John Rafferty performs 'Take Me Home, Country Roads' - The Voice UK 2014: Blind Auditions 6 - BBC

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BritainsSoTalented : He has the voice for country.

paranoid 13 : Merlin!!!

Sword4000 YT : MERLINNNN NOOOO Forever be missed!

Roxax : im here bc of Kingsman 2.

Kit : WTF he was excellent

Alec B. Lauris : i cant believe nobody pushed the button ..

Timothy Edegran Gren : If this was in murica, buttons would have been pushed af

letseewhathappens101 : wow his voice is amazing surprised none of them pushed their buttons

Catherine Marie : those idiots didn't push the button

exodus2oo : Its okay guys dudes got his own album now.

kris hauenstein : btw the judges where shit

Rob Halford : they have no idea what country music is in GB....sorry John born in the wrong country

dewaynehart : the UK judges are just to phony for me. They wouldn't know talent if it hit them in the face!

Richard Martin : Guess UK doesn't know good music!!!

carol kimble : WV born and raised

samme79 : WTF he nailed that song why didn't anyone turn? wow..

Matt Bowen : John Denver would be proud

Chris Thornley : at least 2 of the people on the American version would of turned

marco santi santos : He sings very well. Why they didn't turn?

Gandor87 : Really? No one? Really???

Diz Nuts : Morgan freeman press the damn button.

mintgumdropz1 : Ok,I'm gonna sound really rude right now> For a Brit to sing a Southern country anthem, he did REALLY FUCKIN' GREAT !!!!!!! Not a trace of an English accent. love it !!!!!

D_Dirty_ RL : I'm tired of these judges wanting these pop singers

Amanda Laci : WV born and raised right here.

WW Rebellion : MERLIN 😭😭

Luxeden Divine : He was so good why didn't they push?

Mikko Alanen : MURiCA is strong in this one

AdobeExcel : Am I missing something? He's not bad, but I didn't think he was very exceptional for a singing competition.

Vasco Sevaar : wow peter griffin can sing

Brainwave 76 : I can see why they didn't push. It was... nice... But something was missing. I kept listening for that John Denver angelic magic and I didn't hear it. He kind of danced at the borderline of that but never crossed over.

Nicholas Mcdougald : he sound so nice and timing why not 1 press the button wow it surprised me

milan bhattacharyya : wtf..........all judges suck

VapeCity Reviews : Well done john, you were amazing and done belfast proud. Your time will come mate.

Mandy Pandy : Good singer, but his voice just isn't strong enough, I think that is why no one turned around. Also, nothing unique about his voice. If I was him, I wouldn't let this get him down though because he can sing! But, not everyone can be famous. Think about it. He is good, but his voice is not unique. Doesn't mean he should stop singing for himself, friends, family and other places where he can sing for people. He does have the gift of singing, which not everyone can do and sound pleasant to listen too.

After Effects FX : cojonudo,una voz realmente buena, esto es country, me molan estos programas que no miran el fisico, solo la voz, que a fin de cuentas, es lo que importa a la hora de ser cantante y no salir al escenario con el autotune que asi cantamos todos

Lauren Weber : I'm a West Virginia native and resident and this song is like the unofficial state anthem! I often forget how famous this song is, but seeing the Brit and Aussie judges sing along really made me happy, because WV is such a beautiful place, our motto is 'Wild and Wonderful' for a reason. But common ground aside, it is such a masterfully simple and exquisite expression of love and nostalgic longing for home, that it doesn't matter where you're from- this song just hits something inside. I had a teacher who served in Vietnam, and he said that this song was on a jukebox in the canteen, and whenever it played the boys would all go quiet.

charcharnation : I was going through youtube. Im so proud to be a West Virginia native.

schs1977 : As a native of Charleston, WV now living in Perth, Australia --- Take Me Home Country Roads

BanjoDow : The best part of the song is when they cut to people screaming every 20 seconds.

kris hauenstein : he's sexy. idc what anyone says

conor sullivan : Amazing john well done

Samantha Chapman : Thank u guys for supporting my state where I live!

worldtec gamerz : I'm Not From USA I'm From Srilanka. I Love this Song So Much!!!

Steve Howe : if he's gonna sing country he's going to learn how to pronounce some of them words.

CuddleFIsh : I wonder if they knew he was fat, that's why they didn't press it

Alicia Coburg : I wish I could get this song without the people screaming every 30 seconds

Kevin McClintock : I think he did a helluva job.

Nadine : I really can't understand the judges, he was really good! :/

MrPiter63 : This boy sings with his heart & soul. Great...... !!!

x : are the judges mad? he was AWESOME! FUCK THE JUDGES