Using A Flip Phone In 2017...

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Unbox Therapy : What phone are you using right now? Which one would you like to upgrade to?

jjjkinnemore : In the age of the flip phone. this would have been a masterpiece lol

tftm : I live in America and I haven't seen a single human below the age of 65 with a flip phone since 2010.

IndigoSynopsis : Just A Camera Kids

V-Way : Hanging up on people with the flip phone used to feel so important and extra. Lls!

Goober and Buddy : Ye boi the throwback but like modern

XXXTENSION CORD : The j7 has a outdoors button 😎😎

AJ Alanis : That is cool that you can watch YouTube on that flip phone

3 Haylaz/EmreBurak : someone=it is a Cheap phone Me=but how much is it Someone=4500$ Me=ok:( its really Cheap (trying to be rich)

Ginger dee : I miss flip phones battery life last forever and you just close the fone real quick to hang up on somebody lol

Alex : They don't sell hot dogs there. They took the bleachers out two years ago.

Zingoh : This is lowkey dope

Mandeep Grewal : wait dont all androids have the outdoor button

jill natch : Flap phones r still my favorite. I would like to have it again but improved model than older ones

Ádám Zalabai : I'm buying this for my grandma's birthday!

1 E L M E R : I had a flip phone. Age 76, and use Apple iPhone 7. It just depends on what a person needs with a device in 2017.. Technology is not going anywhere! Accept or be left in the dark. Elmer

Gurkku möpö : BUSINESS.

Luke De G : Using YouTube on a flip phone

XiiMesho_ : Still better than my phone

NCornel : How can I also order it from Korea?

Don Makesa : Im using a gd Kyocera hydro I want a Samsung soo if y'all have one pass it to me

KoolDee 149 : The flip phone is for either old people or drug dealers.

cristiano sie : I told my dad i wanted that phone when i wad youngand now he just say tgat he will get me better phone but i still like that phone and maybe i will never get it

Anti Social Christian : I carry a flip phone and smartphone. Hey man can I use your phone hand them the flip phone not running off or some other crap with my $1000 phone.

Charles .m : My flip phone battery lasts all week, i candrop itall i want, and its so dope

Mini Lox : Literally when you said galaxy folder 2 my wi-fi died 😂😂😂

AJ Alanis : I have a iPhone SE

Muaadh's Marvellous Moments : I think the only flip phones I would ever buy would be the motorola razr and this one right here btw the only reason I choose the razr is cause of 2 screens...................

Nathaniel Hill : Samsung galaxy sol 2

ibrahim meryamka : J = Just A = A C = Camera K = Kids Well played Lew, well played.

Mark Paez : Is Jack just a camera with AI software to track lews movements? And Jack is an acronym or short for the cameras real name?

Forgotten Child : This would be cool at school *flips this bad boy out* *gets made fun of* *shows everyone how it looks* *becomes cool*

kenny loves H2o : Stay strong . . . BTW how was the trip to India?

84singularity : I never liked the idea of "The White Holes". The whole idea is against "The Big Bang", and we don't want to break the Universe cycles right? Pls for the love of our precious Universe, forget about that ridiculous "White Holes" idea once and for all. The only possible variant in which "White Holes" exist is in Parallel Universes, and never in our. That big explosion we saw, that come from nowhere and last 102sec, was just our friendly Aliens converting matter into anti-matter. ;} Can't wait to joint them in our work! (^_^)*

YT bluetruck YT 블루트럭 べうるとらっく : Folder phones made in koreans skt KT U+

Sergio123 : Spanish

Holy Jezus : Hello everyone, I know I’m late but can ANNYONE tell me if Spotify works on this phone ? Thank you so much if you answer!! ❤️

Aiden Fries : I am currently using a Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge and I would want to upgrade to an S8

Star Trek lover : I low key want one

Dutch viss : You should test the lg k20 plus

Noah Stakes : A suggestion for Unbox Therapy. Do The LeEco Le Pro3, he said that you can save money instead of buying the Iphone X, I bought it for 180$ on Amazon. 4K Camera 16MP, 4GB Memory, 64GB Storage, and a 4,070MaH battery. VERY GOOD 5.5" Screen too!

Marshmallow Squad : When I was a lil kid I thought flip phone is for cool kids now...ummm ya know


Osama Bin Ladeb : The outdoors button is on my phone and it cost like 40$

Zaid Adel : I need one for where I got one please let know

American Waffle : WE ARE JACK!

Josh : People are now fatter and more dumb cause of social media and smart phones. We need flip phones again

Dash TEC : Who ever is watching in 2018 give a thumbs up

Bruce Wayne : J— just A—a C—camera K—kids

Felix T : So Lew. As we reached 10 Million subs, im so excited to see jack *.*