Captain America Doesn't Know About Hiroshima

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ImImran : Oh he is going to be so mad when he learns about Vietnam.

Obi-Wan Kenobi : This is framed as a funny skit but it's really making me consider moral values and how Captain America must view himself and America as a symbol.

Tetsu Hatano : this is actually kinda messed up in a way

trycoldman23 : I'm concerned for the villain with the gas mask. The GP-5 gas mask filter has asbestos in it.

Layne Warner : so many alliterations, so many references to comics

Issy : He was frozen bih he don’t know shit 💀

Mark Arandjus : Yikes, wait til Cap finds out about US' meddling in South America in the 60's and 70's...

Famemoon : Nucular? CANCER

Deranged Crouton : 0:18 the beginning of immigrant song

Minifridge : Fun Fact- Hiroshima and Nagasaki had a civilian population, but they also had a large military industrial presence.

JGMoneyable : Too bad they didn't mention Howard Stark was part of the Manhattan Project

wikisaiyangmail : I ended the war. Bruh...

WarParty! At the Outpost : We hadda nuke Japan. If we invaded it woulda caused a helluva lot more deaths on both sides. Also, we hadda scare the hell outta the Soviets.

mrmeatman : This is pretty good.

Rj Pena : Capt America is the true representation on the American people!

Zahir Sookoor : "I didn't get that reference!"

Stephen Hogan : "I'm wearing the flag of a country that killed hundreds of thousands of innocent people?" He could be wearing just about any country's flag for that to be true. Genghis Khan killed 40 million.

Cantante Gaming : Captain - Well, at least we haven’t bombed an Civilians since Shield Agent - Nods in Agreement (In head, “This Dude needs catching up”)

Shire Zippo : I thought this was gonna be like a theory video about how captain america doesn't know about Hiroshima

Dunne N' dusted : Funniest Marvel skit ever. Seriously, I've seen honest trailers, hishe, warp zone and Studio C, but this one literally made me laugh out loud.

Ethan Village : 0:12 Psycho-Mantis!?

Jose Brito : Captain America vs Psycho Mantis

slurp : *I understood that reference* This is why Captain America took off his suit in Infinity War.

Hunter N : 1. That opening scene with the shield throw and breaking in was actually legitimately very well done haha 2. If Collegehumor ended up doing to Captain America what they did to the Dark Knight Batman then this would be it 3. Both Feudal Japan and WW2 could very much still be alive and well today if the US hadn’t at least dropped one of those bombs.

Robert Lombardo : And someone doesn't know that Captain America doesn't stand for the government, he stands for the Republic.

Arthur Thiele : This is legendary

C D V : As promised from Reddit you got my sub. Again this is great, thanks again man. Needed the laugh.

Jaygon! : Lol "killing" Red Skull they didn't know that'd be wrong in a week's time

Nick schneider : The dude who plays molo is one hot mama jama

Malcolm Campbell : Same time next week? Mabee I'll tell you about Korea, or Vietnam, oh or the Cold War. The mideast, even better.

Lil' Cruz : Cap is gonna be soooo pissed when he finds out that he didn't even kill red skull

Ephix Smash : Molo's reaction killed me

Danny Benhur : And that's how Cap turned into Nomad...

Eric Gehrke : I can’t breathe I’m laughing so hard hahahahahaha

Jonanator : We warned Japan 2 days in advance and told them to evacuate. They didnt listen

Laura Beane : [Palm on Forehead] "Oh, Boy..."

Julian-Chris Reyes : You honestly need more views and likes, dude!

Old Man Dan : The fire bombing the US did on Japan killed far more people the the a bombs

Ł H : N u c l e a r / not n u c u l a r

Jxv Motus Ergo Sum : It's quite funny HOW many right wingers justify the atrocities committed by US, citing Nanking and billions and billions and billions ad infinitum Chinese murdered by Japanese. So, now you rightists suddenly be human rights activists and care about Asians huh? Well, then what about give those minorities & marginalized groups their rights first? I think out of many minority groups in US, Asian American is very underrepresented, even below African American and Muslim group. I'm a Chinese descendant, and I hated as much the NanKing tragedy, and Unit 731 experiments on humans. Google it if you don't know about 731. Yet, unlike you Murica right winger turds, I won't justify the killing of civilians in Hiroshima & Nagasaki by dropping nukes. You know why and what's the real reason US did it? Well, it's simply for human experiments by observing the differing effects of Uranium based nuke and Plutonium based nuke on humans. I think some knowledgeable people in this comment section have said the same thing. Only psychopaths would do the bombing, and only narcissistic morons would support the act.

Lazarus Long : The real Captain America would've said, "Okay. And?"

NatetheGaminTiger : If this is just meant to be funny than okay, but if it's supposed to accuse the US for being morally wrong for Hiroshima than they need to read up on WWII.

TerminalCarrion : I never considered that someone would have to tell him this

BSJ IN YO HOUSE : *Top 10 Anime Plot Twists*

Yoo Yoo : This is the best skit ever, really well acted! Especially gas mask guy

BigfootAlmightyGaming : Yeah, here's a red pill. If the United States didn't drop Little Boy and Fat Man, then the U.S. would have had to continue it's fire bombing campaign, blockade Japan, and launch a ground invasion. Analysts on both sides before and after the nukes agreed that this would have caused 1,000,000's or possibly even 10,000,000's of deaths as opposed to 200,000. That all of those numbers include American and Japanese military personnel AND CIVILIANS. Truman knew this when he ordered the nukes to be dropped, and that's why he did it. To me, 200,000 is preferable to 1,000,000 or more.

Nosfonader87 : I would so read a Cap run if Marvel addresses this

Ashim Ahmed : this should be in the MCU

TheApoke : Reminds me of the classic collegehumor batman videos. Great work!

Cinema Rodschach : Alternate ending: (Cap takes out the star of his chest) Cap: That's it. I'm gonna be a Nomad now.