Survivor Heroes vs Villains Epic Russell Hantz
8 Years Ago Russell Hantz Made the Greatest Move in Reality TV History

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Survivor Heroes vs Villains Episode 6 : Russell Hantz is The Mastermind behind a truly EPIC Tribal Council Russell Rulz! Skip to 7:10 if you are impatient and want to see the "main attraction". This video was made in about 2 hours and I have to admit I could have spent some more time on fine-tuing, but I think it still shows the genius Russell is!


Bolpy : The best player ever.

Sean Gillespie : My GOD Russell is a genius

tbglover : Once Tyson got that Russell seed planted in his head he didn't know what to do.

AnimeBabeXX : Best move/tribal in survivor history, some come very close but you just cant beat this one!

hobbes296 : One of my all time favourite moments.  :D Russell may or may not be an ass, but he sure as hell is fun to watch.

brandonburnes : That is quite simply the damndest play in Survivor history.

McChulo : 3:20 That was a genius move by russel. He convince tyson he was voting parvarti. He needed to do that so there was no split vote.

republic19xy : Still after 33 seasons, best player ever

anony moose : Best strategic player ever hands down. Could sniff out idols and made master plays, always one step ahead of his competition. With a little bit more finesse in his social game, he could have actually won a title.  A few final tribal council members have said that they went into FTC with the mindset that russell deserved the million dollars but that he talked his way out of it with his arrogant attitude. He should have taken a more delicate approach, then again, we are talking about Russell Hantz here.  

b.vamsi krishna : 9.56 - 'welcome to the big league' Rob haha . i loved this season

Savos Chaotic : Russell is an actual supervillain

The Stuport : ALL HAIL KING RUSSELL.....Bow to your Survivor Idol!!!!

FinalDynastyHero : Out thought and outfought truly epic and fun to watch. 

Marilyn Peladeau : I have never liked Boston Rob from his first appearance at Marquesas . He and Amber ruined All Stars (want romance, read a novel). They kept bringing him back till he finally won. Good riddance.

vega21 : Boston Rob was so overrated.

jade rhodes : I loved rob parvitte and Russell

truthseeker89 for life : Russell is one of my favorite players ever

Samuel Furcolow : the ultimate russelseed planted in tysons brain, but it made him smarter so that he could win a later game too bad the jurors didnt ever let russell win he deserved to win multiple times he made the best moves of survivor history from behind, whereas boston rob knew how to play while ahead. really the best 2 players of all time Sandra is great @ tribals but shit @ challenges so her being so bad at challenges is why i dont have her in my top 2

xxxrazorsharpxxx : To me Russell is the best player to have played and should have easily won atleast once if not twice if not for bitter juries..  But Im so pissed at him for being so freakin stupid and deciding to get tyson out during this vote and not sandra.... Sandra is a waste of space and fluked it twice

Adnan Asghar : From these clips you can tell how desperate Sandra was to get rid of Russell and she was never able to. Heck she sat there at the end with her mouth hanging open. Russell not winning Samoa and HvV was the biggest tragedy/injustice in Survivor history. (I would rather see a hero win than a villain but credit where credit is due - and this scene alone was ABSOLUTE GENIUS)

blue-haired-lord : And then Tyson went on to win Survivor 27.... How did he do that again?

Luna Smith : Sorry Russel you had a great strategy and a genius mind but in the end attitude is what gets you the farthest in this game so best of luck next time dude :3 you should be like... A war general or something XD (JK, but seriously he really did play with their minds didn't he!? :P but like I said, he attitude was his ultimate downfall...)

Hawkthehunter : I love how Russell was the only who knew what was going down. hahaha

Derek Collins : This is why he is the greatest to ever play the game

Prado73 : Rob trying to keep it together is priceless.

The Higher Space : that was amazing

Daniel O Neill : I don't really like Russell but this was without a doubt the most exciting tribal council ever in all the years I watched the show and for me, it was the best blind side.

jethyy : If Tyson wasnt moron and followed the plan Boston Rob would have dominated the game. 

AntsInMyEyes Johnson : So much hate for Russell. He may be an asshole at times, but he outplays everyone with ease. He doesn't take shit from anyone and plays the game his way. Mindfucking everyone and finding the hidden immunity idols. Best player in the game's history. It's outwit, outplay, outlast, not make friends, be nice, have honor. It's a fucking game and should be played like one.

PublicICON : "What just happen?"

jpad319 : Blind much? He taunted people he voted out and he gave the arm-wring to everyone he played with. If he played in a way that turned people who'd hand him the money off, that's just stupid gameplay. And seriously, why should you care FOUR years after the fact? He's all but a one-dimensional, overrated jury fodder who would not make it past the starting line now.

Zac Haiges : Russell does not play to win he plays to get the end

AllRequired : Required reading, FOUR YEARS LATER, I might add: "Survivor Crowns a Winner Offending Many Who Do Not Understand Survivor"; "Why Is Natalie White So Hated?" and on The Funny 115 v 2.0, both parts of "The Fall of Russell Hantz."

ElectrikkPaperClipxx : the jury can be impressed by your move, but that doesn't guarantee their vote. what matters is whether or not they respect you/your game and how you handle yourself at the final tribal council. survivor is, has been, and always will be a social game. please take your blinders off before you cry "just bitter".

Novinte : When the Jury claps for every move you make and then vote for the guy that did ZERO to be in the final tells me they're just bitter, that's not a social game nor a game of outwitting and outsmarting anyone. It's just an high school election.

avantsweater : Rob overplayed it to Russell making him want to flush the idol, so if you can flush the idol AND get rid of Parvati go for that they thought. The move still required Tyson to not think though. If he stuck to the plan they were golden but he wanted Parvati out so badly that when he heard Russell flip he thought he would just jump aboard.

Dragonic159 : Damn robs planning vs russells. It was epic

Kyle Joultz : How dare you call me an idiot.

ElectrikkPaperClipxx : i think russell fans are a group of idiots they just can't admit that respect from the jury is the key to winning and he fails at it.

Tomas Sitarik : I think the jury is group of idiots they just cant admit that russel is better player than they are

IRH : He's a genius, I have no idea how he knew they were going for Parvati, probably really good a treading them and he picked up on how hard they were trying to convince him it was him. They could have voted for Danielle and that could have shaken things up but I guess they think parvati is a bigger threat. Robb is smart too, he figured out Russell's plan but Tyson the idiot ruined it

TykevRekord CZ : Russell is best :D OMG !

Kyle Joultz : Jeff: "Tyson, Russel Hantz has spoken", Time to leave

ElectrikkPaperClipxx : actually, "silly", survivor winners are not determined by the media. strand a group of people to live together for 39 days, attend tribal councils, vote people off one by one, and strive to survive each vote until the final tribal council. the finalists attempt to convince the jurors, who were voted out by the finalists and were stranded with them, that they're the one who deserves their vote by keeping terms in check and making their case. that is how a survivor winner is determined

JSJAFJ : Basketball MVP voting is a social game. It's voted on by the media. Silly.

Kyle Joultz : The Hot Dogs were Tyson's demise & Russel's brilliance of course.

Kyle Joultz : We all agree!

ElectrikkPaperClipxx : basketball is not survivor. it is not a social game. there is no jury management required to be be a basketball mvp. russell fails at jury management, which is the key to winning.

NWTSEvan : I can't believe how idiotic people are to say that this was a 'lucky' move by Russell and that he had absolutely no factor in Tyson's decision to flop his vote, placing the entire decision on pure stupidity. Did you not hear Tyson's confessional? 3:25