Obese Dachshund Loses 50 Pounds - OBIE | The Dodo

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Rk Brillant : If Obie did it, so can you

April Island : 77 lbs is straight up abuse. Thankfully he is with the right human now he looks amazing and happy now good job puppy momma

Unknown Nigga : *a w l a w d h e c o m i n*

MR BONE'S : He went from thicc to slicc

Christmas Cookie : Is that why her name is OBIE? Because it was OBIEse

Rebelle : What a good THICC boy, respect to the lady for making him happy and healthy!

maycember again : I’m in tears I want to hug the dog he’s so cute and I’m so proud wtf why am I crying


Tan Hue : that poor dog, that was total abuse. disgusting. thank goodness he was rescued.

Anna Strait : I almost cried watching this, I have two dachshunds and seeing a dachshund in pain hurts a lot. I’m so glad he is so much better and so happy

S : He cant protecc He cant attacc He only snacc

Scourge Star : This is so beautiful, god bless this person giving this beautiful boy another shot at life

Artsy Rizzo : an actual walking loaf of bread

keanna : : that is one big unit

Silent gojira Raptor playz : He looks like a seal but still sad 😢

MrsBrit1 : That poor doxie! I'm so glad he was removed from the toxic home that allowed him to become some desperately obese, no matter thw reason. That's so sad. His face when she brought him home and he couldn't play with the other doggies broke my heart! I'm so happy he's healthy and had a much better life in his senior years!

Random Falling Stuff : *_This dog is an inspiration to all..._*

Karissa Phillips : I relate to the dog 😂

Freedom in Nature : So good to see! What worries me is that there´s actually people out there who let it go so far. Abuse. It´s also worrying that people can make jokes about this. Anyway, I´m just so glad there´s good people out there capable of helping and doing such good work. Thanks for sharing! :-)


udaya Rekha : Thanks to the lovely lady who took the responsibility and fulfilled it🙏 and loads of love and cuddles to Obie😘🐕 Thanks The Dodo for this inspiring video

Ava_ Smoot : 1:53 ticks on his nose??!

AtomicCellar : In the thumb nail you made him look like a beached whale

Davis John Serquina : That Dog is getting more progress than me

Give me Subs : HE IS *T H I C C*

RelaxWithReena : Now this is some weight loss inspiration!! Go doggo!!! 👏🐶

Different ¿ : I just can’t make a joke.. I CANT! And I won’t ;) That’s a big wobbly hotdog

Nick Prosperi : Although many dogs are abused or starving, people have the heart to overfeed their dog. That’s terrible. I’m so glad obie got better and lost lots of weight. ❤️❤️❤️

steven Kennedy : He was a Wiener dog now he is a sausage dog.

Jared Gomez : In case anyone was curious, Obie was obese because his last owner was an elderly man with Alzheimers, and he was never sure if he fed Obie or not, so he would leave food out just in case.

Dank Matter : Very good doggo lose lots of pounds

IDK ??? : If a dog can do it, you can it too

Marcos Rayas : Obie Thick Kanobi Obi 77 Kanobi

Silent Human : Now that is a exact replica to what my dumps look like.

Saucelo Creates : c h o n k

Marilyn Jane : *hes an inspiration!*

Barbara Lorraine : Omg poor thing so great that he made it

Eight Trailer : Where are all +sized girls who says they love their curves.

Rat Pearl : Show us her budgies I can hear them in the backround (:

Alice angel : He's so cute I want to hug him. 😙

Jaxx 9ine : When you leave your dog at your grandma's house

Slackin_242 : You probably added 4 years to that dogs life

Iron Worker 444 : I wish someone would drag me in a quilt to go poop!

Lps Angela : This is so sad! People are calling him names in the comments. Stop hating on this poor little Dachshund!💕❤️

Dumb Bitch : *i respect thicness and skinny legends*

MommaSon D : I thought it was a seal pup at first, then i got teary eyed. I have a dachshund too.

Frosty Island : When a dog is more productive then me...😐

Jess Prøductions : Wasn't there a point where the owners were like "okay he's a lil thicc lets not feed him so much."

sharee posada : Aww he so cute😍😍

Natamation , : Nice 👍 job obie keep pushing