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ixtl guul : Fire arrows are brilliant against haystacks.  This is why Britain has NEVER been successfully invaded by haystacks

BlackEpyon : A wound from a fire arrow would be conveniently self-cauterizing, don't you think?

Charlie Crome : Molotov arrows?

Dark Enforcer : You could easily make functional fire arrows using sulfur, charcoal and salt petre

Baron Sharpe : ah yes, everyone wants to penetrate Frenchmen ole' chap, in fact it seems like Frenchmen won't really mind either

Wormwood : Lindybeige wants to penetrate Frenchmen

Benjamin Natividad : Damn Europeans always penetrating each other... ;)

Ivan Rasmussen : 5:48 1000 degree arrow challenge Vs. Frenchmen

Arcane Turbulence : We used to make fire arrows out of practice arrows when we were kids...... Wrap the tip in cloth, You simply dip it in oil, light it on fire, wait for it to get hot enough that it wont go out (or relights after it hits target) after you fire it. It's not really that complicated.. You don't really have to worry about the wood of the arrow burning up because it takes too long to weaken the arrow.. SO you light it,wait about 15 seconds for the cloth to get really heated internally, then fire it. We caught the bank on fire in the backyard... Not our best day..

Phil Chia : There's an upcoming Matt Damon movie... you ain't seen fire arrows until you've seen chinese CGI fire arrows.

Zerpderp0 : 4:30 something that goes a long ways and penetrates french people? So you want Benjamin Franklin then? ;P

Dodo Cheese : Instead of being used to kill people, how about being used to burn structures rather than killing men in the field?

George Connett : I want to penetrate frenchmen too ;)

JD Tremblay : Both the Assyrians and the Judeans used fire arrows at the siege of Lachish in 701 BC. More sophisticated devices were developed by the Romans which had iron boxes and tubes which were filled with incendiary substances and attached to arrows or spears. These arrows needed to be shot from loose bows, since swift flight extinguished the flame; spears could be launched by hand or throwing machine. Flaming arrows required the shooter to get quite close to their desired target and most will have extinguished themselves before reaching the target. In response, another form of fire arrow was developed which consisted of curved metal bars connecting a tip and hollow end for the shaft. The resulting cage was be filled with hot coals or other solid object which could be fired from a much stronger bow or ballista without fear of extinguishing and would be used to ignite straw or thatch roofs from a safer distance. Flaming arrows and crossbow bolts were used throughout the period. Fifteenth-century writer Gutierre Diaz de Gamez witnessed a Spanish attack on the Moorish town of Oran in 1404 and later described how "During the most part of the night, the galleys did not cease from firing bolts and quarrells dipped in tar into the town, which is near the sea. The noise and the cries which came from the town were very great by reason of the havoc that was wrought."

Brooks Silber : I predict the candle fire will turn into a genie and give three wishes to you.

Slayerlord0 : "There must be a better way of doing the credits." "Every time they make a Robin Hood movie, they burn our village down!" "Leave us alone, Mel Brooks!"

Lew ZeroJeden : EXPERIMENT 1000 degree glowing ARROW VS Frenchman

Matt Bowen : Fire arrows can be really useful in open battle to start forest fires. That opening battle in Gladiator somewhat demonstrates this principle

Donald Hill : Not to say they where widely used by land armies or would work very well but the candle analogy does not work since they would use something like pitch/tar to light the arrow. The wind would not blow burning tar out. The point of a fire arrow would not be to penetrate armor or even go into a person walking around with no armor. The point is to start fires around the enemy in order to create confusion (psychological warfare) which is the same purpose the Chinese used gun powered propelled arrows/rockets which other wise had little military value. Beyond a single volley at the start of a battle I would not see the point in continuing to use them in a open field. Shoot them in mass to startle your enemy go back to using normal arrows. The other purpose which would not be used in mass would be signals to your own army although that had its own problems and limits. Sailing ships often wanted to destroy the Sails so the ship could be captured which was preferable to sinking it due to cost and time of building. Setting fire to the sails would take a ship out of action but not necessarily destroy the ship because a burning sail stood as much chance of falling into the water as it did on to the ship and the burning rigging falling on to the ship could be pushed into the water. Destroying the sails/rigging was also the reason for chain shot not ripping through sailors on the deck as you could not aim them due to lack of any aerodynamics .

Piratdu52 : Why not a Molotov arrow ? I mean a glass arrowhead with two compartments, one with burn alcohol and inside the other one a burning charcoal. When the arrow break the alcohol burn and it's really difficult to remove.

Manoj Anand : i thought fire arrow are used as tracers at low light

Robin Kyle : how about using fire arrows on thatch roof buldings?

Bernd Schuller : WHAT?? No fire arrows? Next you will tell us the Katana is NOT the bestest sword ever!

