'The Office' Theme Song ♫ Fortnite MUSIC BLOCK SONG ♫ Fortnite: Creative Mode

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Gaming With Jonah : 1.25 speed and it’s perfect

BetweenTheRosesx : The only good thing out there about fortnite

Geggs : If you look in the background, you can see fortnite Jesus blessing him.

Andrew Chupein : Play at 1.25 speed. You’re welcome.

Coke Ninja : Only good thing to ever come out of Fortnite

Christian Berrio : Before beat drop:Dude I can do this on my Casio. After beat drop:THAT WAS FRICKING AWESOME

Toastedbagel Gaming : This is one of the best things I’ve ever seen

Mia Stone : Please make a tutorial

Blitz Rush : Dude i loved the show

EBone1004 : what's the code

SmileB4DEATH : C R E A T I V E +1

Believejay Gaming : Great job!!

Marcus Emilio Castro Silva : Awesome

William Mctaggart : The only good thing to come from fortnite

Error Sans : GREAT job

Y U HERE : 0:40

Ayesha Hammad : Dude 1 min 35 sec of awesomeness!!!! Wow better than the original one. Very artistic you should start producing some trance music. Best

Zanester1029 : Make a video explaining how to make it

can we get 1000 subs with no vids : Dope

Junior Mejia : that was ligitness

Brody Berthelot : This needs more recognition 😂😂

Huh ya : Amazing

BadSheepCJ : Approximately how much longer for more undertale. Sorry to bug I'm just a huge fan of undertale

Mr.Cabbage 4.2.0 : wonderful.

Ultra_ Hedgehog : Lovely

Jose Hernandez : 👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍

Partly Me : <3

Savar -Fortnite : Came here from Cizzorz

Aaron Espinoza : A masterpiece

Partly Me : You are amazing,dude!

Technonerd gaming : Ok this is epic

BlitzDragon : Epic

Finley Johnson : This is just epic

Ultimate Eddie : love this, can't stop listening to it... very well done dude

Joystiick : Post it so we can get a code plzzzzz

Alekos : I’m impressed lol. It sounds so good coming from a game like Fortnite!👏🏻

tallerdy shawn : What's your gamertag

Papa Liot : The office>the office don’t @me

Mega Melone : Kannst du ein Tutorial machen

Lucas Pospeshil : I always knew that fortnite was trying to rip off Minecraft in creative mode.

Gamin_ Draven : This almost makes me sad. It reminds me of watching the last episode of The Office and how sad I was that the 9 seasons were over. :(

Itz Frosty : I love you for doing this thank you!

lorena gracia : U should make a remake with the new music sequencer

Itz Frosty : What’s the code?

Itz Frosty : Tutorial please!

Shane Kirtley : What’s the beat from 0:43 to 0:49?

Kevin - TheDodo : Plz make a how to on this like so he/she can see plz

predator 34 gamer [WM] : Madness combat 11 sountrack whit music blocks plis

Everardo Castro : CHANGE THE PLAY BACK SPEED TO 1.25