Forever Yours (and a day) — Kelsey Barnard Original

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Kelsey Barnard Music : Thanks so much to all of you for showing this song some love! This is one of my favorites that I have written. For more, please subscribe and hit that bell so that you don't miss my songs! :)

Abukenyo : Happy New year Kelsey!!!!

hubertgunpowder : Beautiful, Kelsey. I love this song !! ♫ ♥

M&P L'Unisson : Magnifique ! Je m'abonne à ta chaîne M&P L'Unisson

Marc Rodrigues : Nice original, you have a sweet voice :)

Douglas Seeley : Loved it so much! Great vocal melodies, you have a unique and pleasant voice. When you sang "I'm forever yours at 2:04 it made the hairs on my neck stand up, I could really feel the passion. I will be coming back to this one to listen again for sure. How long have you been singing for?

Ricky Somborn : another great original song! your talent is endless!

Brian Finger-less Guitar : That was a beautiful song Kelsey! Your ukulele sounds perfect w/ it. Your voice...well, umm... Amazing? You are an amazing singer/songwriter, your talent is limitless, I truly mean that.👏👏🎼💕🎸

Chris Parkin : Sounds fantastic! This is an original song too? That's so awesome!! 😀

The Idahonian : Beautiful! 🙌

Chris Da Artist : I just imagined a whole fun camping outdoors montage while listening to this! Amazing 🤩

4x4 camping/Drone's : Great loved your song thank you very much for sharing.

The Fantastic Joe : Lovely as always!

Family Fun Familie Vloggers : We got you hit the like button and watch you;re video new friends here❤😀🤗😘👍

Dion lionheart Dion lionheart : Awesome voice congrats

Randy Tritt : Awesome video and song!!!🤠👍💜🦅🎸🦅🤘🤘🤘🤘🤘🤘🤘

Semantic Drive : Brilliant!

Mark Austin : Really enjoyed that, beautiful voice 😊

Strung Out Outdoors : Kinda catchy. Very talented

C-H-A-D the Illustrious : 👌🏻🔥🖤 love this one too =)

Elaine Lin : This is really catchy! I like the message of the song, and you have a pretty voice. I came here from reddit - replying to the comment on single strums: I was fiddling around with the verse strumming pattern, and I thought this worked pretty well: