Weeknight Meals | Basics with Babish

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Kaisasha : So many plastic bags :( Glad we don't have Blue Apron here EDIT: I live in Finland and we don't have any of these kinds of services here. When I buy stuff, I usually make more than one meal out of what I buy. For example: I buy a head of cabbage and might make coleslaw one day, then use the rest of it in stir fry the next day. I don't throw out what I have left over from a big thing that I buy after making one meal. That would be insane. You can also freeze stuff, if you have a freezer. So I would actually advice people to plan their meals in advance and learn how to use stuff you can buy fresh from the store instead of using stuff like this. And use fabric shopping bags and stuff. It will be a lot cheaper in the long run too, if you are on a budget.

Dareios D. : Seriously, Blue Apron looks like it's delivering more trash than food. So much packaging :(

417HOON : Or you can go to the store...

lousku : blue apron is an overpriced joke with an insane amount of plastic

YellowMohamad1234567 : As a college student my weeknight meal is sleep

NOT ANOTHER COOKING SHOW : Fun fact about spinach. It's nutritional value is maximized when wilted, not when raw or fully cooked.

David Li : Chill out with the blue apron comments, he's gotta make money somehow and cooking/production isn't cheap

Action Mac : Jesus, there's more plastic than food in a blue apron box!

_v.ha : Christ you people act like your grocery store doesn't bag everything in plastic and styrofoam. IIRC Blueapron or Goodfood has a recycling program on their packaging, you just set them out and it gets returned to them where they recycle the packaging.

Alyssa lang : Babish can you do an episode on beef stew? Its a recipe my folks love for this time of year, but I don't know if I can survive the watery underseasoned hell they call beef stew this year. Save me Babish, youre my only hope

Kristoffer G : blue apron is not a "great choice" you can literally look up the recipes online and buy the ingredients yourself for less money and its much better for the enviroment

Azael Reante : "One pot meal" means you cook the whole meal in one pot. It doesn't mean you use multiple pots and then just add it all back to one pot at the end.

Emily Weissang : I seriously don't understand services like Blue Apron. I think they serve to make people feel even more mystified about the cooking process, as if it is something that is safer when it is outsourced to an 'expert'. Are people so afraid of fucking up their dinner that they have to be led with baby steps through the process of sourcing ingredients and cooking? Just experiment with a bit of trial and error, and use the internet to do a bit of research. Cooking for yourself and your family is about as low-stakes as it can get: just have some fun with it! Who cares if you make something inedible one day -- you might end up making something amazing the next.

marissa valero : But what i want to know is what does he eat on a normal day/when he isn’t filming

StarDelta-9 : So many plastic bags

J Shook : Blue Apron sucks. Love you babish, but all that packaging is astonishingly sad. Plus, the meal you prepared from them looks very oily with the pesto, not to mention it had no protein! This ain't it chief..

Susan Messenger : Why is everything in plastic ? There are alternatives for food safety issues, A real pity the packaging makes this a hard decision to buy from blue apron.

Lord Wizrak : Blue apron : selling plastic packaging that comes with some food at exorbitant prices.

mike spence : People who buy everything online are complaining about packaging

Gabriel Rangel : One pot meal uses three pots.

dear-allie : There's just so much packaging for just one simple meal.

Michael Berthelsen : You're right, we know EXACTLY what that is in the bottom of the pan, and we're very fond of it.😉

Noah Redka : More plastic than a Japanese vending machine in those blue apron boxes

Will Dell : I wanna watch Babish flambé stuff for an hour

Nikenik2001 : Today's sponsor is a box of non recyclable plastic. And a little bit of food....

Irma : If im watching you cooking channel i want your creativity. You are not teaching us anything. You follow a blue apron recipe. I can do that... just stay yourself man.

Rebecca Elder : :( Even my kids were like "Wow, so much plastic." And those zucchini seeds looked very "mature" lol. I don't mind an ad in your videos, but I was really disappointed that half of this video was you making a pre-way-over-packaged meal from an over priced meal service.

Just A Dude : All this Blue Apron hate... can we talk about something else? Like maybe the excellent taste in liquor our host has? Buffalo Trace is, indeed, "the good stuff!" I can't recommend BT enough to anyone who wants an affordable "go to" bourbon. Around here it goes for $25, and I'd consider it worth the price at $50. The flavor profile doesn't scream "unique," but that's by design; it's meant to be a solid, quintessential exemplar of what makes a good bourbon. Smooth and complex enough to enjoy neat, stout enough to stand up to rocks, and cheap enough you don't feel guilty using it with a mixer (or to deglaze!). I'm sipping on a bourbon & coke made with the stuff right now.

btr003 : I need to start making Youtube videos. My first video's just going to be me unboxing a ton of plastic bags so I could see the comment section explode. Oh, and so you know.. I recycle and care about the environment, but apparently any joke you say online is automatically assumed to be real. Also, I probably don't recycle or care about the environment, and this entire post is likely just a figment of your imagination.

Mikael Åkerfeldt : Blue apron exchanges convenience with pollution and waste

Nikki Riley : I can't believe you'd talk about the bend/snap method without making a Legally Blonde joke :/

Warseptica Gaming : Make Asuna's Ragout rabbit stew!!!From SAO!!!

Skinny Walrus : You said cast iron would be fine for cooking the chicken, but is it safe to deglaze with bourbon in cast iron?

Red Fern : The amount of plastic coming out of that box was terrible. Please don't work with them again, Babish.

HectorLigoni : Does anyone else hate the idea of Blue Apron? I can absolutely understand it's merits if you're housebound, a full time carer, and some other issues that require permanent home stay. But, it just seems like the most ridiculous addition of plastic and other waste. And you're just given whatever vegetables they find rather than choosing your own. I just don't get it

Túrin Turambar : And blue apron seems to be a great option for anyone that tries to maximise his amount of plastic waste as well

Casey Claiborne : Babby saying "mise en place" is the most pleasantly joyous phrase I've ever heard.

jiminniemouse : "y'all know what this is.... fond."

Mark Ruffalo is a splendid actor : This comment section: 90% plastic bags 10% babish love

Katrina K : Blue apron is a wasteful and not at all cost effective service. Disappointing to see you jump on this bandwagon.

Eric Rumery : More people here whining about blue apron than there are actually talking about food

Tom Norton : Saw the appalling amount of plastic and felt compelled to comment. Heartened that so many people beat me to it! Such a horrible waste - I hope that Babish reconsiders working w/ Blue Apron.

Marcelique : The bend and snap technique, although imperfect, is actually mostly true. The point is to get rid of the tougher fibers that are a pain to chew through, and although you might throw out a bit more than desired when you do the bend and snap, it does get rid of those unchewable ends 99% of the time!

Kate Dodson : Cup ramen is faster than pizza

ObZidian : Please find a different sponsor other than Blue apron... I know you need to make your money as well but I just can't support the amount of waste _a single meal_ from them churns out.

Doeo : all that plastic wtf

Arisemardan : The amount of plastic for a single meal is insane to me. I live in Vietnam where we're are the kings of single use plastics but I think almost any Viet would be disgusted at this.

TM777 : Do the Every Pizza Place Salad from Family Guy.

Rob C : I can't believe I watched a 7+ minutes commercial for blue apron...

1PixelShort : Not to be that guy but please don't use Blue Apron go to your local store and shop smart. You'll find double, sometimes triple, the meals for the same price of your Blue Apron sub. All your paying for is convenience not good food.