Holy crap Terry Crews is talented

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Josh Steiner : The man acts, played football, paints and draws, constantly exercises and eats clean, built a pc and plays pc games. He is extremely talented and disciplined!

Retro Ryno : This is the coolest thing I've ever seen about an actor. Amazing.

koth : Terry Crews is the nicest man in Hollywood.

Travelers Warden : Petition for a Terry Crews art show a la Bob Ross

Fuzzyscarfandmittens : Not only a funny and down to earth guy but he's insanely talented. Terry Crews continues to surprise me.

Kris Keh : insanely talented holy crap...the crowd thought it was a photograph hahaha

greato80 : Those look photorealistic!! I hate terry crews..he played pro ball, built like a monster, funny as hell and can paint like a pro! Aaaaaaaaaaahhh!... i cant hate terry crews. Da vinci of our times lol.

Miss Hern : “Humility gets you far” ❤️ So true

Nico The Rabbit : How did the painter display his master piece? ------------- Easely

s a k u n i : I thought he had just composited photos together, but he painted that? That's insane.

Amador Designs : oh my gawd I admire this guy.

fernando diaz : this guy is 50 years old wtf he looks 30ish

TheRickRoller1 : Terry Crews please stop being so cool you are making the rest of us look bad.

Henrik Vollstad : 2:51 "Applause" Sign turns on

starr shine : The best part is at the end when the station manager told Terry "Your gonna be big. Your gonna be so big." Always encourage our youth in a positive direction.

Carlos López : This dude never stops amazing me!

Joe Blow : Just when you thought you couldn't like and admire a guy any more than you already do you find stuff like this!

Alan Grey : Terry Crews has an infectious personality. Most people that are as talented as he is are very arrogant, but not Terry. He's so enjoyable to watch. Most actors have a character that fans fall in love with, i.e. Jack Sparrow, but not Terry... It's his unique personality that everyone one loves. He gets paid to be himself. Truly one of a kind.

Matthew Chaisuwan : I love Terry Crews ever since I saw White Chick

Berra Saral : Holy shit did he really do Captain Holt's portrait?

Omni Rage : 2:29 "I used to be a sports star until I took a national monument to the knee."

Fizalex : I didn't think it was possible to love that man anymore.

The Reactive Code : I know many people have said this, but I just want to express how much I love Terry Crews. He has such a captivating power, a good soul that can make your day.

Birungi Winfield : I love how excited he is

Ники Николас : Maan, good for you terry, i can see why he was hiding it, cause he was affraid that it wont look good with his macho persona, but daamn terry, from one artist to another, good for you

Abdi : Terry crews is chill af

petev23 : Classiest guy in Hollywood

lovelyMissInna : There are some truly talented, brilliant people in this world. Incredible! I feel the same way about Ken Jeong - you can truly have it all! I admire the hard work they’ve all clearly put in over the years, all their success is so well deserved. Love you Terry!

Dave mills : You can't help but just like Terry Crews. The man is just impressive

Lee : holy crap i was not expecting his art to be that good. this guy is amazing

Anosh Khan : he also assembled a computer

Ides of March : i like Terry Crews, good guy all around from the looks of it

CheesecakeLasagna : He's probably the only optimistic artist out there.

1vaoracle : Terry should be the most interesting man


Doc Hollowood : Notice how this guy at least in many obvious ways if not overall could be a very good role model for you know who. He said I had to humble myself and scrap - it took me TWO MONTHS to paint one portrait and me and my family lived off that ...

Melchi Zedeq : never thought a big as a mountain guy could do some art....I guess my stereotype has fallen down Cudos!

Argel Chiapaprikabanana : incredible guy! hot ones brought me here. 😊

ভেতো বাঙালি : Wish he was my friend

Colin Cassidy : Terry Crews warms my soul

Bob Saget : I love Terry... I need to buy me a TC shirt to show my love in public

Oh Yeah : Wow who would have thought Terry could really draw I wasn't expecting it too be so good I'M SHOOKED

TheMaverick64 : Thanks youtube recommendation

Silenciobob : Terry crews is the most positive and nicest guy ever

Charith Mettananda : This man does everything

Nicson Flores : Is the painting of Andre Braigher in Brooklyn Nine Nine actually painted by Terry?

StinoLoco : Terry is like an american version of Arnold Schwarzenegger. So multi-talented : )

Jorge Asure : are those first pictures are real painting wow

Dream Work : This guy has some nice personality, cheerful, honest, and humble. Love him!

Jackie Toong : Wow didn't know terry crews have skills like this. Bravo 👏👏