Stan Smith - OOH!

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All clips and sounds are owned by 20th Century Fox Television. This is a collection of Stan Smith's outbursts of surprise from Seasons 1-6. I'm pretty sure I missed one somewhere in Season 5, so apologies if you were looking for a specific "Ooh!" that wasn't on here. The "Ooh!" outbursts can be found in the following episodes in this order: 1. Season 1, episode 9 2. Same episode 3. Season 2, episode 2 4. Season 2, episode 7 5. Season 2, episode 9 6. Season 2, episode 10 7. Season 2, episode 14 8. Season 4, episode 8 9. Same episode 10. Season 4, episode 16 11. Season 5, episode 8 12. Season 5, episode 10 13. Season 6, episode 18


Hunter Hutton : I don't know why buy I've always found his "OOH!" one of the funniest reactions ever. This is awesome.

Patrick Gogan : So much funnier than family guy now

Tyreek Murillo : lmfao he sounds like an ape

RaVenNasyon : if Homer "DOH" Stan "OOH" Hank "BWAA" what about Peter?

tweezee : "Taking all the fruit from the helpless deaf kids." hahahahahahahahaha

coolsomeXD : Finally an OOH! video!

MrSLP4 : Stan Smith's OOOH or Hank Hill's BWAHH!!

HORRIOR : I never noticed his "OOH!" until now XD

nowookiee : lul, this and Hank Hill going bwaaahhh are my favourite things in the world. 

Mindraker1 : The flashing of the video is very distracting.

MrLTiger : anyone see the flickering or am I losing my mind

EnKidu The Sin-slaying Beast : Stan is my second favorite character on this show because roger is number to me.

Darius Edmond : I knew there had to be a video specifically for this lol

Parker Young : I like the part when he said "OOH!"

BrettyBoy : Stan Smith is the best American dad character because he always takes things too far and over reacts which is very amusing. I mean, he went to live out on the streets just to prove something that wasn't a big deal. Ha! Ha!

KEV :3 : "OOH" is Stan's version of Homer's "DOH"

Daniel Arthur : Judging by some of the comments i'm not the only one who has been waiting for this video

KiranTaker270 : LMFAO "OOH!"

Sean H. : I'm a HUGE American Dad fan...I NEVER realised Stan had a"thing"! I always knew Peters "heehehehehehe" laugh and Homers woohoo and doh! But I never noticed this before! THANKS for posting this!

Paul Ivanov : Hahahaha I never realized how much he said this, and I've seen the whole series like 4 times. "I wish that I was JOSSE'S girl :)"

Sabrina Lee : Stan's "ooh" is the best reaction ever, never gets old! =D

Jeikku : Can someone make me a TF2 hitsound for his "OOH"

Andi Gray : So glad this exists! My favorite is "HE'S the one I have to kill!" And the one where his blonde wig flies away... Lmao every time xD xD

SSS WolfGang98 : I find it so hilarious when he says OOH lol it's so funny

Rob The Jester : I'm gonna take you to make out point and tongue your gas hole.

Mugiwara Darwin : Stan played Roblox before the death sound was cOOl.

Dankery Gordon : I wanna see sasquatch/big foot/yeti footage with stans ooh over it

Thomas Chuggington : I have only seen one of those episodes and that's the one where Stan is bald, "Chimdale".

TooMuchMario6400 : OOH! F

Craig Harvey-Gurr : I am so making Ooh! into a ringtone.

Bonnie Anne : Nude when your parents come come home OOH

Bonix : I didnt even realize he did this so much until now😂

Necrofeltch : Please make a video with Stan saying "Inconvenient!" I love that bit, but I cant find it anywhere

yaphace : Going through the teacher's files to find the answers to next week's quiz. OOH!

Tigerman1138 : Better than Homer Simpson’s D’oh!

motionless86 : Tongue your gas hole! I'm crying

John Kongsaisy : "🎵Takin all the fruit from the helpless deaf kids!🎵" Deaf Kid walks in OOOH!

Jennifer Kline : Thank you sooo much for posting this, lol

GERM : Lmao.... "Tongue your gas hole." Classic Stan. ... OHH!!

SKN! Media Group : Liked!!!

niido : Glad im not the only one who says OOH when he is caught lol

Skaði Nordblad : omg yes! best video ever

the lemon : The compilation I never knew I needed😂

BioActiveScout 629 : Love Stan's "OOH!" moments lol

Mekhai Betts : Take you to "Make out Point" and tongue your gashole ive officially heard everything

Graham Smith : Pure hilarity!

Alchemy Siega : The "Duh-oh!" Version of American Dad😂😂

Metal-Max1991 : Stan must be part owl

Eli : Sounds like a ROBLOX death