Using A Flip Phone In 2017...

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Unbox Therapy : What phone are you using right now? Which one would you like to upgrade to?

ProtoMario : Oh man hommie, the Razer was life back in the day, EVERYONE had a Razer...

Joosua Anttila : BUT CAN YOU DO THIS!

Mike M : I guess I'm very very old as my first cellphone was a big huge Motorola phone which the bottom flipped open to to talk and had to slid the antennae out the top of the phone. I had to carry a piece of paper with me with my contacts and phone numbers on it as the Motorola phone couldn't even save contacts in the phone. back then there was no such thing as text messaging or data on the phone either. just talking only. and the bloody phone would die after only 1 hour of use. and then took 5-6 hours to charge the thing. Only had a number pad, and answer and end the call button pretty much all it had. Man has technology changed so quickly compared to those olden days. back then I didn't even have a computer at home yet either and no internet back then either.

Ginger dee : I miss flip phones battery life last forever and you just close the fone real quick to hang up on somebody lol

The Spanish Inquisition : I'm a high schooler in South Korea and this phone is not intended for seniors like most might presume, haha (not the one you are thinking about probably anyway). It's intended for high schoolers especially h.s. seniors that are preparing for college entrance exams so that they won't be distracted to use their phone all the time. I'm going to be a senior in March and most of my friends have this exact phone. :P Just thought I'd let you know.

Cinou : 15 sec later.. Lou using The s8.

jill natch : Flap phones r still my favorite. I would like to have it again but improved model than older ones

Nate Erre : I have a flip phone

Ádám Zalabai : I'm buying this for my grandma's birthday!

KoolDee 149 : The flip phone is for either old people or drug dealers.

Adrian C : flip phone is huge in japan

Robin Tips&Tricks : Phones are dead. PDA's took the place.

Forgotten Child : This would be cool at school *flips this bad boy out* *gets made fun of* *shows everyone how it looks* *becomes cool*

Anti Social Christian : I carry a flip phone and smartphone. Hey man can I use your phone hand them the flip phone not running off or some other crap with my $1000 phone.

Rick Louie : OMG, my 76 YO mom will become a Snapchat influencer on this flip phone! I think this could be her 2nd career! Doesn't have to rely on Social Security! ROFL! Well done!

Joespn : It does look super cool though. Maybe it's time for them to make a come back 😜

Charles .m : My flip phone battery lasts all week, i candrop itall i want, and its so dope

Mini Lox : Literally when you said galaxy folder 2 my wi-fi died 😂😂😂

altaccout : Flip phones are everywhere in Japan

Jzilla : I saw my teacher with one last year

CapricornZ : JAC - Just A Camera

TCM legitment : I told my dad i wanted that phone when i wad youngand now he just say tgat he will get me better phone but i still like that phone and maybe i will never get it

Dash TEC : Who ever is watching in 2018 give a thumbs up

Jaron Martin : Actually flip phones are still popular in Japan as well because people want to have two plans as data on smart phone is cheap but regular phone calls they still use on flip phones.

Xx Tentacles : my dad still have a flip phone..

Goober and Buddy : Ye boi the throwback but like modern

べうるとらっくYT bluetruck YT 블루트럭 : Folder phones made in koreans skt KT U+

Schendy Erland Lie : 2 word repeatedly : love it / love it / love it / love it /love it / love it... 1000x ...

Jessica Hernan : this phone would be good for young kids too! especially ones that have after school programs or have to walk home. it’d be more durable than a regular smart phone

Sam Jeremy : Bring me back to the 90's pleeeeaaaase!

Dipak Gupta : Jack reveal?

Stephen Brewer : Your reviews are why I came. Your commentary is why I stay.

SaraStar : I used to have

Gautam : what keeps you sooooo energetic ?

right spyder : i hope they expand it to other territories as well. flip phones will always be cool to me

sad edits : The outdoors button is on my phone and it cost like 40$

SocialHostage : Keyboard was not even used!! WTF! That's what I still miss physical KEYS!

Zanium Ahmed : Sometimes your attitude irritates me !

wooziekuzi la : It may be crappy but it will last for thousands of years

Niebieska Grzywka : I want my flip phone baaaack

Alex : They don't sell hot dogs there. They took the bleachers out two years ago.


Universal Alpha : My new work phone

σουκαμπλιετκουρβα ρασμπι : I use a Nokia 105 2017.. The p9 lite I had before the 105 is my last smartphone. Even in 20 years I won't buy again a smartphone.

Anurag Shobhan : *MEME REVIEW*

Rhys Cutting : No joke that phone actually outbeats my 2017 LG K8 4G lol.

Nathaniel Hill : Samsung galaxy sol 2

必きり : Here in Japan has a big number of people who uses flip phones 😂

必きり : And T9 keyboard rules. The fastest way of typing 😍