Using A Flip Phone In 2017...

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Unbox Therapy : What phone are you using right now? Which one would you like to upgrade to?

Cinou : 15 sec later.. Lou using The s8.

Goober and Buddy : Ye boi the throwback but like modern

Hello, I'm E L M E R : I had a flip phone. Age 76, and use Apple iPhone 7. It just depends on what a person needs with a device in 2017.. Technology is not going anywhere! Accept or be left in the dark. Elmer

tftm : I live in America and I haven't seen a single human below the age of 65 with a flip phone since 2010.

TechKasco : I live in Korea and I’ve seen a lot of young kids having that flip phone. In fact, it might be a perfect phone for young kids. It’s affordable, it just basic stuff done very well, and also runs android!

SF141 : When a flip phone takes better pictures then your current phone :/

WeeklyTechReviews : Shit. That moment when you realize that a FLIP PHONE has a bigger battery than your iPhone 6s...

Adam Wacker : I wouldn’t mind having this as a side business phone or a back up phone

Hajjie Vann Dilay : i want one of these

_Luke Gustafson_ : So it' s just a smartphone but with a keyboard.

Eim Gaming : This phone is more powerful than my phone. Wow

Bogdan Alex : I believe that you should really test out the Samsung W2017 which is a flip phone but also a flagship phone! Is the Asian version of the S7

Aravind : Using an ancient Galaxy Grand, like to upgrade to a one plus 5

Mayannk Sharma : i got flipped out after watching this flipping flip phone video......!!!

Star Trek lover : I low key want one

jjjkinnemore : In the age of the flip phone. this would have been a masterpiece lol

Connor Jackson : IPhone 5c and I would love an iPhone 6s but I would be the happiest guy in the world for an iPhone x

Stephan Kusel : I used to have the Motorola v360a and I even had the legendary Samsung E250 but yeah that was a long time ago, I'm using the Huawei P9 lite now, must say for the price, pretty good, times have changed.

Alex : They don't sell hot dogs there. They took the bleachers out two years ago.

Garnet : My mom still uses a flip phone. My uncle used the same phone from 98 till about 2013 when it finally died. He has a flip phone now too. He's a technology caveman but I bet my mom would get into this kind of flip smart phone. I knew they were popular in Japan but didn't know you could use them here! Where can you buy it?

Mark The Shark : The j7 has a outdoors button 😎😎

Robert Costa : I miss my Razor... :-) I remember how cool I felt... lol

Habrid O'Young : I still much prefer the feel of the flip phone. It fits snugly in your hands and is comfortable to hold while making phone calls. Unlike the huge, slippery bastards of phones that slip out of our hands and break we have these days...

Best of YouTube - BoY : What next?? Phones with antenna and B/W touchscreen??

Aru1 Britt0 : This phone has better specs than my laptop

Soccer Bretman : I have a fracking iPod touch 6 th Gen

Qwyatt Storm : Can you also do a video reviewing the Samsung Veyron W2017 as well I was thinkining about buying the Folder 2 or the Veyron and I would like your honest opion on which one is the better of the to. Thannk you.

Supreme_Logic : Hi tech trap phone

Techno GJ : Cool looking phone😎

eric holburn : I need that phone!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Michael Stephan : This would be funny if I didn’t have a flip phone

Mark Paez : Is Jack just a camera with AI software to track lews movements? And Jack is an acronym or short for the cameras real name?

NCornel : How can I also order it from Korea?

Michael Nguyen : Lets flip this. 🖕🏻

tony essam : He don't want unbox iPhone 8 and he unbox this lol

channel of randomness : Outdoors mode is on samsung galaxy on 5

Dutch Visser : You should test the lg k20 plus

snitsky Mok : In China, Samsung has a W series for flip phone and it's very expensive like ¥15000 and running Android!!

Rhys Cutting : No joke that phone actually outbeats my 2017 LG K8 4G lol.

K-n : Spanish

Raphael _6 : Most android/ samsung phones have an extra bright button

Bryce Young : Imagine trying to watch your videos on there I probably just get mad and smash it

TheMoreYouKnow : BUSINESS.

ProtoMario : Oh man hommie, the Razer was life back in the day, EVERYONE had a Razer...

jack spedicy2 : I remember the rat drinking apple cider and then dying, in the fox movie

V-Way : Hanging up on people with the flip phone used to feel so important and extra. Lls!

XiiMesho_ : Still better than my phone

American Waffle : WE ARE JACK!

nightmacer x : What about the zte touch screen flip phone