This Average Climber Trained on a Hangboard for 30 Straight Days

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Paul Robinson : Loved your video! Let’s collaborate and make you a training/climbing plan when I am back in the states! Would be a great video for people of all abilities!

T C : my girlfriend sent me this video. i think shes trying to tell me something

Andrew Novitsky : you`ve got infinately stronger. im calling the police

Xokks : "Average Climber" "Hi I've been climbing for 10 years" 🤔

The Travel Vlogger : Those slippers protecting the door frame are priceless! great video!

Kevin McCallister : Infinite improvement, I like this guy

Seth Gilbertson : Infinity percent? Awesome!

Meredith Vandal : i laughed so hard on the infinite percent of improvement

MarkEz DEZ : Infinite percent improvement?? Already stronger then Goku

Carnet Vertical : Hi fellow climber, you should take into account that in any type of training, bigger gains came with rest. You're weekly routine would be much more efficient with max 3 sessions and 4 days resting or climbing at a moderate level. That's how our body works : you input a stimulus (training) and then rest to let it recover and adapt to the new stimulus. If you never rest, your progress on the hangboard and climbing will plateau very quickly. Cheers!

Delaney Lam : those slippers though.

Gijs de Wolf : That poor dude at 2:30 was just trying to talk man :(

Emil Beck : I thought that this was a BuzzFeed video xD

Hang With Me : Very interesting. I would agree with other comments that more rest would be ideal :P

Wim M : Awesome video, I’m going to follow your advice. Thanks

Fraser Gust Boulders : cool video, might try a version of this myself!

Air Pex! : I just ordered a hangboard, will see how it goes.

Will Morrison : "Infinite percent of improvement" You just earned a sub

Johnathon Bounchanavong : *which is technically a INFINITE percent of improvement*

Amateur Series : Try using some chalk dude! Keep up the hard work; awesome progress!!

seth white : Love the content you put out. Keep it up!

Chad : Great video. Love the slipper protection. Rad !

Dr Deadbeat : Those slippers! So that pullup bar and hangboard required no screws in the doorframe?

Hugo Rauhamaa : Is there are reason you don't use chalk when fingerboarding? Helps alot.

William Harper : You can see the muscle development on your forearm over a month, that is pretty cool.

Roman : Looool infinite improvement!

Amir Zaki : he looks like ricegum (im not hating or anything don't be triggered)

Alice Cullotto : Go work masonry you'll have vice grip hands.

Josh Jones Bouldering : hey guys! i am currently in mid process of doing the same sort of video as this one! so if u want to see if this fully works come over and sub

Kryptonite : peter gave great advice - applicable for ANY goal

Rob Vel : This is so adorable

Edshot mashin : quality content for a small channel fuken nice m8 :D

Hatsu Pelit : Damn, infinite procent stronger... I must try this at home.

Alex : Why was this in my recommended? And why did I stay to watch the whole thing?

BeastXD : I thought this was a buzzfeed video before clicking on it lol

rtswift : hahaha, love the house slippers door frame protectors

Robbie Backpacking : Great job man, hard work pays off!

Fortnite Modz : I always watch all the ad so u get paid

Chris Sullivan : Awesome video. you showed up in my 'suggested' and ....i'm really glad, that was a great video..nothing i've done in 10 yrs, but still really awesome. Subbed for more

Devian Leow : Everytime u let go from the bar "OH"

ajcam79 : What app do you use for timing rest and hangs? Thanks great vid

エドワードエルリック : Damn! dude, you have some really bad Myopia.

Maulin Shah : Hey, loved the video. You mentioned you dreamed of deep water soloing but you can't do it yet because "it's exclusive for climbers at the next level." Just wanted to say that's not necessarily true. If you are ever near vietnam, you should visit cat ba island and do a DWS trip out there. You are definitely a better climber than I am, and I just got back from a multiday DWS trip out there. Was I the best? no. Did I crush every route? no. Was I able to safely climb, complete plenty of routes, and have the time of my life? yes. Definitely a dream within your reach!

Shelton Mcmillan : I am 10 and I can climb a v6

Sleeve Of Wizard : Infinite? How does one achieve this type of maths? Lolz!😃

TReXcuRRy : Cant remember the last time I found a new channel and subscribed instantly after watching the first video. You are awesome thank you.

RK Slither : who read this as this avenger???? lol i need to read better

Memories Per Gallon : Day 25 your arms started looking stronger and define

BigDaddy Frech : How much are they? I don't climb but I think it would improve my strength during sports.

Justin Sarvela : Great video man! For me, I was able get to Bouldering up to V7 within about a year and a half of climbing. I’ve basically been at a plateau since then (about 6 years). I’ve never really had the patience in a day to take the time to train at all. I’ve recently started dedicating a little more time to systems walls and hangboards. After a few days of rest I come back feeling light as ever. This video is proof that even us average climbers can still reach that next level with some hard work and dedication. Keep it up!