Colors named by an AI

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Backless Chaps : Bank Butt sounds like a slang for a prostitute

Hope Bagels! : *DO P E*

Twedis : just answer my comment

Lyxar deXX : take any of these names and put "lil" in front of it. that's your rap name ;)

Sophester Animates : 0:19 *woaaah got me there*

hmm yes interesting. : *Dope.* When and how can I hire your amazing voice, mr. voice acTOR?

Jennifer Barr : *StUmMy BeIgE*

kali : _stargoooooonnnnn_ *sink*

- Over_Clocked - : *sink.*

Anonymous Anonymous : if Sindi's poop is that color she should see a doctor

Beanierabbit : everyone is just commenting things about "Dope" but I want to know what burble simp means

Ele Star : Honey, what color should we paint the nursery? "Stoner Blue"

Brady Slimepoop : Headcanon Eridan voice.


That one american : "What's your favourite color" Dope

Peeble Kitty : 0:37 *excitedly* StargOOON! *halfheartedly* sink *loudly* Stummy Beige! Poor Sink got nothin

moonbug : sand dan is my favorite superhero

Seanbee G : More of this

African or European swallow? ? : *reads first few colours with dramatic expression* Sink. *continues to read in dramatic expression.*

Smug : sindis poop

the hell is happening : Caring Tan is blue gray wth

ChiseledDiamond GTB : I need snowbonk for my miniature beach actually.

Clara J : Stargoon sounds like a band name.

Finlay Hamm : *sTANkY bEAN*

Ivan Fraevich : *S A N D D A N* _Short I believe for Sand Daniel_

Peeble Kitty : 1:04 Stanky Bean is my new favorite color

ThePlasmaPro : B u r b l e S i m p

TheTachyon : Once in a lifetime

Tank Dempsey : I am a trained voice *acTOR*

libby : s i n k

•TheKaisTzar • : *Burble Simp*

Tyler : This was turdly dope

DAZEN Music : *Stargooooooooooon*

Matt LaBonte : s n o w b o n k

Bigg : Stoner blue is dope *Insert laughter track here*

Jason Liao : *T U R D L Y*

Joshua McCoskrie : If my dorkwood looked that color I'd see a doctor.

Suprebob Toast : StarGOON! Sink.

Not Edgy : My fav color is Stanky Bean or Dorkwood

Shea Z : This channel is criminally underated.

that emø trash bin : my room color is the same as the one it called dope

CroydeTheLlama : Sink.

Tucker Dody : *STANKY BEAN*

DropTheHat / AntonyCraft75 : Dorkwood? Am I seeing a Dorcas Emblem hack, or something?

sub-par-covers : And you may find yourself in a sorrow tv video

Manthony Mantano : LETTING THE DAYS GO BY

Miss Aquamarine : *_D o p E_*

Woah : *turdly*

Seth Begley : Stanky Bean is so underrated. Everyone's all about Turdly and dope. Stanky Bean is 40x funnier.