Sine - Jack Stauber (feat. Gabby)

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AJskii : Well *blushes* we like _your_ style, Jack Stauber! *giggles and runs away*

Policeman Planet : Music for a low budget 80's cop film

Policeman Planet : I'm down for album of jams similar to this

Simon Richards : She’s right. I do like your style!

Bonu5 : Found your music yesterday when someone freebooted Hamantha to Facebook and I just had to check you out, then I decided to listen to the whole of Hilo and holy shit, no music has ever affected me in the same way. I've been having bad times for a long while but you somehow lifted me up from that, I even cleaned my apartment, which I haven't done in months. Thank you so much, you are amazing at what you do.

That Darn Foxz! : Remind me of something I’ve never heard before. Maybe that’s why I love it!

choomatt : I wish my girlfriend would stop leaving her hairclips everywhere

sashapple : i frikkin love *his* style. its so different from modern day music, it doesn't go directly to "oh i love you" or "you broke my heart" or any of that stuff we hear everywhere. its like... the "ill leave my hairclip on your windowsill" type of thing. i try to make my songs like that but they will never be as aesthetic as his.

Juuzou : Can I have a peppermint?

Derek De : sorry i just like you as a friend

OnBP : Wow im early! Nice video jack! Keep it up

mia i don’t want a last name youtube : i like ur style jack

Diversity Dan : Its like taking drugs, but legal! Awesome

Semis Peritus : I like your tone too

sul sul er : pretty lewd

Jam _ : *feet*

Izaak Greenhough : I like your video

Jude H. : BANGIN

Devon Bacha : Did you know that if you spell Jack Stauber backwords, you get god?

GlubGlub Hiro : y e s

Steve Healt : Groovy. Her voice sounds familiar, has she been in previous videos?

コルコラクスの音楽 : Jack, I love your songs about family and love, like this song, or two time! The effects are always so stunning! Everything here is so original! I like the vibe in your videos. I feel like I just transported to the 70’s or 80’s! I just wanna say that.. Your channel is the most original out of my subscriptions! Love, from Poland! -大樹

yeetus colletus : I like your style I like you alone. I miss you hahahahgahaga

crabmeat : I LOVE THE SOUND IN THIS ONE!!! amazing job jack

LaZy BoNeS : Most aesthetic style, I love you and your work

Cracker Ass : snazzy


specializationz ! : Notification squad <3

Poshii性 : Awesome as always

Pink : Wow this is c o o l .

Business Shark : Melody Memory seems like an album title and I don't know why....

Diego jackanape : Jack stauber videos are the only features I like

NOSHUA : Great video

Goth Thicc : Jack uploaded YEET


Carloose Romeroo : I love you so much jack! Keep up the good work! ❤

Mia Rivera : Jack can u pleaseeeee make this a 3 minute song pleaseeee. I can relate to this song so much and I just wanna hear a longer version.

Policeman Planet : Thank u Jack for existing You brighten my days up :-)

Alan : Damn it! I missed her too H A R D

Official Regina George : Uhhhhh excuse me I am going to need u to drop a full version and start a petition for it to be on Spotify cause this is such a banger nj! Hands down my favourite of ur jingles it's very 80's synthpop

Analyce Hernandez : Wassup

Analyce Hernandez : I love Jack Stauber so much

cheese flavored idiot : if u don't make 2 other ones called cosine and tangent I'm gonna sue

Jessica Dixon : Where does this man get his creative energy from? I meed like 1/100th of it pls

TITNT : Dude, you’re an intelligent, amazing genius there needs to be more people like you ❤️

wut Animations : Wow cool song


Ya Boi Danny Devito : You’re an inspiration to me, bruh

Brooklyn Baby : I love your songs!

Temmie : I like your style Jack!