Holy crap Terry Crews is talented

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Retro Ryno : This is the coolest thing I've ever seen about an actor. Amazing.

Kris Keh : insanely talented holy crap...the crowd thought it was a photograph hahaha

Travelers Warden : Petition for a Terry Crews art show a la Bob Ross

Amador Designs : oh my gawd I admire this guy.

Nico The Rabbit : How did the painter display his master piece? ------------- Easely

greato80 : Those look photorealistic!! I hate terry crews..he played pro ball, built like a monster, funny as hell and can paint like a pro! Aaaaaaaaaaahhh!... i cant hate terry crews. Da vinci of our times lol.

Argel Chiapaprikabanana : incredible guy! hot ones brought me here. 😊

Carlos López : This dude never stops amazing me!

s a k u n i : I thought he had just composited photos together, but he painted that? That's insane.

Henrik Vollstad : 2:51 "Applause" Sign turns on

Matthew Chaisuwan : I love Terry Crews ever since I saw White Chick

Joe Blow : Just when you thought you couldn't like and admire a guy any more than you already do you find stuff like this!

fernando diaz : this guy is 50 years old wtf he looks 30ish

petev23 : Classiest guy in Hollywood

Uchiha Hikaku : Pa pa pa pa pa pa PAINTER!

Trinity Richardson : What was the murder though??

The Reactive Code : I know many people have said this, but I just want to express how much I love Terry Crews. He has such a captivating power, a good soul that can make your day.

Peace love Death metal : Oh,shit! Great work

Charith Mettananda : This man does everything

lovelyMissInna : There are some truly talented, brilliant people in this world. Incredible! I feel the same way about Ken Jeong - you can truly have it all! I admire the hard work they’ve all clearly put in over the years, all their success is so well deserved. Love you Terry!

Diarmid Thomson : I love him so much

123rockfan : His sketches in his portfolio were awesome, but the paintings not so much lol. The photo realistic style just looks creepy

Fel : Terry has such a good energy

Nicson Flores : Is the painting of Andre Braigher in Brooklyn Nine Nine actually painted by Terry?

Omni Rage : 2:29 "I used to be a sports star until I took a national monument to the knee."

Ides of March : i like Terry Crews, good guy all around from the looks of it

Fizalex : I didn't think it was possible to love that man anymore.

Lee : holy crap i was not expecting his art to be that good. this guy is amazing

V S : Damn he is awesome

Calvin McCracken : God Damn. I fkin love Terry Crews

Abdi : Terry crews is chill af


Berra Saral : Holy shit did he really did Captain Holt's portrait?

Mike Morris : Holy cow I'm shock, he's an amazing artist.