How Europe lost its tech companies

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TechAltar : Here is the poll I promised:

Kp _rider : Irony is that Europe have unlimited Internet connection to end users, no data caps.

D.S.C. 123 : Why in the hell would Europe give up privacy, quality of life etc for mercurial tech that reinforces low wages and demands a mega supply chain? China has no standards and America is frenetic and willing to sell its standards for short term domination. Leave it to them and reap the rewards on your own terms. Duh.

likira111 : The portrayal of Europeans as technophobes is stereotypical and inaccurate, we just want privacy.

Thytos : Also, Americans seem to have a more consumerist culture. I'm working at a tech start-up in Berlin and yet our focus is the US market as we're making most of our money there

Gabriel Dos Santos : So, basically europe is losing the competition because they have laws that protect users and employees from abuse. What a time to live!

christianbro2 : If the regulation is to protect the customer against using its data with no consent, or to give some stability to the workers then I'm in favour of them.

Jakub Ušelík : It is good to point out, that it is true, that European countries lags behind in tech companies. On the other hand, +- quarter of all scientific research done globally is done in Europe. So low number of tech companies is balanced by quite high number of research institutions per capita.

Matija Tomic : Umm... Linux? Anyone?

Gary Morris : ARM? An English founded and based company, their tech and architecture powers basically every damn smartphone out there including the Iphones and Galaxys along with thousands of other products from drones to cars. Even Intel tried to take them on in the mobile market and failed horribly.

Kamil Lenica : One more thing Siemens, Ericsson, Nokia NSN, Alcatel etc. Are doing well, but its is not in consumer electronics, but backbone for mobile operator, medical equipment, aviation, military, PLC systems etc. Europe shifted its business orientation towards building solutions and services for companies instead of end users

Zaefield : you have forgotten SAP (Germany), the fourth largest software producer in the world

ktm640lc4BGD : If Bosch and Siemens would stop working everything would suffer around the globe. They have integrated waaay deeper into production than you know. Europe is producing software, hardware and materials needed to produce end-user product. For example in Switzerland a chemical is produced, which is used as one of the components in creating Coca Cola base syrup. It is shipped round the globe (i work in shipping). Things people do not ever think about in their life. Things that are one step "deeper". We do not have time to create end-user products so we let cheap labor do that. And we provide them with materials, machines and software. So do not worry about us. We are "back end" and others are "front end" developers. Also taxes and labor laws are strict but saying those are the reason for not having tech companies is stupid. Same laws and taxes are applied to absolutely all industries. So why do those exist? I do not know the real reason, but neither do you.

João Veludo : Plenty of tech in Europe. This video is bull crap. You're confusing tech with commodities/consumer electronics.

Montz : I love how everyone doesn't seem know the difference between consumer tech and industry tech. No, the EU is not doomed, still making long lasting tech for enterprises all over the world... You get your phone from china, sure, but the machine that helped build that phone didn't come from china.

imicca : There is no need to. Why build factory in Europe when you can smartly invest in 3rd world country constructions and production. There are little skills needed for production and European labour market is not used to work in conditions as we see in China. There is BIG mismatch of supply and demand. Europe is all about consumer, sales and retail,... main monetary power comes from finance, construction comes from housing, and tech comes from abroad. Europe can simply import stuff that is made elsewhere that damages environment. In terms of attitude - I understand why Europe thinks like that. They have seen 2 world wars with technology and ideology in mind. People are afraid of tech falling in wrong hands and government taking control. Culture and Tourism makes so much money in Europe. Tech companies will prevail in environment where all of this is bad 10:50 because there is less "problems" to be solved by tech in Europe.

Duftstab Kerze : Never heard of SAP, MP3, Airbus? All of it is German, Airbus mostly German-French. And what washing machine and dishwasher do you have? What car? What electronics inside the car? What machines are building the cars? WHat machines are building the machines that build the cars? Your are only looking on the small sector of consumer electronics, there is so much more than this.

Gamer Haven : WARNING: thousands of triggered europeans in the comments section

edifier74 : By narrowing down tech by consumer products only is a disservice to the tech industry. Because a lot of tech companies cater to business & enterprise solution. Nokia & Ericsson are still major players in the telecommunication world they just don't sell consumer products anymore because the profit margins in enterprise solution is much higher.

FullFledged2010 : Nxp here in the netherlands still going strong💪

Fortzon : If getting an European tech giant means wrecking our labor laws then I'm happy that we don't have giants.

Redtide : how many Europeans you know are willing to work on weekends and 12-14 hrs a day? not forgetting those strikes and summer holidays where some companies literally shuts down and disappeared from the earth for a month.

