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re-upload of todd rogers world record June 21, 1993 0,4 A press mario 64 world record siglemic fast

Comments from Youtube

Nathaniel Bandy : Wow hes gud

Siggy : Tbh, every cheated run should just be renamed to Todd%

SwankyBox : $1,000 and a wheat penny for whoever can replicate glitching from Mario's Kart to the top of Tick Tock Clock in-game. also, simpleflips

Mr. Avocado Man : He did it *3 years* before the game was even released! Incredible!

rwhitegoose : Verified by Billy Mitchell and Ron Corcoran; performed live at Maricopa County Jail. A truly remarkable speedrun.

Nathandwich Bandicam : Morgan Freeman Donates: $ 500.000.00 *_*Teleports to the end of bowser in the sky_**

Reset : He could have got sub 1 minute if he got mario into second gear before starting the game.

Lovuschka : Hi, Todd! Your video was reviewed and we found some inaccuracies. For this reason this can not be listed on the 0 star leaderboard. However, we approved it for the 120 star leaderboard, as we found no evidence of cheating! Reason: 120 stars during the final Bowser fight Approved by: Morgan Freeman Twingalaxies Referee

TetraBitGaming : Mario Kart 64 and Sunshine slayed me lmao

Jesse Lastname : Hey guys, if you look closely at 1:07, you can see Mario turn slightly left, but if you take a frame-by-frame look at the SNES controller at this time you can see that no such button on the controller is pressed. I think the run is fake guys.

Nacho Shinoda : It took me way too long to realize that the SNES controller is NOT right

ProjectJ : Can Todd Rogers speedruns become a meme?

NovaDelta : obviously fake, marios hat is 1 pixels taller than it should be

Ruin SMO : There is a faster way. You need to go to the side of the castle and do the Mario

Disgusted Dedede : This was so good, I quit speedrunning because I know I’ll never be this good

Grandma : haters will say its fake

SetsyPiano : I don't know which is funnier The video or the people who say unironically that this is fake

Windows U : NEEDS to make this video number one on the leaderboards on April 1st.

GWS : Just splicing a few segments together? For those of you who are claiming that, I have significant proof that Todd Rodgers did NOT splice this game. In the 1980s, he coined the term "The King of Videogames." Here's the fact of what happened: Those SNES inputs were there to put him into 9999th gear. The crawling in the final Bowser level was merely to "rev up" Mario. This is the human element we're talking about here, not spreadsheets and a/v analysis.

Troll Fish : Wow the old fludd trick a classic move

Embidd : Still more believable rhan his Dragster run

Captain N : I personally think that looks closer to a 5.51 time

MassiveScore : It's that damn human element we didn't account for

ElectabuzzKing : It's that human element only the King of Video Games can tap into. I go to bed crying every night knowing that I will never be a master speedrunner like Todd Rogers...

Airiel Salvatore : Has this been verified by twin galaxies?

Guynelk ROSAMONT : I'm dead at 1:14 😂😂😂😂😂

Daniel does..... : I love how half way it changed to 120 stars

Pulse Illusion : This is actually viable, you just have to start in second gear

Brutalrattle : I will actually upload this on and send it to the mods and the description will say,”you should totally make this #1 for April fools

l a t i - : Proudest fap

FallenImpact : The donation was to pay for the lawsuit of Guinness world records when you added a half second from the second gear degree burns from the coffee stain

Man Cake : The more you look in this video, the better it gets.

ShowToddSomeLove : You can tell it's fake because it's a Todd Rogers record that actually has video evidence

Smiling Manta : mario gained access to his kart when todd shifted into second gear before the timer started

Lennard Datema : Actually he still got 120 at the end so its invalid. Otherwise, solid run

Skirlez : As you can see, the inputs sync perfectly, which means its real.

Nathandwich Bandicam : I just realized it switches in between japanese and english through the whole video wtf

Retro Plus : At first I thought it was fake, but then I realized it's a Todd Rogers score. He never loses and haters say it's fake. No splicing here folks! Hehe... Heh.. he..

Spud : I love how those 500 people are taking this too seriously.

Пилот Паркана : 1:51 Through the Wormhole with Morgan Freemen

Thomas Lemmers : But little did they know... *The controller was a pAiD aCtOr!*

Barny : The King of Video Games does it again

The Blue Comet : Todd Rogers was so good that he managed to change the language from English in the beginning to Japanese in the final Bowser fight.

Voltage21 : The use of the SNES controller is just masterful on Will Smith Jackson's part. What an amazing speedrunner.

hiryu : *Verified by referee*

Skxll Kidd : Im not sure if this is real or fake

camwoodstock : I am very glad Todd Rogers has become a laughing stock of the gaming community. Bastard got what he deserved. This video needed more coffee stains, though.

Buuushiii : How hasn’t this gone viral yet?

d3generate : fake the nathaniel bandy cam logo is in the wrong place