This Average Climber Trained on a Hangboard for 30 Straight Days

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Paul Robinson : Loved your video! Let’s collaborate and make you a training/climbing plan when I am back in the states! Would be a great video for people of all abilities!

Andrew Novitsky : you`ve got infinately stronger. im calling the police

The Travel Vlogger : Those slippers protecting the door frame are priceless! great video!

T C : my girlfriend sent me this video. i think shes trying to tell me something

nschive : Climbing gear: $ 110 Hangboard: $ 41 Doorway pull up bar: $ 35 Baby blue slippers to protect doorway moldings: Priceless

Xokks : "Average Climber" "Hi I've been climbing for 10 years" 🤔

Kevin McCallister : Infinite improvement, I like this guy

Alex : Why was this in my recommended? And why did I stay to watch the whole thing?

MarkEz DEZ : Infinite percent improvement?? Already stronger then Goku

Jon Sariah : Haha, the instructor.. "nothing worse than stiff fingers". Had a mental image of him on a rock face, slips and while falling to his death shouts "could be worse! Could have stiff fingeeeeeerrrrrrrrrrssssssssssss"

Gijs de Wolf : That poor dude at 2:30 was just trying to talk man :(

Emil Beck : I thought that this was a BuzzFeed video xD

Wim M : Awesome video, I’m going to follow your advice. Thanks

Will Morrison : "Infinite percent of improvement" You just earned a sub

William Harper : You can see the muscle development on your forearm over a month, that is pretty cool.

Terry Scott : I just use the door frame. I can do 20 pull ups on the door frame which is only 3/4 of an inch.

Robbie Backpacking : Great job man, hard work pays off!

Josh Jones Bouldering : hey guys! i am currently in mid process of doing the same sort of video as this one! so if u want to see if this fully works come over and sub

Alice Cullotto : Go work masonry you'll have vice grip hands.

ajcam79 : What app do you use for timing rest and hangs? Thanks great vid

Luis Carlos Tabian : *INFINITE POWER*

Bill Buliziuk : I like the slipper placement to save the door frame from being scuffed lol!

rtswift : hahaha, love the house slippers door frame protectors


Rick Eman kcaf : This dude is dedicated

Commando Master : Good job boi.!

MK-Production : I love that accent

Marc G : i pulled a pulley on a fingerboard, cause i was a beginner trying to hang on 3 fingers ... maybe i was doing pulluips i forgot

simpleflipR6 : It’s not just your hand... no muscle(s) works alone... ever. Your core is engaged and your shoulders needs engagement and your mid trapezius

liam pogi : Why is the title in German?

Kryptonite : peter gave great advice - applicable for ANY goal

Fischer Dykstra : Lol why’s there slippers

Meredith Vandal : i laughed so hard on the infinite percent of improvement

Edshot mashin : quality content for a small channel fuken nice m8 :D

Jeremiah Frech : How much are they? I don't climb but I think it would improve my strength during sports.

4.20 : what is v5 in fb?

TReXcuRRy : Cant remember the last time I found a new channel and subscribed instantly after watching the first video. You are awesome thank you.

Seth Gilbertson : Infinity percent? Awesome!

darknight : 5:12 lol its not infinite xD At day 1 you didnt hang for absolute 0 seconds tho... you hanged for about half a second so its something near 800% improvement. Nice experiment! You are very strong and it was satisfying to watch!

Johnathon Bounchanavong : *which is technically a INFINITE percent of improvement*

Aurélien Carnoy : i don't understand the training. what is the routine? thank you

Garrett Leong : I mean hanging at the side of a staircase/stairwell or narrow ledge using more finger holds can also be equally beneficial right? And me personally Im not a fewquent Climber but for Grip and Hand Strenghtening I know the putting a towel around a bar and gripping your fingers and doing chin and pull ups while pulling the towel is very good technique and can be modified into many different variations.

99 Pac : You shouldn't be doing any movements till fail daily. Your muscle fibres need adequate nitrogen and rest time in order to strengthen and grow. Give yourself 48 hours of rest between your hanging workouts and ensure you're getting a good amount of protein in your diet👍🏽

stella Yi : keep up the good work!!

Chris Sullivan : Awesome video. you showed up in my 'suggested' and ....i'm really glad, that was a great video..nothing i've done in 10 yrs, but still really awesome. Subbed for more

Keyboard Bandit : Infinity percent!!! Congrats lol!!

Delaney Lam : those slippers though.

Dan Black : Ur commentary is jokes, keep it up

iqbaltrojan : "∞%" why wow really!

Tommaso Racano : I thought you hanged for 30 days