DOTCurrency : Europe is a tax and regulatory hellhole... Democrats dream come true.

Kein_ indianer : Somewhat of your arguments maybe right. In Europe there is a lack of high tech companies but your generalizations are absolutely wrong. What about SAP, Siemens or the chips of Infineon? You are to much concentrated on daily brands. I surmise you need a little bit mor knowledge about what you're talking about. The issue of not be able to fire employees is a hoax telling by the industry lobbies since ever. It would be right for heavy industry where you don't need too many high educated employees in the production but high tech industry you are talking about needs high paid employees. If you want to talk about Europe you have to distinguish between the countries. Germany's Industry is thriving better than ever because of the changes of Agenda 2010 of Kanzler Schröder and not Merkel. On the other hand the same changes destroyed the social structure of Germany. Nowadays, racist partys gets more than 17% in elections. This didn't launched 2015! It commenced in the beginning of the 90th of the last century. You see the same right radicalism also in a lot of other European countries. Which international expert wants to come to Europe? Never before it had been so difficult to get a work visa for Europe. Everybody is closing the doors since the last 15 years! USA started with similar politics since Trump. The results will be seen in 10 or more years. It takes time till such political changes affect the economy sightly. High Tech needs flexible visa rules and Europe doesn't have them anymore! After USA has got such unfriendly foreigner rules and laws only one country could be the winner: China! The most people didn't think about China because of the extrem difference of culture and language. However, western countries are destroying their advantages by themselves.

John Rokam : 1 word: socialism (or EU)

MoVo1999 : I only partially agree with you. There are indeed almost no big consumer level tech companies left in europe. And the explanation you gave seems fine. But I don't see the term "tech" limited to smartphone, computer etc.. Hardware is mainly built in china while most of our daily driver software is from the U.S. .But all of these consumer products wouldn't be anything without some european companies. I'm from Germany, as you probably know, the car industry is pretty strong here. There are dozenz of suppliers for big car manufacturers (BMW, Audi, Ford) developing technolgies to make cars work and improve their overall quality. BOSCH for example isn't only one of the biggest sensor suppliers for cars, they also build the majority of the sensors used in our smartphones. I guess you know how a smartphone without sensors would look like. Another example is Siemens. You said there are no "universal" tech companies. Siemens are building like everything reaching from medical technologies to transportation systems and power plants. And these arent small companies. Siemens for example empoys over 350k people and makes over 83. billion EUR in sales. So I think saying there are no tech companies left in europe is a matter of perspective. If you define "tech" as a term limited to smartphones and computer technolgy your pretty much right, but I personally think there is much more things to technology than just smartphones

szlatyka : American end-user products are built by Chinese manufacturers on machines moved and controlled by European devices (industrial robots, measurement systems, PLCs). So, who is the biggest tech giant? American companies would go bankrupt if not for cheap foreign manufacturers. Chinese companies couldn't do shit without a massive inflow of western IP for decades. European companies wouldn't survive without American and Chinese end-user products. Welcome to the global market. This video makes no sense.

Alexei Averchenko : So modern Europe is like 18th century China: thinking itself culturally superior while falling behind


rodylermglez : Watch the USA destroy their digital culture now that net neutrality is dead. Europe, you are gonna do fine.

oditeomnes : Because Europe is too busy with heavy industry tech instead of consumer tech. Industrial and engineering(Siemens, Bosh, ABB, Schneider Electric) Automotive (Daimler, VAG, Exor), Chemical (BASF), Aerospace (Airbus), Defence (BAE). Information/consumer technology is not the only technology.

dykodesigns2yt : I think you've overlooked tech manufacturing: ASML. They are the market leader in chip waver manufaqturing machines and are a european company. All the chip giants use their machines and they haven't got much competitors. Also the Eindhoven/Veldhoven area in the netherlands where Philips originated and where ASML is located can be considered a kind of tech valley.

- Griggers - : I think that if the entire world adopted most of the European laws many people would be surprised how mush would disappear from the market. So mush of the import entering the EU is created under poor working conditions or with massive damage to the environment.

Xanhorn : Socialism doesn't lend itself to innovation. The large socialistic leanings in Europe tend to keep things stagnent which is why Europe is so good at older business like manufacturing and not so good at cutting edge business like tech. Think about it, why would you risk everything to start a new startup when the ultimate end will be the government coming in and taking 60% of your profits. Its much easier to find a manufacturing job and just settle for the benefits of 10 weeks of vacations and 30 hour work weeks.

