This Average Climber Trained on a Hangboard for 30 Straight Days

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Have you ever wondered how to train on a hangboard? Have you ever wondered how much better you will be at climbing if you train on a hangboard? Make sure to watch the video to find out. Prior to filming this video, I had zero experience in training on the hangboard. This video documents how I figured out the training and the amazing progress I made in just 30 days of training. BUY Royal Edge Hangboard Use promo code GEEKCLIMBER to get 20% off. It’s only good for 30 days from the day this video is released. Act fast before it’s too late! I am not sponsored and this promo code is exclusively for YOU. Royal Edge ship internationally. Even if you are not in the states, they will still ship it to you! How to install the Royal Edge onto the pull bar with zero damage to your wall Checkout Royal Edge Follow Peter to see him sending hard climbs! Having a healthy and active lifestyle is easily achievable. If a geek like me can do it, then you should be able to do it, too. SUBSCRIBE for more: Connect with me online (Longer videos!) (Awesome pictures!) (Interact with me!) Special thanks to Teresa for being the camera woman. Check her out at Music credit goes to FreeDrumTracks and "Royalty Free Music:" There are a few seconds from each of the video below for this video The North Face: Mountain Athletics - Hangboard 10X10s Workout Chris Sharma "Mallorcan Dreams" Indoor Rock Climbing Training Video with Paul Robinson (4K) Check them out! Additionally, all materials used are under the “Fair use guidelines”

Comments from Youtube

nschive : Climbing gear: $ 110 Hangboard: $ 41 Doorway pull up bar: $ 35 Baby blue slippers to protect doorway moldings: Priceless

Andrew Novitsky : you`ve got infinately stronger. im calling the police

The Travel Vlogger : Those slippers protecting the door frame are priceless! great video!

Alex : Why was this in my recommended? And why did I stay to watch the whole thing?

Xokks : "Average Climber" "Hi I've been climbing for 10 years" 🤔

Tommy Nakajima : Infinite improvement, I like this guy

: Infinte% improvement Success level: asian.

Jon Sariah : Haha, the instructor.. "nothing worse than stiff fingers". Had a mental image of him on a rock face, slips and while falling to his death shouts "could be worse! Could have stiff fingeeeeeerrrrrrrrrrssssssssssss"

Will Morrison : "Infinite percent of improvement" You just earned a sub

Emil Beck : I thought that this was a BuzzFeed video xD

Lil' Miss Dropbear : As a lesbian I'm mad at myself for not doing this sooner...

ʎpɐǝɹ sᴉ ʎpoq ʎɯ, ǝuᴉl ʎɯ sɐʍ ʇɐɥʇ 'ʎǝɥ : *which is technically a INFINITE percent of improvement*

zZoKo : "average climber" "climbed for 10 years" then i guess im not even climbing if that how it is huh

alZiiHardstylez : I know nothing about climbing or hangboards but I know our boi knows what's what with those slippers protecting the door frame. 10/10

Alice Cullotto : Go work masonry you'll have vice grip hands.

ZeroSumJ1 : Infinite percent improvement = Asian parents only slightly disappointed.

qin soto : Oh. I thought he was going to be hanging on the board for 30 days non-stop

Roman : Looool infinite improvement!

Davy Ker : Been wanting to get a hang board but dunno where I'd put it...What's the full setup you're using on the door frame there? (Incl. slipped of course)

Bill Buliziuk : I like the slipper placement to save the door frame from being scuffed lol!

Brett Lusk : Popped up from watching Juji and Magnus videos recently. You're too genuine and kind to not subscribe my dude, good work.

Deric Chan : I don't climb a lot but I appreciate you identifying an area of weakness and directly tackling it! Awesome job

1kparmar : Legend has it this man hung for one month eventually. They had to scrap him off the board :-)

jahrel rice : YouTube is always finding new things for me late at night. Dope video though

DOOM Villain : No shortcuts anywhere in life, everything takes hard work to get better at it. Good job man keep it up.

Cory Hanes : Hey man nice video! Which app were you using while hangboarding?

Riko Chirito : LOL INFINITE % for the win! Would have been nice to see you do the V6 after this.

Username369 : The Ikea slippers as protections for the bar..... LMAO genius!!!!!

Christopher Ribar : Love your videos. This totally inspires me to mount a hangboard in my room! Are you still hangboarding all the time now?

Seth Gilbertson : Infinity percent? Awesome!

ClusterHunt : quality content for a small channel fuken nice m8 :D

japascho : I just can't stop thinking about all those people who went to the gym one time and now decided that they need such an Bord 😂. Grate video anyways 👌

Peter Gašperan : Makes me wish I had the time and friends to be able to rock climb.

Rex Lundström : I was really hoping you'd say "infinite improvement" haha my guy came through with real math

Arnav Rawat : Technically it's a infinite % improvement. GG.

Chris Hall : What you really should do is just climb more 😅 ive been climbing for 6 months ish but have been doing so 5 days a week (at least 3 hours per session) and I'm now climbing the occasional V6.

Pavlin Dimitrov : I think your lack of familiarity with finger boards played a role in your first test run. You should do a second month and see much more realistic progress. Great work! Great video, keep it up!

Kryptonite : peter gave great advice - applicable for ANY goal

Meredith Vandal : i laughed so hard on the infinite percent of improvement

Cin : this guy improved infinitely in 30 days. amazing :D

Steve Joo : How are your times now?

Jason Smith : you remind me of jian yang from silicon valley

Jack : I love you man this video is super informative.

Sam Johnson : I'm not even on the UCSD team but I know like half the people shown in the video

karina : Anyone else getting chuck schuldiner from that other guy? Just me? Ok...

Zachary Chang : Hey, I'm going to UCSD this fall! Haha after watching this video, I wanna meet Peter and the climbing team

Z Khairil : I've been looking for you, Joe Wong. Where have you been?

Delaney Lam : those slippers though.

Jackie w. : Hey how did you rig the hang board to the pull up bar? I really want to train but I can’t drill things into the wall!