How Africa is Becoming China's China

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Tepper : Meanwhile europe is becoming africa's africa

CreeperLadMC : You can't really compare China's expanding influence to Western colonialism as China does not employ force to convert African states into vassal states but uses loans to buy their support out of their own free will.

savej hasan : China: win win situation USA: bomb bomb situation

Sezi Mik : it's still better than selling weapons to other countries and creating chaos in south America and the middle east.

龙佩瑾 : 看到6分钟那段说中国“剥削非洲劳动力”那段我简直要笑死。当年中国成为世界制造中心的时候,我们被西方的人说“从全球化的到了大量的好处”,他们自己觉得好像是个做了好事的大善人;现在同样的事情发生在非洲,中国就成了“新殖民主义”。这双标真他妈的6。美国人民智商真的低到连这种论调都相信?你自己不去投资非洲,还见不得穷人过上好日子?

Nurul Ansari : Typical western propaganda against China. At least china helping developing countries in developing infrastructure.

Djenabou Diallo : "China is a sleeping giant. Let her sleep, for when she wakes She will shake the world" Napoleon

Flo : China is investing, whilst the US relies on wars.

asianthor : Funny how USA and it's citizens criticize China for lending money, building infrastructure, and other projects to African countries for some sort of return to China, but yet they forget the USA does worst. The USA has a history of going to countries who have tremendous poverty and promises food and some financial aid to those governments and in return those countries must allow the USA to build military bases in those dirt poor countries. Yes, the USA also doesn't do things out of kindness.

Prob Nutt : I'm from Mexico and I think that what China is doing with Africa is amazing! So many decades of Africa being in war with itself and with economic failures, finally someone is /INVESTING/ in this continent. Not like the US government who only create war and false accusations to invade other countries and get their riches out of them, leaving those countries even poorer. Of course China has to get their benefits out of it too, but at least it's a win-win situation for both.

Salokin : Ultimately, a stronger, richer Africa is a great thing for the entire world. It just frustrates me that it’s just China who understands this

P4RDUS : I smell western propoganda.

Ge Mao : The U.S. government just do nothing to help Africa but blame the country who did it.

FirstRealtySchools Michael : When China building infrastructure for Africa is called invasion. While our USA government do not rebuild a broken 3rd world highway for it's own people in it's own country, that's called superpower.

Mr. Anonymous : I think every country should take inspiration from china. they have completely transformed their country in 40 years. only westerners can be jealous of such achievement bcoz everybody know they can't do it instead they are to present bad image od China through media but i know china will not stop. Best of luck China👍👍 - an Indian

Van Hendrix : Been a long time since I've seen a product without "Made in China"

Bosco Dantas : AFRICA is growing China are building infrastructures in Africa, which europe or the U.S. never has done, instead the west system sucked Afrika for centuries.

Michael L : You know what, colonizing is achieved by force, China is not doing it.

Fred Kruger : As an african the way I see it, China is investing in Africa as its sees potential in Africa.. no wonder most of the fastest growing economies lay in Africa. They aren’t giving foreign aid with high interest rates like the west but rather building infrastructure with no interest, like from my country Ethiopia they built the first metro in all of sub Saharan Africa which in itself generates revenue to the government...

Amir majid : Long Live China 'we will supports china with our blood ' Good wishes from Pakistan.

_Bob McCoy : *Donald J. Trump has subscribed to your channel!*

Truth Troll : Why people critizing USA. They only bomb other countries so they can build better/newer infraestructure later <3 You know, you can't build new fancy buildings and highways without destroying all those old ugly houses. So USA's military forces are nice and they go destroying all of those old ugly buildings and infraestructure.

derek liu : 有种你们别调起战争,有种你们把钱用在帮助非洲上啊!一直在这bb政治阴谋,那和你们直接烧杀抢掠比,你觉得哪个过分?

Z Z : Are you guys secretly funded by CIA or something?

李安然 : It's quite amusing to see how racists and colonizers condeming other countries for colonization.

Sebastian Elytron : *1918:* In the future we will have flying cars! *2018:* "How Africa is becoming China's China"

Martin Mwaura : Afrika owes china 60 billion dollars..USA owes china 1 trillion dollars..before they colonize Afrika..USA should have been colonized along time ago...

Eo Y : 有钱大家一起赚 非洲永远是非洲人的非洲。伙伴关系

JiayI T : 美国的WASP 总是认为自己代表正义,包括很多白人也自以为自己很正义,实际上这些人的IQ智商都很低。视频的解说很明显是被洗脑的结果,根本不存在讨论价值。

Gary Lawrence : China is doing something the American government could have done decades ago. Now 'America' is worried. They should be. With the right leadership Africa could easily be a world superpower, but of course 'America' will never let that happen.

Michael Jay - Value Investing : Then who will become Africa's Africa?

Hedo kurdisch : I'm from Kurdistan .we love Chinese people

darren malcolm : History tells us time and time again. You just can’t trust whitey. But whitey will have you believe only they can be trusted. It’s a funny world we live in.

Johsku 92 : Look Europe: THIS is how you make allies in Africa. Not by taking in millions and millions of refugees or "refugees" and just hoping that African nations would be grateful. They won't be. That's just naive and childish thinking. So, let's start investing to Africa and STOP all forms of migration from Africa. That's THE way to win their hearts.

Bilal Siddiqui : China goes for Mutal Benefit, whereas the US is just selfish

Skyscrapers & MegaProjects : Great job simplifying and explaining this current geopolitical trend. I wrote my Master’s thesis on China’s wielding of soft power in sub-saharan Africa, and after 3 years of research I can say you hit almost all of the main points. Props to you 👍

Haweya Abdullahi Adan : Love China we Africans are not pawn we want development

Sherwin Cuaresma : This is what i call helping Unlike what the white people doing

Samuel L Jackson : Are we gonna start seeing 'made in africa'?

Genesis Real info Report. : The white man never have Africa and African best interest. Europe and the white man only robbed Africa. Weak spineless leaders in Africa make them get away with it.China is doing for Africa way better than what Europe has done for centuries.

Simply Aviation : I was waiting for somebody to do a video on this topic as I find it super interesting and I am so happy you were the one who did it. About to start watching, I'm so excited!

神羽洛 : In China we like to say"授人以鱼不如授人以渔"(teaching how to fish is better than directly give them fishes),so we will not always help Africa,and we hope that they can "fish " by themslves

Serag Badr : Good, go China! The west only wants to steal our resources

ted yancey : As an American, im ready for China to become the most hated country in the world and be blamed for everyones problems, the U.S. has had to deal with that shit for too long.

Calisthenicsnoob : People are just jealous that Africa likes China more. A interview called chinas foot print in africa, where the interviewed african had nothing but positive things to say about china and you have the host and of course gordon chang who tries to convinces him that china is bad, mean while a survey from many african countries found that 65% of africans has a positive view on china, only 15% view them negatively, inspite of all these evidences they still tries to twist the situation. And of course the comments are disabled for that video. Haha talk about jealousy

GreaterGood510 : This is how you invest in another country. USA invests in another country by bombing it to bits.

JiayI T : The funny thing is Americans always think they are representing justice... The north america belong to native Indians, but somebody kill them all ,and claim that territory belong themselves , and invented THANKSGIVING....

Grand Padawan : Quite better than the US model. I'd choose to deal with China 1000 times over dealing with the US and their boom boom foreign policy!

Tony : The American media are always good at lying

Jonjo Senna : China’s turn to loot Africa. European countries did in the past. Everyone is taking turns banging Africa.