Magyar Huszar : calls his video where are all the tech companies as soon as I saw the title I screamed on the inside continues to ramble for 1 minute tricking me into watching the vid finally tells he's only gonna be looking at tech for the consumer market good vid but pls for the sake of me not getting a heart attack change the title, ty (edit) the fact that he doesn't mention the automotive industry of Germany and France really makes me question the number of brain cells he lost

Uzer Naim : The european audio manafacturers absolutely dominate in terms of sound quality

Lorenzo del biondo : I really liked the video, but one steady question still occurs into my mind. If these conditions are so fixed and don't make it so easy for European companies and developers to play a big role in the tech industry, then why there were so many huge European tech companies up to 15 years ago? As you said in the video, you and all your generation grew up surrounded by tech items made by European companies, but yet the conditions were the same (policies, laws, regulations), how come?

Meme Wizard : Ahh, turns out the lack of privacy in the US (Especially Commiefornia) and lack of basic freedom in the bug people hive (China) results in better(?) Services that steal more of your data. Who would have thought.

Xeno : European companies dominate electrical and automation equipment industries, something you said you didn't look into. Siemens, Schneider-Electric, and ABB are huge. Italy is renowned for its elevator industry. Not to mention cars manufacturers. And this is to the extent of my knowledge.

Caldwell Transport Columbus, GA : European social benefits come primarily from the high taxation of productive members of society which limit efficient private sector reinvestment, and also that Europe has had minimal defense spending requirements due to the protection (and expense) from the US for decades.

Friek555 : I live in Europe and I am very glad that our markets are as tightly regulated as they are. I would much rather have an economic system where my employer can't just fire me, where my healthcare or my college education won't set me back thousands of dollars and where I can survive without living on the streets, even if I do lose my job. If tech giants are the price we pay for that, I'd pay that every time.

exorientelux : green ideology and animosity against technology is a nail in Europe's coffin

PrimiusLovin : Regulation, geography and demographics are perhaps the 2 biggest issues for the lack of competitiveness in Europe, although it's not fair to compare a fragmented continent, composed by several small countries, many different languages and local customs, who was the center of 2 world wars in the past 100 years, with 2 huge countries that work as one and have been stable for hundreds of years! But I still have hope that projects like the European Union will change this. otherwise I don't think it stands any chance in todays global world...

Wei Dong Ng : European makes the best cars and watches. I believe they love making engineering that lasts forever, and not techs that quickly become obsolete.

Hans-Jørgen Kristiansen : Income inequality dosen't need to be a bad thing. In Europe we tend to punish people's success and hard work, and reward laziness, in order to create income inequality, through the wealthfare state and high taxation . Universal healthcare is in other words government monopoly on healthcare insurance. This creates bad quality, inefficiency, and very high taxes, so it isn't free. Public Education in the US is known to be bad. But the Charter School's, private schools and homeschooling are scoring a lot higher. Public education isn't free, because you are forced to pay for it though taxation, and they cost a lot more. Our Norwegian publics schools aren't known for being very good. Public transportation in Norway are useless unless you live in on of the few biggest cities like Oslo and Bergen. It's also not that cheap either.

Vecopotryx : That hair is "top notch" if you get what I mean :D

TheOnlyEpsilonAlpha : And the Regulation Part is a GOOD thing. No it's NOT acceptable that you can fire and hire people as you wish as a company, privacy is also a point that I would not underestimate and consumer protection just gives better options when you got trapped by a company that sells scam products that fall apart when you look at it from the wrong angle. No I don't want that any of these points are changing, they are even now at some point much too lush! Companies that don't respect any of those points, good! GTFO of EU

kevin campbell : Youre so off the mark that I cant believe you posted this. Mobile phone, tv and the other manufacturing industries you mentioned are years to decades old and at saturation level or in decline. Do you still watch DVDs? There is nowhere else to go with mobile phones or tvs that would warrant getting involved. Lets talk technology and the future of technology and see whats what. The future of technology and the big innovation right now is blockchai, smart contracts and all its applications. In this field America has been left in Europes dust and has laws that restrict and hurt its ability to compete. In Europe there start ups in every field from AI and finance to insurance and shipping. Blockchain is today what the internet was in the mid to late 1990s. However, this time Europe has recognised the power of blockchain and is, along with China, leading the way. Estonia alone is more of a blockchain powerhouse than the United States. Instead of looking at the past like mobile phones and television manufacturing or search engines and social media look to the future of the tech sector and tell me what you see.

John Smith : Socialism is cancer. Europeans love socialism, social justice (hate speech laws), and mass immigration with low skilled labor. Europe is trending down quickly.

Gabriele Di Bari : 1:54? Did you ever hear ARM or STMicroelectronics???