John Rafferty performs 'Take Me Home, Country Roads' - The Voice UK 2014: Blind Auditions 6 - BBC

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BritainsSoTalented : He has the voice for country.

GWD GamingWalkDi : Fallout 76 anyone?

Sword4000 YT : MERLINNNN NOOOO Forever be missed!

paranoid 13 : Merlin!!!

Aqiel Amigos : 49% Come from Fallout 49% Come from Merlin Kingsman (:c) 2% Normal :D

TPoseGuy : Fallout main character

Roxax : im here bc of Kingsman 2.

Fran Ksz : In the vault 76 Future begins

Kollege Kid : ARE THEY SMOKING POT They’re not pushing the button

El Gashego : wtf poor guy, the judges so unfair with him

Wil Robles : What more could this man had done to get one to push the button? Pleasant voice, hit all the notes, sung flawlessly.

Prime Thoticus : This man was living in 2080. Damn what a trooper for giving us that fallout 76 leak

Okiamdallas : Stupid asses, I would’ve pressed it as soon as I heard him singing

Fat : The face of Fallout 76

BlueUhee : Fallout 76 anyone?

JARVIS : why does he look like the guy who stole woody from toy story i think its al's barn.

JK : He's *t h i c c* and sings super awesome. Can't get better

SF1NX CZ : They were enjoying it so much they forgot to push the buttons.

[ŸÜRÏ] : 2 kinda of people are here Kingsman ones And Fallout76 ones.


e Pogi : I came here from Fallout 76

MajorD 7922 : Anyone else here because of fallout 76

E-RaticBandit180 : Im only here because of Fallout 76

Dimsy O'malley : Shame to those who only knew this song by Fallout. And shame on me for only knowing this song by Kingsman.

Daniel Mariager : merlin was better

ThomastheGreat11 : He sounds exactly like John Denver WTF

Dyan Dyan : I admit i first heard this song in kingsman

Chris B : Reminds me of a song I'd sing while flying a starship to a new planet for colonization.

ActiveGames : Fallout 76 anyone?

Mister Smiley : The way he said Country ROAD really ruined it for me.

zYintelligence : That was a great performance how did they not click the button

Ammu ittes homo : Fallout 76

kawima : War, war never changes.

Alexic94 : why didnt they push the button, he sang it really really good

Avik Karmakar : Rip Merlin 😭😭😭


Batman : In vault 76 our future begins

AviatorSome : Fallout 76

letseewhathappens101 : wow his voice is amazing surprised none of them pushed their buttons

Beruška Berušková : Kdyby do toho nehulákala ta smečka příznivců, byla by to nádhera.

Hentai Commander : Fatout 76! Gonna create him in game.

infinity. : Fallout 76 anyone?

LightningThief : Hey man you did great

Joseph Smith : I wonder if any of these people know where West Virginia is

Shawn Marino : I would’ve pressed the button.

Maheono Guilloux Chevalier : "Take it Andy!"

Black Knight : Fallout 76

ina stormydaze : I am lovin' 0:40! :D :-) Anthems / Classics or whatever ya want to call it will always be Anthems and Classics. It doesn't matter what Genre you're in or listen to!! :D

Alec B. Lauris : i cant believe nobody pushed the button ..

FirstStarRaven : What a S.P.E.C.I.A.L voice