard : this guy is too good at the trumpet. It's better when it's fast.

Corvair : May allah bless this video

brian simpkins : i get so emotional when i hear taps...please LORD look out for all our brave men and women serving our country and protecting this great nation

Tyler Cain : I miss mother

TeenWithATopHat : This video is really sad in my opinion because all of those people died in that war

KurtSandford : I played this before i vacuumed away a spider that had lived in me and my fiances bathroom for over a year, she made me get rid of Reginald .

Jorge Liendo : this is a sea song rip all those people who die😢😢😢😢😣😣😣😣😳😳😩😩😩😟😟😟😇😇

PAIN : Any one came here from cod suicide prank?

Badass Strike Eagle : RIP 15 Marines and 1 Navy Corp man who died from plane crash in Mississippi

Finn ASMR : R.I.P. grandpa. . listen up, privates, ruck march at 0300. don't let that dog gone back pack be light.

the io gamer : this song is for Windows Vista

Richard Metclaf : RIP Gunnery Sergeant Ronald Lee Ermey

D Ramos : Never Forget

Ponderer Of Pointless Dreams : I have this song stuck in my head and I feel guilty for humming a song meant for funerals.

Toxic Creeper : Chris kyle 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