Chinese-Style Shuffle - The Most Amazing Dance in China's Cities (Women Have No Worng)

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Stephen Wong : Imagine if Americans their 40s and 50s would do something like that... our healthcare cost would be much lower.

Jack Xiao : We're in the age were old people are cooler than the kids.

Pumpup Jam : They're cool but I like the video with the school kids and principle better!

MrKain134 : Guys on 1.25 speed this video totally rocks.

Paulette Jones : I want to learn to do this!

boing bryan : At least the senior citizen are exercising rather than waiting to die...

Eric Wayne : Chinese people can always blow my mind. Really awesome😄

NEILAND : Haha this is so inspiring and motivating!

zhang feng : This is the life of Chinese elderly after retirement.

blueaj : What a great way to exercise.

Cathy Larkins : Absolutely awesome!! I want to learn how to do this!!

Raffaella Traldi : I wish people in Europe do the same 😊

Pink Marshmallow : Just brilliant, this makes me want to jump up and learn the steps!

黄巧 : 如今广场舞的难度越来越高了,像我这种五音不全肢体不协调的老年生活堪忧😂😂😂😂

Dwane Yocum : Very nice. More fun than a treadmill. I'll start tomorrow.

H. Seymour. C. : Damn! Their footwork is amazing! Hats off to them! And they are older than I!!! Very, very cool!!! They should go on TV... hahahaha...

Marguerite Zym : This is absolutely fabulous. Time to shuffle!!! It  doesn't matter  where you are or who you are or … how old you are ….!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am starting right now...…..

Appollo : Man old people in China has got that Funk, Dang!

LongTimeTTFan : Nicely synchronized and choreographed. Very rhythmic and energetic. And inspirational.

Mark Cook : Serious business doing that shuffle dance! No smiles, concentrate !

Marie Sharpe : Amazing very uplifting !!

JaQuille Sanders : This is so COOOOOOLL! 😄😎😎😎😎

Young Tang : This is way better than the Macarena and the stupid Gangnam style. Worry high healthcare costs? Someone needs to recreate it with the American version.

Young Tang : It’s just fun watching them dancing!

Geoffrey Teng : This exercise will help to maintaining the vigorous of the brain. The brain then coordinate all other movements. The musics also help to stimulate the brain cells and blood circulation. All movements help to maintain the mobility. Thus people can be able to be youthful. Bravo.

Andy Xu : American school should teach students dancing C walks

Danny Yoon : it's my home town - jilin city!

Blair Stan Sinclair : artistic and great exercise !!

James Newton : Gotta hand it to them, excellent coordination.

Gene Spanos : These folks have a plan for Let's also hope for great trade talks this time here at the WH.

kingdoms fan 101 : Who else have that vibe ...and feels like they are the one that dancing....

Tong Liu : Ha Ha Ha! Cool! Keeping the nation's old people happy and healthy. :-)

Lauren Copenhaver : Looks way more fun than Tai chi!

Mr. Natural : good song music beat and awesome dance should start a world wide dance revolution people of all ages ethnicty's etc

rinjoo : teachers in America: lmao I’m too old to move around like this China:

World Peace : retired life in China

y g : 看得我都想跳!请出一个教学视频啊

Paul Gildan : I am elderly, and I like this: even the music. Perhaps someone can start a new form of Chine-US interaction based on our similar likes of our populations and call it "dance diplomacy".

saruar abir : Nice and coolest dance with music...

Robin Smith : Very talented dance moves r on point need more videos loves the kids dancing with their principal

Светка74 Светка74 : Блин, молодцы в таком то возрасте( respect👏👌👍)

Libby B : The sidewalk is very shiny, does it help with gliding?

Stuff : The lady with the sun glasses was feelin it!! 😍

Lynton Prescott : Absolutely brilliant. I wish I could do this!

Donna Slatter : This is ace

Kiara Ton : БРАВО 😃😃😃👏👏👏👏👏👏

Divinityplace : The older guy in the middle of the front row is my fave.

R C : Asian C walk

kutasya88 : Вот это люди отдыхают! Круто! И все вокруг завидуют. 😊 Чёткие ребята. Теперь я их поклонница.

Autumn Eagle : gosh, I love watching this video, the beat is so awesome, their moves synchronize each other's moves, i could watch this all day long it will calm my nerves, so i am going to learn to do their style of dancing