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Windows U : NEEDS to make this video number one on the leaderboards on April 1st.

Nathaniel Bandy : Wow hes gud

SwankyBox : $1,000 and a wheat penny for whoever can replicate glitching from Mario's Kart to the top of Tick Tock Clock in-game. also, simpleflips

TetraBitGaming : Mario Kart 64 and Sunshine slayed me lmao

Nacho Shinoda : It took me way too long to realize that the SNES controller is NOT right

Siggy : Tbh, every cheated run should just be renamed to Todd%

Max L. : Amazing😂.

Mr. Avocado Man : He did it *3 years* before the game was even released! Incredible!

Risba : wtf😂😂😂

Embidd : Still more believable rhan his Dragster run

BombchuLink : I have not laughed this hard in years.

ProjectJ : Can Todd Rogers speedruns become a meme?

Captain N : I personally think that looks closer to a 5.51 time

YTSunny : Such incredible skills!

Roddy : you guys can clearly see this is all arbitrary code execution, hence the extreme random buttons mashings.

ElectabuzzKing : It's that human element only the King of Video Games can tap into. I go to bed crying every night knowing that I will never be a master speedrunner like Todd Rogers...

Jesse Lastname : Hey guys, if you look closely at 1:07, you can see Mario turn slightly left, but if you take a frame-by-frame look at the SNES controller at this time you can see that no such button on the controller is pressed. I think the run is fake guys.

Guynelk ROSAMONT : I'm dead at 1:14 😂😂😂😂😂

RWhiteGoose : Verified by Billy Mitchell and Ron Corcoran; performed live at Maricopa County Jail. A truly remarkable speedrun.

Disgusted Dedede : This was so good, I quit speedrunning because I know I’ll never be this good

Grandma : haters will say its fake

SetsyPiano : I don't know which is funnier The video or the people who say unironically that this is fake

NovaDelta : obviously fake, marios hat is 1 pixels taller than it should be

EightBitMilitia : This run is obviously fake. He has to have splitted somewhere. There is no way that somebody can piranha plant skip Bowser that fast.

Agit03 V8 : Im not sure if this is real or fake

Lennard Datema : Actually he still got 120 at the end so its invalid. Otherwise, solid run

RuinZ10 Gaming : There is a faster way. You need to go to the side of the castle and do the Mario

Memetastic : TJ """"Henry"""" Yoshi watch out. There's a new speedrunner in town

Troll Fish : Wow the old fludd trick a classic move

Mistah Mew : How the heck was there a mariokart sprite -_-

DeadBushii : How hasn’t this gone viral yet?

Airiel Salvatore : Has this been verified by twin galaxies?

Alexander Hoff - Composer : Seems legit

David GamingIL : As you can see, the inputs sync perfectly, which means its real.

Retro Plus : At first I thought it was fake, but then I realized it's a Todd Rogers score. He never loses and haters say it's fake. No splicing here folks! Hehe... Heh.. he..

small amounts of subscribers and a bunch of videos : I will actually upload this on and send it to the mods and the description will say,”you should totally make this #1 for April fools

Restart : He could have got sub 1 minute if he got mario into second gear before starting the game.

Regular Unofficial Speedrun Highlights : LMAO brilliant

Пилот Паркана : 1:51 Through the Wormhole with Morgan Freemen

ayao28 : 1:14 there we go bois, popping the clutch into 2nd with actual video proof

Martin Mcg Films : H O W D O I B L J L I K E T H A T ? !

Daniel does..... : I love how half way it changed to 120 stars

Man Cake : The more you look in this video, the better it gets.

Shane : Send this to anyone who thinks Todd is a fraud! Proof of the legend right here!

hiryu. : *Verified by referee*

Gustav : What a legend. Japan got nothing on this man

Barny [FKA Keyori] : The King of Video Games does it again

Rahat : Lol so many youtubers commenting

Rain : Woha! I didnt know 0 key 0 star exosted!

ManaRocker657 : Is this a joke? Someone plz tell me.