A STAR IS BORN - Creating the Sound: Jackson Maine

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Nangkiew Kharmyndai : Brad Cooper better than half of today's music industry

Your awesome : I watched this at a prescreening.... believe the hype, this movie is outstanding.

babyinblack : Gaga wasn’t kidding. Bradley can actually sing!!

Mily Hussain : Black Eyes sounds PHENOMENAL! This movie is going to sweep the Oscars & Golden Globes!

Mily Hussain : Gaga and Cooper were perfect for this movie! It sounded weird at first but they have crazy intense chemistry and AMAZING acting skills!

ABS : I wish they did a documentary over this entire movie. I want to see every second of this process.

Danielle Lafrance : I just want to thank Bradley Cooper for bringing this movie to us! He produced, directed, sang and acted in the movie! You made your dad proud Bradley...

F R : This film is more than a film

Joel Loor : Lady Gaga’s singing in this movie actually gives me chills.

Ezra May : I didn't know I could fall more in love with Bradley Cooper but 2:12 omg I'm-

bash : So... when will Jackson Maine be on tour? :D


A Delicious, Irresistible, Steaming Bowl of Shit : This interview just looks so fun. They all look great, excited, in admiration of each other, and are super proud of the movie they’ve made. Instead of a bunch of uptight actors who take themselves too seriously.

Johnny NiteTrain : Best movie I’ve seen all year. Bring your god damn tissues

technokrator : If this doesn’t make an Oscar winner I don’t know what will.

Theodore calvin : And the Oscar goes to "LADY GAGA" ❤

VALENTINEproductions : GaGa looks so much hotter in her natural appearance

Jeremy Stubbs : A Star is Born will be this years Lalaland, but better.

Brett Troeger : Bradley literally used his movie star power to make himself a real musician. impressive

X-x- GSUS -x-X : HE SOUNDS INCREDIBLE!!!!! HOLY F*CK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1!!!

marialu1984 : I had no idea Cooper could sing, wow 😍 I love him even more

Francesca Michelin : Bradley Cooper is my favourite😍😍😍😍😍😍

el bigboy17 : I thought Cooper was lip singing the whole time and that the voice was that of a famous singer...but when I found out it was actually him singing I was like holy f**k...the guy can sing

Charlie-Michael Pope : I saw this last night... What can I say this film is a cinematic sensation! from script to performances and the music It's everything and more you would want from a movie and I can't wait to see it again! Just remember Bring TISSUES!!!!

Walter Knotts : "A Star is born" will always be remembered for the voice and interpretation of Barbra Streisand and luckily did not try to re-edit the second Version. Lady Gaga's Voice arrangements were absolutely beautiful, touching and moving as they should be. this is a new version and we have to forget who watched any of the first 2 versions and focus on the chemistry of Gaga and Cooper. I loved every song released so far and I can't wait to buy the Soundtrack. Singing only Gaga already deserves to be rewarded and I believe that her performance will be passionate, poignant, strong and in a certain way Delicate. Gaga is much better at actually interpreting real songs and escaping from that silly pop with which she launched herself to Stardom. In "Joanne" she has demonstrated that it can go much further and now with this trail we know that really "A star is born". Hoping she wins many prizes with her performance, without forgetting Cooper who is simply perfect in her role, it seems that it was written to match exactly with the personality he created for the character in the Film. I highly recommend the film and note 10 for everyone involved.

Yefrant 19 : I Loke This Actor


Cosmic Goddess : I have never liked man buns or half man buns, but on Bradley... 😍😘💦🔥

Alex Maxam : This movie and soundtrack is going to be flames. I cannot wait.

Soto Kar : I am so excited for this movie!!!It looks amazing!!!!


Disney65Fan : He sounds like Tim McGraw meets Josh Kelley when he sings


Kloe A : Wow BradleyCooper

Chingamba ksh : Warner bros Destroying DC universe!!

ullidou : Yaaaaayyyyyy I cant wait hohoooo 🎑😍🎼🎵🎶🎵🎵

Enmanuel : They're all are great artist💪

FirstLadyJoy : #RealMusiciansUnite 🙌

Nona fierce : Bradley-Sex-Cooper 😍💋🔥

Racing Info : Omg all these teasers getting me too excited, just hurry up to October 5th will you !

Oscar Barron VIL : Muero Por verla. 😉😉😉

Narciso Vieira : Bradley Copper is an incredible singer.

Kuck Kuck : Omg i can‘t believe how handsome and beautiful bradley Cooper is.these Blue eyes.can‘t stand watching bis Face for longer Time.😍 Can‘t wait to watch zur Movie.

Yelitza Sanchez : He can do no wrong ! He’s so passionate in his craft

J B : I hope Bradley dips into more music going forward ... he has a real passion and talent for it.

M0VIESTAR : 🔴 Watch/DownIoad *A Star Is Born* fiIm: t.co/ZDSDMldRGu Novi trending filmovi, preporučljivo je gledati!!

Paola Ponticelli : Speachless....OMG

Jesús Emmanuel : Damn booy! I already loved Bradley Cooper, but i love this new SRV-Bradley Cooper. A new level of respect for this guy

Jamel Ling : I hear some Dave Mason in Bradley Cooper's singing.

Kris Atkinson : Bradley cooper would play an awsome jim morrison