Colors named by an AI

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Mrihave20toes : SAAAND DANIEL back at it with the Stummy Beige Nikes

Alice Wilkinson : Song is once in a lifetime by talking heads, I love your taste in music honestly

Elizabeth Stark : "flower" had me dying

Ariel+Two : Omg talking heads. Your taste in music is utterly turdly.

FacePoopable : subscribed just for talking heads

JYount : I don't get this channel but I love it.

Paula Clarke : I recognise those dulcet that Toast? Renowned voice & stage actor.

Amber Layton : I want to open a paint shop just so I can do this

Majestical Discomfort : Hey dude! There's this Discord channel just for voice actors, if you want to check it out. Just reply to this or send me a message or something if you want an invite, I don't really care this is just a suggestion. Also, if you do decide to join the Discord channel, I'd be more than happy to send you material for a video (I'd put it in my own video but it's personal and I don't want to start shit). To put it simply, it is the dumbest argument I've ever had: *The definition of the word "papers."* I shit you not, I had to block my friend over this because he started verbally attacking me over the disagreement. If you want more details on this, just (like I said before) reply to this comment or send me a message or something like that. I'd be happy to send you screenshots of the bullshit that transpired. Have a nice day 👌

TigirlakaLaserwolf6 : Did this AI also name everything in any given 80s sci-fi novel?

God Damn : I swear my parents saw these and chose Turdly to paint their house.

Number 16 Bus Shelter : Don't believe me... FUCK YOU!

connor callan : make t-shirts in all these colours

Cartz L : I love your channel, and I love the talking heads. Nice background music 10/10

I am Bleach : You should so go through comments and read those with ur voices

Potion-Pult Animations : *_S T A R G O O N_* *_S T A N K Y B E A N_*

John Smitten : i like grass bat. i will take 500 cans

BrainDr3ad : Caring Tan will be there for you when your grandma dies. 10/10.

ShadeOf Pinks : Jesus christ I don't think I'll ever laugh harder

Traditional Kao : Tbh you sound like the decearing egg guy

B. Lung : Holy Shit... These are epic in-game character names for MMOs

BVBtard : Can i get some uuuuuuhhhhhhhhhh grade bat please

casadilla111 : I'll take 3 buckets of dope, please. Wait, what?

Emi Q : Are these the new alola Pokémon


Papa Chief : I need 20 gal of Light of Blast

Dave The Pitchfork : I'm thinking of repainting my car, but I can't choose between Sindis Poop or Stanky Bean. Suggestions?

Catlan_emolar _bear : *S T A N K Y B E A N*

Sarang Saranghae : Same as it ever was...

Eveable : That all sound like names for weed

ʟɪᴀᴍ 9001 : I really like this dude's voices

Will M : only liked cause of your singing

Staudinka : Wow, I came when you did "Once in a lifetime"

Bombee : this is not my beautiful house!!! this is not my beautiful wife!!!!!

TheleagueofDawn&Hope Phone : Is it me or do a few of these sound like Pokémon names?

Super Dragon : Im an automotive spraypainter. color codes have some interesting names. Weirder than the video. And those actually exist. Theres a metallic red GM color called "some like it hot" Smoky rose. (Pinl purple grey dark metallic mazda colour. You can see it on some mazda 2's and mitsubishi colts)

Arttu Koponen : Plankton is going at it again

Chesus Jrist : The person who programmed that AI has some serious anal fixation.

Jenna Allen : I watch this video at least 3 times a day

The Great Sloth Lord : And you may find yourself saying "That's not my beautiful wife!" "That's not my house!"

sad day : you: sand dan me, an intellectual: sandiel daniel


Justin Miller : Don't believe me? well FUCK YOU. I nearly died laughing at that transition

BunSong : Bunflow is too close to my url I'm crYING

Lemon Scented : The fucking outro is perfect

Asher g : name of one of the colors but copypasted from another website to be full width to get every little drop of humor squeezed out of you whilst begging for likes.

huh : Short for *S A N D I E L D A N I E L*

Sgt. Dog Face : lol it’s Dope when me and my friends are Testing Stoner Blue together...

Dino Boy7 : same as it ever was

TwistyTie : Turdly is my new favorite word