Obese Dachshund Loses 50 Pounds - OBIE | The Dodo

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Rk Brillant : If Obie did it, so can you

Jaxx 9ine : When you leave your dog at your grandma's house

Shani Shay : Why would someone feed their dog so much

MyRectumSphincterCouldChopYourDickOff Bitch : The most american dog ever

Greg Kelly : I thought it was a seal.

Rebelle : What a good THICC boy, respect to the lady for making him happy and healthy!

Simon Mulholland : OMG he’s so cute!

Cool Cheese : That's a weird loaf of bread

justaseasy : That is so cool that he is losing weight. Congrats obie

Luis Beltran : The people that made him obese should be charge with animal cruelty. Do that to yourself not a creature that has no control or can't tell you what they need to eat. Greetings to the lady who took him in and the doggie , good job.

S z : He cant protecc He cant attacc He only snacc

Carter Kapanjie : I think Obie was at grandmas house for to long

Kelly Northcott : Thank you for reaching out and getting help that took courage. Really appreciate the effort you put in to getting the little fellow a good life.

Cani Cowley : I wanna lose the same amount lmao this is motivating

Loulou : It was clearly animal abuse... they were killing him. I would like to see the former owner.

MrsBrit1 : That poor doxie! I'm so glad he was removed from the toxic home that allowed him to become some desperately obese, no matter thw reason. That's so sad. His face when she brought him home and he couldn't play with the other doggies broke my heart! I'm so happy he's healthy and had a much better life in his senior years!

Tokyolightts : *Did.. Did they name him Obie after **_obese_*

t0xic : Jesus, even random dog went on a diet.

Flop Scratch : Pet owners who do this to their dogs should be charged with animal cruelty

George Vargas : This feels like more of a documentary about my life

RelaxWithReena : Now this is some weight loss inspiration!! Go doggo!!! 👏🐶

Michaella Loremia : This dog is so cute!! I also have a dashcund here!

FaLaLaMedia : My mother fatten me up as a child. Gonna send her back to Mexico for that

my dude : see that 2:21 shot it means its nearly blind it can only see like 10 meters clear before everything a blur.

Jane Who? : I’d be real sad if I were an obese dog who was named Obie.

udaya Rekha : Thanks to the lovely lady who took the responsibility and fulfilled it🙏 and loads of love and cuddles to Obie😘🐕 Thanks The Dodo for this inspiring video

LegendaryGoji Productions : They should make a training montage of Obie doing this

PokemonAssociate : Poor Obie though....😥🙏The looks on his face all the time

Roger Balcer : The family of my brother's friends were all grossly obese 350-400 lbs but the sad thing was their dachshund was also. It was so obese they strapped a board with roller skate wheels under it because it was a female and kept wearing it's nipples off trying to walk. I think anyone who let's an animal get in that condition should be jailed !

Padmavathi Venkata Lakshmi Kalanadhabatla : Unbelievable,amazing you gave a beautiful and happy life to him .Thanks for ur kind heart.

Dank Matter : Very good doggo lose lots of pounds

doctor who animations : Soooooooooo cute. I have a dachshund mix with a collie. She is 3 years old. And she is fit as a cucumber. And her name is called.........elsa. I love her so much. ☺

beashnpull : And some ppl say theres nothing wrong with being fat lol

Tobin Playz : The last owner probably hated him

DIY D!scover : Who fed him so much in the first place???

MommaSon D : I thought it was a seal pup at first, then i got teary eyed. I have a dachshund too.

Meezcheese Loo-eez : You’re such a doll Obie! Congrats on keeping the weight off! You look more healthy and happy than ever ❤️

r : If most people were like this lady then the world would be a better place.

the pelastisin : He's not fat just big boned

Lo Hi : 0:00 *obie you mean obese*

Natanael Lindroos : He’s so cute! And the owner is so kind and friendly!🐕

Topaz 13 : All the dog needed to get in shape Was a montage workout with some badass music

Mr. Meme : When you want a jumbo hotdog

69696 subscribers with no videos challenge : When i saw the thumbnail i thought somebody edited a dogs head over a seal

kazir roberts : He licc He thicc But now he fitt

potato 209 : He's not fat he's just big bonded


Hubert M : pupper is too much thiccness :(

Gage Mazzocco : Poor Obie

Marilyn Jane : *hes an inspiration!*