Flatbread with rosemary - Backpacking recipes

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Matthew Wheeler : no leavener? Like baking powder? Love the series.

Wilhelm : This is such a niche audience but your production quality is really great! I'll be trying this recipe out this weekend! Thanks :)

Walter Wayfarer : You might just convince me to switch back from no cook to cooking these recipes are great

AlanD : I'm greatly enjoying your channel. The timing is just right for me, as I am going on an extended trip late this summer, and I will have a chance to experiment with your recipes. Thanks for what you do!

AlanD : I went with rosemary, dried chipotle flakes, double smoked aged cheddar in a cast iron fry pan..I Flipped the bannock pieces a few times to make sure it cooked through. Delicious! Thanks for the simple recipe. I'll be taking it camping for sure.

Juiceplooce : Wish I could've had these recipes a few years ago when I cooked for our school outdoor ed camps haha. Your videos are great man, hope to see you get more subs in the future.

Ernest Hemingway : I kind of stopped making bannock on trip, mainly because it's so good there's never enough! Thanks for the video. By the way, I made 3 of your recipes on my last canoe trip and they were absolutely delicious (fettuccine, Greek lentil stew, ramen)

Jagger Loeber : dude your too cool.. keep it up. love these videos

Jacob Younger : very cool, keep it up!

Steve P : BOOM!!!! Another genius idea. Thanks!

attckDog : I never would have thought to make bread in my camp stove

Brooks Eastman : Loving this series. Keep it up!

Benedikt Lohmann : Keep it up, I'm loving the series. Great video editing, too!

AMand : This video series has 4x the impact for me, as I find myself carrying food for my entire family on backcountry trips. Thank you!

Mike : Made this today! I used cheddar that I had on hand instead of parm. How much cinnamon and raisin do you use for the other recipe?

wdead : Great series so far. I miss the suspenders and white shirt, they suited you well.

Chris H : Great videos but I wouldn't say 90 Cal per ounce is high, usually the aim is 125-150cal/per ounce