This Average Climber Trained on a Hangboard for 30 Straight Days

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Paul Robinson : Loved your video! Let’s collaborate and make you a training/climbing plan when I am back in the states! Would be a great video for people of all abilities!

Seth Gilbertson : Infinity percent? Awesome!

Carnet Vertical : Hi fellow climber, you should take into account that in any type of training, bigger gains came with rest. You're weekly routine would be much more efficient with max 3 sessions and 4 days resting or climbing at a moderate level. That's how our body works : you input a stimulus (training) and then rest to let it recover and adapt to the new stimulus. If you never rest, your progress on the hangboard and climbing will plateau very quickly. Cheers!

Hang With Me : Very interesting. I would agree with other comments that more rest would be ideal :P

Delaney Lam : those slippers though.

Fraser Gust Boulders : cool video, might try a version of this myself!

Meredith Vandal : i laughed so hard on the infinite percent of improvement

Cjib Snow : Great video. Love the slipper protection. Rad !

Wim M : Awesome video, I’m going to follow your advice. Thanks

NoobStrength : Well thats dedication

MasthaX : I think you're not pushing hard enough or staying too much in your (climbing) comfort zone, or don't climb often enough. I'm climbing for little over a year now about 2-4 times a week and I'm doing 7A+/7B (V7/V8) in the gym currently. I only do the fingerboards for a bit of warming up mostly. Climbing crimpy boulders is also a good way to increase the finger strength, especially when it's not just straight down, but also sidepulls or lockoffs. Nice to see a longer time climber improve fast by just changing one thing, good job!

Eddie Zaneski : Great video! How did you attach the hangboard to the pull-up bar? Been wanting to do something similar.

Trevor Nagler : So have you climbed v6 yet?

seth white : Love the content you put out. Keep it up!

Robbie Backpacking : Great job man, hard work pays off!

eraserhead : Nice video. Btw Peter is cute

Zachary Steiner : Just FYI deep water soloing is not just for elites. You just have to find the right cliff and right difficulty. Just because you only see Chris Sharma doing it doesn’t mean the all deep water soloing is 5.14

Amateur Series : Try using some chalk dude! Keep up the hard work; awesome progress!!

Hugo Rauhamaa : Is there are reason you don't use chalk when fingerboarding? Helps alot.

Andrea Sodano : I'm afraid fingerboard training may require much longer to actually feel any result, still, it's an essential part of any serious climber's training schedule. Just keep in mind that there is barely no muscle in fingers to power up and tendons take at the least two years to thicken, though if you have been climbing for a long time it might be only about training a bit differently. Good luck!

Seth Gilbertson : This video from Dave McLeod helped me figure out hangboard training as well. Nice work! Keep crushing!

Icr0wsz : what is v5 in fb?

Jamie Estep : How did you attach the board to the door frame? It looks like a pullup bar but I haven't seen one quite like that. Is that a blank slate, or something else? Thx

Matej Prijatelj : What about rest days?

Ichbinein Lauch : Amazing!

jigglymabob : been subbed to you for a while now - this vid got plenty of views! maybe you should do more stuff like this. challenges etc.

Clem Johnson : Thankz


Maxisokol S : Dude, awesome thanks for the video! :)

Rebecca Harry : A good idea is also to attempt pull ups on a door frame! It’s definitely helping. :) And well done on your progress great results!

Captain Sugoi Des : yoo jae suk?

Sytchie : Nice! I recently noticed that I should start hangboarding too. Good thing this video came out, now I know what to do as a workout.

HighCurrent11 : Geek Climber....Great video!

HansumRob100 : Enjoyed the vid

magoyama : Great video, thank you!

Kyle AND : Thanks for the video. I've been stuck on a plateau (a very low plateau) for a while now. Maybe this will help me!!!

MarkEz DEZ : Infinite percent improvement?? Already stronger then Goku

Kelsey Allrich : One of my fav channels. Thank you.

Jon Moore : Awesome video! One piece of constructive advice.. Invest in a new mic, like an H2n, it'll drastically improve the quality of your audio, which sounds like it's distorting due to volume

Charlie Odom : Very well put together.

William Harper : You can see the muscle development on your forearm over a month, that is pretty cool.

Hundemaik : such a nice guy :)

Gijs de Wolf : That poor dude at 2:30 was just trying to talk man :(

Andrew P. Menotti : Love this! Take some rest days like everyone else said though.

veizour : Good lesson! Thanks and congrats on your hang time.

Jonathan Prestrud : Instant subscribe.

ant b : What is the name of the app you use for timing the hang??

John Parker : Bro! I know you!

Uncle Pockets : I love your videos so much, Geek Climber. Can't wait to see how your channel improves over time!

xernobyl : Sorry to go offtopic but I would really like to see how you've put the finger board there on that bar thing. I have one of those and never got a finger board because I don't want to drill the house.