Using A Flip Phone In 2017...

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Unbox Therapy : What phone are you using right now? Which one would you like to upgrade to?

Adrian C : flip phone is huge in japan

The Spanish Inquisition : I'm a high schooler in South Korea and this phone is not intended for seniors like most might presume, haha (not the one you are thinking about probably anyway). It's intended for high schoolers especially h.s. seniors that are preparing for college entrance exams so that they won't be distracted to use their phone all the time. I'm going to be a senior in March and most of my friends have this exact phone. :P Just thought I'd let you know.

Smooth Operator : Damn I want this phone!!

Jessica Hernan : this phone would be good for young kids too! especially ones that have after school programs or have to walk home. it’d be more durable than a regular smart phone

Maria Tacos : my dad still have a flip phone..

ProtoMario : Oh man hommie, the Razer was life back in the day, EVERYONE had a Razer...

Sherlock Gnome : So its a flip phone with apps? Thats bomb

Doc Holliday : I am a 1985 child so while i was growing up in the late 90's and early 2000 we had flip and candy bar phones.... today i hold a state of the art phone....and still to this day I would still rather carry a flip...wish they made a premium flip with new tech but same form factor... I know hes kinda showing one off but i mean even better.... Idk, Any of you out there from my time want something similar?

Sam Jeremy : Bring me back to the 90's pleeeeaaaase!

Joeyblondewolf2 : I use the razr 2007, only has text and call.

DollarDiego HD : Nowadays you can get shot for using a phone like that

必きり : Here in Japan a lot of people use flip phones. 😂

DCFUKSURMOM/BENDER : actually its not one of the last remaining flips. and flips are not dying. flip phones are in fact still mass produced and they are even coming back in some areas. You need to do some research before you speak. other than that its a good video

Lin Yen Chin : 98% Shit fell out yo mouth and 2% actual relevant to functions of the phone...

wooziekuzi la : It may be crappy but it will last for thousands of years

Joespn : It does look super cool though. Maybe it's time for them to make a come back 😜

Robin Tips&Tricks : Phones are dead. PDA's took the place.

Tricklee31st : I want one... But with better camera and recording... And 4k screen... The android... I don't want... I want the old flip phone feel... With all the nice upgraded specs

必きり : And T9 keyboard rules. The fastest way of typing 😍

Nate Erre : I have a flip phone

Cinou : 15 sec later.. Lou using The s8.

Lauren Fan : I want that phone

Thomas Malcolm Macleay : About ten years ago, when phones got small, these got popular in Japan. Bigger buttons and screen.

Niebieska Grzywka : I want my flip phone baaaack

AJHD : I miss the Motorola RAZR... that was something when it came out...

Abhiraj Kumar : *Flip Phone Is Back*

Ross Best : I still love having my batteries separate & removable.

Happymonday 2015 : Can't wait to play Fortnite on my... flip phone

Clebermag : Hi, I'm From Brazil. This phone is perfect for older people that only know how to use keys. and i think that it is the proposal of this phone.

R B : This phone is a winner for this "senior citizen influencer"!

FernandoP1 - Art Zone Productions : -*JACK IS THE CAMERA PEOPLE (for those who keep asking), IS NOT A PERSON*

Rick Louie : OMG, my 76 YO mom will become a Snapchat influencer on this flip phone! I think this could be her 2nd career! Doesn't have to rely on Social Security! ROFL! Well done!

Jzilla : I saw my teacher with one last year

Z3r0 : Bruh this is low key lit

right spyder : i hope they expand it to other territories as well. flip phones will always be cool to me

tftm : I live in America and I haven't seen a single human below the age of 65 with a flip phone since 2010.

Gautam : what keeps you sooooo energetic ?

べうるとらっくYT bluetruck YT 블루트럭 : Folder phones made in koreans skt KT U+

Universal Alpha : My new work phone

Jurij Kratz : Samsung is the pinnacle of mobilephone engineering. I Love Samsung as a brand. I had a lot of Samsung phones, currently using a S7, I loved every Samsung phone i ever had.

Abhiraj Kumar : *Flip Phone Is Back*

Marilyn Alvarez : I used to have the Motorola StarTac phone, I loved that little phone so much.

Hasan Rıza Adıgüzel : Gözlerim folder folder oldu

SocialHostage : Keyboard was not even used!! WTF! That's what I still miss physical KEYS!

Samsung pro : I use the Samsung galaxy note 9 512 GB Verizon bule

The Original Mr. E L M E R : I had a flip phone. Age 76, and use Apple iPhone 7. It just depends on what a person needs with a device in 2017.. Technology is not going anywhere! Accept or be left in the dark. Elmer

Veronica Bigham : I miss my razor so much!! It was easily my favorite phone lol. While smartphones are amazing sometimes I miss how simple phones used to be haha. Typing this on my s9+ btw😂

Conor Condon : Answering a flip phone was so fun

Kawaii Nutella : I like how Samsung does this for the ppl that liked flip phones