Using A Flip Phone In 2017...

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Unbox Therapy : What phone are you using right now? Which one would you like to upgrade to?

Eim Gaming : This phone is more powerful than my phone. Wow

triplemonster : i want that!

Amir Hafizi : Nice phone for olders....😂😂😂....

MrEqp123 : another thing is when we had phones back in the 90s we memories numbers thus have to use the number pad... how many of you people out there even know 10 phone numbers nowdays LOL

TOXIC VOID : I gonna buy that flip phone for my grandmother.😢

asdf : OHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!! .... quite good

Zach S. : Razor phone was lit.

Blaise Sposato : What's funny is there already was a jack face reveal in the video.

yo boi : Dats a noice flip phone

ukspizzaman : Fact is, I could type a lot faster on the old hard key phones. You felt it move, you knew the right letter was in. I am so getting this.

Tuebert : I'd consider this phone if it had a headphone jack

Timothy Tay : A Huawei p9 I want a second dumb phone

hunterxd11 : Trap gonna be jumping w that phone

kwy kewbs : Flip phones are still a thing in Japan...

Tso : Flip phones have always been top end phones in Korea and Japan

scarmoh : I love your work

Mads Horndrup : Would have loved you to check how usable it is without using touch at all.

Wolf Reviewing : This is great for elders like my Nan cuz they don’t like the new touch screens stuff cuz they find it hard and confusing and it is easier for there fingers wont strain them as much

‡ Chrîs Føx ‡ : That phone is awesome, I think it's amazing, they need to bring those to the U.S.

Christine Girard : When will this phone be available in the US?


MassDynamic : Flippy. Flip the bird

connordwns123 : 16gb of memory? Lol I doubt it

Md Rahman : I would have bought one if is it available in USA.

Sister Fun time : yayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy demaris if u see this hi

foh qua : Do u ttys cuz jack no human

SodaDaniel : Omg this makes me think there’s something wrong with him since jack is a

Luis Enrique Castillo Jiménez : I wanna get one for my mom! She loves flip phones.

watertaco : Dammit I want one

LAC 2017 : l love flip phones

MY NAME IS NAMED : type c my ass

Andrew Davies : Crazy guy

MoneyShot : It's 2004 in 2017!

FlyingSpartan : Luis is a furry confirmed...

MItsos Ogdontatessera : you had a RAZR?? you look older, cause im 32 and i had the startac

Christineonyt : the flip phones in korea is stiill "popular" for the elders who do not use touch screen generic samsung/iphone

Roger Aguirre : I feel like a kid who finds out Santa isnt real.

vynlazer : I wanted a flip phone that has a normal screen and in the bottom is a touchscreen which changes for every app

luis glz : I got a Kyocera Gratina 4g from Japan. terrific device, the only drawback was there was no T9 to type the fast besides the low memory

George Slavchev : I am respected by your huge fan base and the fact that your channel is that popular, but are you on some drugs?

T8ers : You get weirder and weirder. Holy hell.. I like it.

writer jey : Have you heard of Louis ck?

McRibs : Why don't you review LG products? You review flip phones, tint smartphones, some other weird ass smartphones but why not LG?

tyneshia Holmes : I have them the zMAX Pro and I wish I could get iPhone 8 plus or the iPhone x but I'm going to keep you know about them phone cuz I know I don't have money to get one .

Fetus Clef : I remember these...

NoName Channel : Omg 😮 I WANT THIS PHONE!

Joshua : U act quiet stupid

Zach : I love it!

Mark V : Samsung galaxy J7 has outside mode