The Company [2nd Place] | Vibe XIX 2014 [Official Front Row]

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Marianna Anagno : second place? what did the first place winners do? fly????

kerk tp : I watch this regularly.

Mishka Sasman : I still think they should have won first place.

JetMonkeyHDGaming : Here is the playlist Opening Song: Ty$ feat. B.o.B - Paranoid 1: Sage the Gemini - Red Nose 2: Alicia Keys - If I Ain't Got You 3: Drake - Hold On, We're Going Home (Violin Cover) - Peter Lee Johnson 4: Justice - D.A.N.C.E. 5: Santana - Maria Maria Ps. The Company should've won 1st place

Bobbyray : The violin part is the best part for me!

David Choi : SO COOL!!!!

Holo Hoops : the d.a.n.c.e. part is my favorite choreography i think i've ever seen. i just want to watch it over and over!!

LiyoO92ii : The choregraphy with the violin was one of the sickest I've ever seen !

Bob Dole : im not surprised that they did not get first. this was too beautiful and intellectual for the mainstream crowd to comprehend.

Daniel lozano : Ugh the guy who leads the Drake portion of the dance is fiiiiine 🙌

MochaMuah : i think anybody who actually dances would choose TheCompany for first place. dance is about THE BODY. all that other stuff IS entertaining but that's parlor tricks compared to this. this routine is PERFECTED. i can't stop watching it! even the d*mn CRAWL at 4:13 is in sync. these ppl are SICK!! whew! they were even crisp with the slow music. smh TheCompany won first place in my heart.

jamiko scott : Like if you keep replaying the red nose part!!

m rz : *I admit to pausing and replaying MANY parts of this video because IT WAS THAT GOOD*

Majesty Tv : 0:36 - 0:42 😱👑

Ergun Rasit : Opening Song: Ty$ feat. B.o.B - Paranoid 1: Sage the Gemini - Red Nose 2: Alicia Keys - If I Ain't Got You 3: Drake - Hold On, We're Going Home (Violin Cover) - Peter Lee Johnson 4: Justice - D.A.N.C.E. 5: Santana - Maria Maria

Nicki Brown : First place got 3 million views and second place got 7 million. We know who the real winner is

Gretchy : this is first place in my heart. I saw the winner and they're amazing and all...but the texture, the control of the movements, the story that they tell with their body is what won me over. Everything about this piece is amazing!

Kight Neale : Shocker that AoV won, the company had a tight act! I've watched this way more than then AoV routine, because its so good to watch over and over again. Should gotten first place.

bakerXderek : That was pretty cleaaaan. 

Michael Dooby : The move at 3:00 makes me fall in looooooooove

Skyrising : 2nd place..? Oh damn, I can't even imagine what the 1st place team looked like. edit: I just saw the 1st place video.. wtf The Company was far better and should've won!

Aye em : i replay the red nose choreo i dont know HOW many times...

King Frosty : 1:02 was smooth asf!

Rob Kellean Bartolome Barluado : is there any clean mix to this?... please i need it :D ty

Santiago Cortínez : Can't describe what I feel at 3:11 and 4:16  This is so Awesome.

Nayllll : They are amazing... i'm not 'into' dancing or what ever u say... but randomly came across this and they truly amazed me... so had to then look up those who won, and i was like "wtf is this?", had it not been because of a comment saying the ending was epic, i wouldn't even have finished watching the dance.. the ending is epic, but winning cause of 'the ending' and not cause of the whole 'dance', or what ever u say, is lame as fuck... Hehe, funny how you don't know about something, then watch 15-20 mins of it on YouTube and suddenly u get the feeling that you have to say something cause your opinion matter... W/E, sorry for the bad grammar...

Cheyenne French : Like if you got here from vine

jamiko scott : My favorite part was from 00:40-00:43

J Scott : 2nd place?😮 but HOW!🤔WHY! 😕

Loasfq rot : whats the song at 3:35???

blumountaindew : I personally liked The Company more than The Academy of Villains. The Company was clean and precise, but I'm guessing that the judges were looking for hard and grimy, which is why AoV won.

Primo Villanueva : 2nd Place ? Say What? What kind of villains robbed this crew?

popcornsl : Not sure what the judges used as criteria, but is my novice opinion, this routine is far more fluid than the first place winners and moreover, the music choice far more pleasing... absolutely awesome dance group there. Well done

jamiko scott : I loved the red nose part!!! So dope!!!!

Lorenzo Alvarado : To anyone wondering why The Company got 2nd and 1st was because they didn't push the boundaries in their routine. They were great and precise but it wasn't as complex and difficult like the Academy of Villain's routine. Choreography difficulty plays a big part in judging a dance routine.

Linus : At 3:00 my jaw just fell to te floor

robertantonnyc : Well who won 1st place?

Mabelle Balinas : At the end of the day, no matter who won the competition, its obviously "The company" who leaves a mark.. A damn good one.. It went viral on social media, its fluid and much for appealing and the synchronization is at its finest.. If the AoV won.. so be it, give them the award, but then again the company gained much more than the 1st place, they have won the hearts of many people, JUST LOOK AT THE VIEWS! 10m!!!

Ena Maas : fanatastisch

Adaya Ford : this group is bad ass. So together and n sync with their moves.

Madylin Champagne-Ruiz : I've literally watched this like 1848104 times

A Competent Brit : 2nd place, 2ND?!

CornzVillaelectro : Who did the alicia keys piece? anyone know?

omgangelaxo : In my opinion their better than the groups thats first place tbh

Fashionana : 2ND PLACE!!!???????!!!?? Them judges cheated.

jaykansher87 : Ok, here we go requested by popular demand here is the playlist and its only five songs though,,,, all of these are in order like in the video…. 1)Sage the Gemini- Red nose 2)Alicia Keys- If I ain't got you 3)Drake- We're going home (Just hold on) 4)Justice- D.A.N.C.E 5)Carlos Santana- Maria, Maria  and the best part in the video for me was 3:16 - 3:21 that smooth slide tho…. 

heyitspaigee : vine brought me here lol anyone else?

John David Criste : been playing maria maria over and over again.

Rosalie Ventori : The lead dancer in the first part is amazing!

Blanca Depp : How the hell did they get 2nd place , they deserve 1st