Ronnie O'Sullivan 15th 147 Maximum Break

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Diego SG : Anti-clickbait

Snooker Planet : 147?

shelby johnson : Thanks for not spoiling it.....loved the title. You must be a true lover of the game, allowing us to experience the drama of wanting a 147 but thinking he must miss at some point. Thanks.

Douglas Turner : Not putting it in the title = very nice surprise. Thank you

Paddy Slattery : Credit to the uploader for the no-spoiler title. Made the viewing experience much more dramatic.

Bill Large : The 14 dislikes are just Ali Carter on separate accounts.

Amine Berrada : By the title, I was like at the end, how can he miss that last black ? 😂

scowell : Thanks for not spoiling it... you could probably have harvested more clicks if you had. Love this channel!

Ibrahim Karademir : Ali Carter absolutely gutted by it 😂

Kuba Hassa : Look at Luca Brecel smiling in the background

Jai Mitchell : Brilliant, and to top it off Ali Carter was on the table over from Ronnie. Every other player got up to watch, but Carter just sat there... Not jealous much Ali, haha

Ellis Leonard : After 10+ years of watching snooker, my wait to see a live maximum is over! It just had to be him!

Nick Broad : hhaahhahaha "century break". Nice misleading title :)

Greg : The GOAT of video titles.

paul Bull : Wow what a great title I thought he might miss the blue lmao 😂 subscribed coz of the no clickbait

FaZe Ansäälmius : Snooker Planet, i have to thank you for that title, it was incredible to watch :D

Bernardo Oscar : Ali is so annoyed by it... The look on his face.. Haha

Rahil Ranka : That title had my heart skip a beat on all the last pots♥️

mate Nd : i actually thought hes gonna miss beacuse of the title man.thank you.that was exciting

Shahzeb Kamal : Look at that twat in the background @5:42 .. his life just went a bit more miserable.

Owen Beattie : Where was Neil Robertson ?? he's normally on the other table when O'Sullivan makes a Maxi!

PUNEET PATEL : Ali Carter sitting at the back and boiling 😂

AdviceWithAdrian : Ronnie on his performance, “my bad was better than his bad”. 😂😂😂

3RT : Carter's Face lol

Airton Arantes : I enjoyed the title, It has made me cheer to ronnie :)

Paul Sykes : Without any shadow of doubt, the greatest snooker player to. Ever pick up a cue

Ibrahim Sherif : I like how you didn't write a 147 title so it is surprising and tremendous to watch as if it was live

jon623197 : Ali Carter, face like a slapped arse.

Keith Hubbard : Thanks so much for the full frame on that one. You scared me with that nonchalant title, didn't think he got the maximum at first.

The Conman73 : What a nice surprise!

bhaskar : Mr Carter : "oh! Not again"

Sepehr Jalali moghaddam : And Ali Carter back there? Have you learned some snooker bro? When the King plays, you stand up in respect and watch Because next time you'll kneel in front of him.

Alan S : I guess the urine smell isn't too strong! #hellhole

Bhargav Tilak : Ali Carter leaking jealousy @ 7:40

Vinni-K : 7:28 Ali Carter, being salty asf in the corner. Ali Carter hates that snooker is constantly the Ronnie O'Sullivan show, to bad you can't produce a 147 for the lime light to shine on you for once.

Benny毅 : C'mon Ali, u must be jealous

ruedigerheinz : Thank you so much for that title!

Frank Witsey : Ali Carter is such a hater

S11001 1001 : Jeez, what is Ali Carter's problem.

efryo - MusicOfPlus : What. A. LEGEND.

Plane For All To See : Ali twaty Carter is thinking, I wish I could be at least half as good as Ronnie!!

Shlesles : These commentaters sure did everything they can to jinx him.

Ese Holmes : 7:35 Carter salty as. Stand up and applaud like the rest of the world tosser.

Kong-Chee Man - Gmail : That long red in the corner and landed nicely on the black to keep the break going?! 👏 #legend 22 dislikes from Ali Carter's family? 🤔

Ali khan : That MF Carter was not even applauding in the background, he must b gutted by this stupendous 147, Loved every bit of it, what can u say abt this man

Joe Milbourne : So Ali Carter is sitting up the back like a petulant child during the whole time of this magnificent break .... What a small minded pratt he is !! Great match Mr O'Sullivan !!! :-)

Faheem Tariq : I can smell the burning ass of ali carter :D Ronnie you beauty <3 he is in his 40's and still playing like there would be no end. (y)

Jeff Watts : Ali Carter wasn’t impressed... didn’t even stand up, decided to pick his nose instead.

arthurdaley : ali carter on the next table getting ready to shoulder barge ronnie,ha ha

alexandre vieira : 2:25 Carter looking how he gonna be defeated by Ronnie in a possible match