Chinese-Style Shuffle - The Most Amazing Dance in China's Cities (Women Have No Worng)

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China-Style Shuffle - The Most Amazing Dance in China's Cities (Women Have No Worng)


Daisy Mae French : Very nice. How the heck do they remember all of those steps. Wow. They did a great job.

Sean Green : Imagine if Americans their 40s and 50s would do something like that... our healthcare cost would be much lower.

Paulette Jones : I want to learn to do this!

sara sophia solorzano : Cero obesidad mucha resistencia y salud 👏🏻 👏🏻

Elena Starta : Дикий капитализм + беспощадный тоталитаризм, а народ танцует и занимается творчеством невзирая. Инопланетяне нервно курят в сторонке.

boing bryan : At least the senior citizen are exercising rather than waiting to die...

Marguerite Zym : This is absolutely fabulous. Time to shuffle!!! It  doesn't matter  where you are or who you are or … how old you are ….!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am starting right now...…..

LongTimeTTFan : Nicely synchronized and choreographed. Very rhythmic and energetic. And inspirational.

lorraine navarro : En este poco tiempo Los quiero mucho,It's Nice's Chine's.

zhang feng : This is the life of Chinese elderly after retirement.

Enkira Sand : Молодцы 👍Движение - это жизнь. Пробую с ними танцевать)) прикольно ✌️😉

Mr games TV : I loved this. The unision was excellent. Congrats folks

Pumpup Jam : They're cool but I like the video with the school kids and principle better!

H. Seymour. C. : Damn! Their footwork is amazing! Hats off to them! And they are older than I!!! Very, very cool!!! They should go on TV... hahahaha...

Mr. Natural : good song music beat and awesome dance should start a world wide dance revolution people of all ages ethnicty's etc

Олеся Александрова : Так здорово!!! Я тоже так хочу!!!

kutasya88 : Вот это люди отдыхают! Круто! И все вокруг завидуют. 😊 Чёткие ребята. Теперь я их поклонница.

Geoffrey Teng : This exercise will help to maintaining the vigorous of the brain. The brain then coordinate all other movements. The musics also help to stimulate the brain cells and blood circulation. All movements help to maintain the mobility. Thus people can be able to be youthful. Bravo.

blueaj : What a great way to exercise.

Etienne Vientiane : So fun to watch. I love it!!! I which I can move like these big brothers and sisters when I get to their age. Thank you

Joseph William Mnyune : They should see Makirikiri dance from Botswana.

Eric Wayne : Chinese people can always blow my mind. Really awesome😄

lynnkirton : Love the way they dance, but love the song it’s brilliant. XLX

3раза Каквсегда : Пока не могу понять почему каждый день смотрю эту пляску.

James Newton : Gotta hand it to them, excellent coordination.

Pink Marshmallow : Just brilliant, this makes me want to jump up and learn the steps!

Divinityplace : The older guy in the middle of the front row is my fave.

judith sprau : Love it! How do they remember all those steps?

Жакиев Данияр : Молодцы. Так легко и синхронно танцуют. Это новый вид групповых танцев.

greylock1959 : Wow look how much joy it brings to them. They all look soo thrilled to be up there. LOL LOL LOL

Tracey Mixon : Amazing, I love it.

Cathy Larkins : Absolutely awesome!! I want to learn how to do this!!

Paul Gildan : I am elderly, and I like this: even the music. Perhaps someone can start a new form of Chine-US interaction based on our similar likes of our populations and call it "dance diplomacy".

Potato is dead : Those dance moves are so satisfying and brings a calm presence to my mind 😂😂

Chris young : I’m getting a ww2 everyone does aerobics in the army kinda vibe here

Ольга Берёза : Молодцы. 👍👍👍👍💃💃💃💃💃

Irina Asadullaeva : Завидую этим пожилым людям.Класс!!!

Independent Sistah : This is basically old school hip hop steps in slow motion. However, it does look cool and relaxing regardless of the age group.

MrKain134 : Guys on 1.25 speed this video totally rocks.

Kiara Ton : БРАВО 😃😃😃👏👏👏👏👏👏

Ester Willis : I still see the melanin in this. Great moves they are awesome!!!

Knapweed : 21st Century Tai Chi. A great workout for seniors.

Kirby Waite : The really good dancer is to the right of the ponytail and sunglasses.

JaQuille Sanders : This is so COOOOOOLL! 😄😎😎😎😎

NEILAND : Haha this is so inspiring and motivating!

Dino rivera : This is the coolest dance I've seen in a long long time, wonderful, the music is pretty awesome too.

Blair Stan Sinclair : artistic and great exercise !!

K D : Love the fluidity of this dance! Mesmerized by the woman in the front row with the white shoes.

NK Eveo : R they having fun? Can't tell from their serious faces.