Real life X-men: Biology of the world's greatest climbers - the Sherpa

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Chubbyemu : In Emu We Trust 😂

pathetic : As a climber i've always been interested in one day climbing Everest and knew the Sherpa were the real heroes, i just didn't realise how much more naturally equipped they were than the rest of us until watching this, very informative video, i learned a lot!

Medlife Crisis : Keen to hear your thoughts - too long? Too boring? Too scienceful? Or not scienceish enough? Or do you just want to register your objection to my face? I know the autofocus went nuts, unfortunately my cousin had borrowed my lenses so was left with this crazy thing. Blame her! I hope it didn't make you feel too seasick.

TheDoubleGrin : Excellent video, your articulation and pacing are spot on. I think you delve into the underlying science enough to satisfy curiosity without getting too technical. I hope this channel blows up, doc, you deserve it.

eecak1973 : Would Sherpas make great cyclists? Western kids are evolving bigger thumbs for xbox and texting.

Yorick : 4:17 that glove save is incredible

Sherpa Sonam Tobden : Well It seems I got one more thing to add to my CV.

A Fruit Shop Owner : Oh wow, this channel is amazing! I just found this video on /r/videos and it reminded me of Chubbyemu's youtube channel. I love this kind of content, keep it up doc!

Sumann Raaz : I am from Kathmandu,Nepal and i have many Sherpa friends from Bouddha and Kapan. They are really good for good people n somehow superhumans too.

Marco J : This was fantastic, and I learnt so much; it was scienceful enough for me. It was a great at 10 minutes, but you could get away with making it shorter. Although i knew Sherpa people were special I didn't realise just one tiny gene can have such an impact. More human diversity videos like this would be awesome

Armanlex : At 2:32 you are giving me chubbyemu vibes. I like it!! Edit: Ok I resumed the video and I literally paused right before the chubby emu picture showed up. I'm telling the truth!

titanium9000 : Very informative and just enough humor to keep things really interesting. This video is a breath of fresh (sea-level) o2.. Thumbs up!*

BrokenSymmetry : This was very nice! I think you hit the right balance of science and non-science language and I think you are doing a great job in explaining (I myself love teaching so I subconsciously pay attention to teaching abilities :D ). What I really, really like especially is that you introduced us to a part of the world we don't know much about, provided more information about it in your description, and by doing that raised awareness of the conditions of people's lives in Nepal. I think these kind of videos are a great way of letting us be more familiar with the unknown parts of the world and their inhabitans because it cultivates compassion and understanding of the differences, which, as this video shows, are very often only due to the fact that some gene in a group of people switched on (or off) just because those people lived for a long time in certain set of climate/geographical conditions. By using a mixture of science, humor and a captivating way of presentation I think you are doing a very important job in a great way!

timlawn1 : This was an excellent summary of a complex topic. I have received lectures from Dan Martin and Ned Gilbert, two big names in this field of research, and you're information was more or less spot and extremely concise. If you fancy looking at this from another angle go have a look at how Sherpa adaptation differs from Andean populations. A fascinating example of evolution finding strikingly different solutions to the same problem. A recent paper has also indicated a third, unique style of adaption in Ethiopian highlanders!

danpt2000 : My parents are from southern China. We are Han Chinese

dumping yard : from sherpa.

Satyam Shah : I am nepalese , it was really nice to hear the unravelling truth of Sherpas from you ! thanks

____________________ : The chubbyemu reference had me laughing! Good video. I like the fact you cite your references too. I also see the double meaning in your channel name. I suspect you’ve been practising medicine for a long time and reached burnout. So you’re trying to rediscover control of your time, while still doing what you both know and love; medicine.

five666666 : Great video. Thanks for posting this, keep it up!

Aashik KC : im from nepal..we r proud to haave mount everest n many more mountains.. proud to be sherpa

Frank May : Love these videos. It's just time before one hits the front page of the internet and gets millions of views. Content and quality is ready, just need some luck and the right topic!

Dee Cee : 2 strokes are a beast

Alexandra Ross : Excellent! Keep it up! Going to tell my dad to subscribe .. he would love this

Squatting Squirrel : Sherpas deserve more than they will ever receive

Discovery🌎 : thanks for video

lambiepie : Is it me? You talked so fast that I had to continually pause the video and replay because you talk so fast. I would do much better if I could read your script. Excellent information and most interesting.

alex benzler : Great video, although i have no idea why it was in my recommended. greetings from germany!!

Chris Davies : Isn't all this totally and completely obvious, if you think about it for more than 7 seconds?

AryehS1989 : Really a fantastic video, a good mix of informative and entertaining. Always looking forward to the next video!

youth voice : Such an important and informative video

Brian Harder : This is quite good. Great to catch up on the latest findings. I spent a month with Peter Hackett on his 50th birthday climb of Ama Dablam. We spent hours talking altitude medicine and I've been a geek ever since. I couldn't agree more with your sentiments about the Sherps and Nepal in general. Chapeau!

El Capitano Kapitan : Nepal ❤️

moogily1 : This is a really well done video and the speed and transitions are spot on to keep my attention and interest while still making sense even with my limited knowledge of biology and stuff. Good content!

Rashmi Bhattarai : Love the video... lots of love to the sherpas

Fattimithy : spot on

Uzumaki Narutoo : So evolution is a fact. Listen non believers.

yuan232y : Too good !

dematson : I am edified.

Aaron : Seems like my ancestors were evolved to eat a lot of fish and murder people with melee weapons. I guess it's cool but def not very useful today.

Dennis I : Great video! Good narration, perfect pace. And glad to see you delve deeper into the science (without going to deep), which really differentiates your work from other Youtubers!. Keep it going!

Anurag Sawant : Love the sincerity! from India

Sybren Roorda : I'm an over 6 ft, asthmatic, dutch kid without any climbing experience, still I want to get into mounaineering please tell me what's wrong with me!!!!

Michael Sylvester : thanks great video and funny

Suzanne : I thoroughly enjoyed the content, the format and the topic. Nicely done!

Pranai Menon : Don't reduce the jargon. The content is accessible and video length was good. The "scaring part" in the middle was unnecessary and to be frank ridiculous. You didn't mention Tenzing Norgay, the most famous sherpa. As suggestion topics for future I would suggest the ability of Japanese to digest sea-weed, the Warrior gene theory and krishnamacharya who could apparently stopped heartbeat and proved it to.(somewhat)

Jithmal Ranasinghe : Love this guys references +rep top bloke

Michael Theunissen : Brilliant video. Insightful. Although rich in science of which some went over my head, the jist of it was not lost. And yes, your son is a budding mountaineer indeed ;-)

Roderick Powolny : Very interesting and for a low lander who dreams of always being in the mountains great knowledge.

Endigma : the mitochondria is the power HOUSE of the cell not power STATION. wtf is ur problem lol

Saurav Raut : Proud to be a Nepali😍