Devo - (I Can't Get No) Satisfaction (SNL 1978)
Devo I Cant Get No Satisfaction SNL 1978

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Devo performs "(I Can't Get No) Satisfaction" live on SNL in 1978.


Shawn Hawkins : Mick Jagger said this is the best cover he's ever heard.

Turtle152 : If there was a moment when popular culture took its first step toward the 80s, this was it.

Perry Sar : it was 1978 Led Zeppelin ,Sabbath,Aerosmith,The Stones then within 6 months it was Devo,B-52's,The Police,Talking Heads...…….A MUSICAL REVOLUTION!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Nicole : This is still as exciting and fresh almost 40 years after the fact

Bleikr Sound : Watched this as it aired. Everyone around me thought it was an SNL joke skit, but I had a Gut Feeling that DEVO was for real. They were.

72phinatic : I remember back when this came out living in Wisconsin , people thought they were just some new wave gimmick band ... They couldn't handle a band looking like this ... This cover was pure genius .. DEVO is pure genius ....

Helium Road : The balls it took to do this live on SNL! A Stones cover? Who does a cover on Saturday Night Live? You only get two, maybe three songs, and you do a cover? Said Devo: "Hold my beer!" and they proceed to kill it. On top of that, their stage show was amazing, all that weird choreography, perfectly synchronized, while not flubbing a single note of the music or song. What an outstanding band!

gregg horner : Maybe the best, most creative cover ever?

Mike Lord : Saw this in real time, flat out blew my mind. Thought I read about Keith Richard checking them out at CBGB's and falling off his barstool LHAO when they played this. Would've loved to have seen that!

thedirtlevel : That bass gives me satisfaction

RedneckSpaceMan : Alan Myers, the human metronome. Too bad that Alan and Bob #2 were taken from us way too soon.

flashkaput : The Rock & Roll Hall of Fame doesn't deserve these guys.

kabeauregardajax : That drummer though.

Jo Bckts : A Masterpiece.

N Lew : Holy crap ... talk about being ahead of your time! These guys are amazing. Slightly eerie too! Genius

Cosmik Debris : This still really makes you sit up and take notice, 40 years on

Marty Pollock : I'll bet this freaked overyone out back then.

Fox Crane : Brilliant cover. .. And love the syncrhonized jump at the end.

Deadhorse1 : I remember seeing this live on SNL as a kid at a party. People there didn’t get it, I thought they were great! Guy asked me what they were...I told him the future

Bart Kellison : The minute I heard that song I couldn't stop moving it got right into the groove man dig it yeah

noizvendr : A life changing moment, that night.

mayormc : Wow, I remember seeing this at the time when I was 14 and I really did not know what to make of it at all. I thought it was cool and weird, but many people just seemed viscerally offended by this form of musical expression. My biggest regret is not going to see them live at that time when they came to town. I think tickets were 6 bucks. They remain one of a kind.

Mike Spector : Damn, even Buddy Rich missed a beat every now and then. This guy's timing is incredible.

juantailor : Saw this when it aired. Seemed like an affront on everything i knew at the time (as well as on the song itself) Didn’t realize til later these guys were incredible musicians and songwriters.

Alan Orange : The Residents and Devo turned this into a avant- rock classic. Alan Myers and Bob 2's rythym sets it off.

James Lewis : I bet Les Claypool's saw this in 1978 and said, "wow!"

Stu B : Greatest cover in history.

Freddy Cellophane : Oh that Alan!

ROOKTABULA : When a cover isn't a cover but a full out transmorgrification. The best cover of this song is Cat Power's.

Thicc Doggo : Their music was sometimes strange but I liked it and at least they were actually creative unlike most musicians and producers today.

Chris Corley : One of the best covers! Mutated. ☕🐢

Oldbmwr100rs : And 12 hours after seeing this I bought their record. I still have it, worn out from many hours of play. Still one of my favorite albums. 40 years ago! This is the first time I've seen this performance since I watched them that night!

Haroldo José Rodrigues : best cover

John Cady : I love basking in the uniqueness that is Devo.

Nicholas Nuar : Aww, Dad, We're all Devo!

Raven Kahne : I remember being 12 and seeing this. I was mesmerized.

Premarital Sin : And they say white people have no culture

odeerg : During this time they had their sound, image and stage act honed to perfection. It's an amazing thing to behold.

Jhensy2012 : Absolutely a force on drums, go to the 'Gut Feeling' Paris 1978 video!

Hotelmanshb : YES I saw this, live on SNL!!! I lied and said I hated it!!! Later on we( I ) all told the truth....loved it!!!! It was time for a revolution....please bring on the 52's amd REM and The Talking Heads

David Drupa : I am very happy that this stuff holds up after all these years.

Matthew Durkin : Baybee bayybee baybee baybbee the best lyrics ever

Fernando Cunha : Genius or ridiculous? Both!

Abby Normal : they are the spirit guides of my inner child ❤

Tubertjesvla : I also uploaded the DEVO's SNL video a few years back (Satisfaction and Jocko homo) , but YT deleted it because some USA television company where Saturday night live is on complained about it.. It's a shame, but hopefully your video will stay on YT.

Yanni Laurel : 1978.. The next Monday at middle school, we were all devo.

Firecriss : if kraftwerk played guitars, drums, and bass.

Mono Ped : this, and their version of, working in a coal mine. beautiful!

Bos Too Lowe : This is one of the best performances on STL. Its like them old jazz cats seeing Charlie Parker and Dissy Gillespie for the first time