Cody Rhodes : Lindy, you missed a fairly likely point of contention for Fire Arrows. Ships. Pitch was used for waterproofing, lubrication, and preservation of Wood. Pitch is so highly flammable simply generally-hot-things coming into contact with large amounts of it would light it up like Diesel creating a hot slow-burning flame that was really hard to extinguish. Fire Arrows could relatively easily be used in Naval Warfare both for land-defenders and ship-ship combat.

Burak Baggins : Total War fans *heavily breathing intensifies*

dandhan87 : Did ballista used fire arrowsy

Dickhead Bear : Not to mention they give away your position. I'd be a lot more afraid of arrows I can't see.

Lord Gronor : I definitely don't get the point of fire arrows against humans (the human body is surprisingly resistant to fire), but in any sort of siege I see them being practical. I also vaguely remember reading up on something where fire arrows (or maybe it was fire ballistae) were shot into castles, villages, etc in sieges. It'd definitely easily light up thatch roofing, which would act as good kindling for spreading the fire even more.

Marxiavelli24 : Fire arrows were used by the Chinese to great effect. They would have fields of oil set up and a volley of fire arrows would burn up the entire field. There is no question that flaming arrows were not effective in most situations but if you have a field of flammable oil. you could kill a lot of enemies if they are densely packed. Wounds from flaming arrows were not that bad though because the bleeding would be reduced and infection would not occur as all bacteria would die. But if you can get a sea of flames a densely packed formation of soldiers would not be able to escape in time.

Leo Cha : There are plenty of historical records of functional flaming arrows or fire arrows or even gunpowder arrows being used for various purposes in ancient/medieval asia. I know it looks ridiculous in some movies but it definitely is possible and practical depending on situation. *Do some research before you jump into conclusions in your head.*

B A : So, the flaming arrow shot to light the Olympic torch in 1992 at Barcelona Never Happened!? WTF?

Oliver P : Behind the arrow-head wrap up some gunpowder with two or three layers of soft paper, and bind it to the arrow shaft in a lump shaped like a pomegranate. Cover it with a piece of hemp doth tightly tied, and sealed fast with molten pine resin. Light the fuse and then shoot it off from a bow. — Wujing Zongyao

William short Film : HEY ! What do you have against french men ?

Laura Minnick : So Lindybeige, what are your thoughts on Greek Fire?

mowhawkarrows : Why not simply dip the arrow in oil?

AmronFortis : Frenchmen also enjoy penatrating Frenchmen.

Subodh Adarkar : good analysis. But solu no. 4 which was used in ancient times was a conical coverring of wood with broad end towards archer filled with pitch soaked in urine and dried, with a short slow match smoldering and no tip and small sharp thorns hooks on the side. The arrow will land and get attached. The fire lights up later.

Keisuke Takatou : They needed pommel arrows. To end them rightly of course

KonvictEpic : You dont need anything to penetrate the french, they do that to themselfs plenty.

Xerota : So viking funerals aren't real?

Kha'ak : Its all fine and good with the video, put at 5:13 it got a bit bizzare. Experiment: put you're hand on a hot Stove and see how you react. If someone were to get hit by a, lets say even mildly hot arrow that maybe burnt like a candle (so lets take the smalles thing possible) he still wouldnt jsut go "Oh yeah thats, Oww, Huh pull it out yeah sure" no instead the mind of a soldier that sees friends dying and all of the sudden appears to be feeling quite a bit of pain from fire he would go "Ahhh shit damnit get it off get it off, goddamnit" and would stop and just try to get it out in quite a bit of hysteria. Same stuff annoys me in other videos aswell (looking at you cavelry). What you fail to take into consideration is the 2nd most imortant ressource in a battle: Moral. If you see Cavalry Chargin you or even 1 out of 200 guys catch fire, you're not just standing there "Oh well thats a bit rough now".

The Big Game Theory : They did, do your research a bit better. They used fire arrows in the medival times, but it wasnt for shooting at soldiers but for igniting buildings.

Rollin' Dutchy : Hey Lindy, could you do a video on battering rams/ways to penetrate defenses?

RallySelf : They did, do some research. Boats made of wood and held together with pitch went up like match sticks and so did thatched roofs. Fire has always and will always be a useful tool. If you're gonna be begging people for money on patreon at least google what it is you're talking about it. You had a replica fire arrow in your hand... In your hand! People used them and they used them before France was even a place on a map.

The average Trooper : I thought that they used oils that are flammable.

kikoredog : Penetrate the Frenchmen.

Ranga Rolls : 8:34 happens in all too many bedrooms

Denis Dangelo : Lyndybeige make a video about naval warfare in medieval era.

Isaac Exposito : I want to penetrate Frenchmen.

Mitszick : Well you could take morale deterioration into consideration. Depending on what foe you are facing, fire can be pretty intimidating. If a volley of fire arrows were to hit the ground anywhere close (or even a person), it might not hurt someone but it might shock or scare them for a moment. Also, the possibility of it scaring the horses could be a thing. I think that fire arrows are more of an attack on the morale of troops or on horses (Horseman or horses that carry any kind equipment).