Framing Houses in Minnesota - Humor
Framing Houses in Minnesota

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We work hard, we laugh hard.....At Carpentry Contractors our elite teams of skilled carpenters work safely to proficiently serve our customer. But we're also good people who enjoy a laugh and a good time. Enjoy!


Newton's Third Law : that was better than anything collegehumor has produced for the last 5 years

Michael Wolak : The almost-died-laugh was on point.

Straight Talk With Ernest : The "I almost died laugh" was pretty accurate

Renee Rehe : Holy crap, never really thought about it before but the "laugh when you almost died" but it is a very specific laugh people around the world use to convey the very same thing. Odd when start thinking about it.

defektev : "That laugh people give when they almost die."

TheOneWhoMightBe : Getting yelled at for following both good and bad instructions. Sounds like you've worked for my step-father. "Pass me that." "Which 'that'?" "THAT!" "There's three 'that's', which one do you want?!"

a1ch3mist37 : AvE send us!!!

Andrew Mitchell : 33 drywallers disliked this video!

Mr. Robinson : Typical Gen Xer, has to use a skil saw to cut skirt steak. Back in my day we used a crosscut saw.

John Oc : you haven't lived until you have done that laugh...

Matthew Bell : who's here because of AvE?

Learner-Learns : Ex-carpenter here... Can confirm everything in this vid is TRUE. Tragic, terrifying, torturously TRUE. Thanks for making it funny too.

Jesse Eden : “Be give specific instructions and be yelled for following those” haha

Hendrik Granna : Uncle Bumblefuck brought me here. Funny clip!

Gary Chupp : X Carpenter myself you were pretty much spot-on , that's why I believe every teenager in America should have this for their first job, builds character

5h0rgunn : "THREE!!" "Three what?" LOL! XD As a framer myself, I can definitely relate!

bfjb70 : The shart advice was just perfect.

Tiger Toes : Reddit brought me here shart recipe made me stay.

Ian Darley : I work in construction in the UK, all of this applies here also :-)

Tyvek Homewrap : Getting yelled at for following instructions is a whole new level of relatable.

E Blizzard : Awesome, just awesome. Reminds me of my first lumber job as a scrawny 18 year old fresh out of high school. Since then I've added marine construction and foundry work to my resume. Only a certain breed of people can appreciate the humor and culture of this kind of work. "THREE WHAT?!?!?!" C hair had me dyin'.

Rene M : Killer forearms! You should've also mentioned how you develop your quads from squatting at the porta - potty as well.

Jonathan Coradin : Your dead pan humor rocks. The start of a hilarious How-to construction parody channel? Loving it.

Andrew Delashaw : Get ready for your channel to blow up. AvE linked this video.

Brent : Cutting the steak with the skil saw had me dying.  Haha

Isaac H : The "almost died laugh" almost made me die laughing. Crappy jokes aside, AvE sent me.

Wayne Gacy II : Some call it construction. I call it, building a 3 story tree house everyday, loving my job.

Plebchok : Enjoy having this guy on site. He'll be a comedy writer in NYC within three years.

Midnights & Mornings : Taking a nap while showering.ROFL

FlyingOverTr0ut : I now want to build a house.

Anthony Ruetz : I would honestly apply for a job with you guys if I lived in Minnesota.

Scott Goats : I frame houses in Florida. This is 100% correct and hilarious!!!

Barn Conversion : Best bit for me was "It's kinda nice though, because when I woke up, I had to use it"

Michael Jameson : I just started working, and I work with 2 other guys and they're hilarious.

Glen : The laugh when you almost die, I shot coffee out of my nose laughed ng so hard. Ihave done that laugh more times than I care to admit.

Solid Mike P : I work construction in the Bay Area and California, started off a framer now I am in the office....I CAN TOTALLY back up everything that was said in this video. Great job guys

Tyler Brigman : "If you're a person who talks, until everyone around you leaves . . " aw man, there's a lot of those types in the military. . .

Knight Hvac : This could be any trade , just change the background ! Great stuff

Vasss : Epic video man, i work in landscaping, the C-hair measurement is key lmao!!!! Great job guys, make more hehe :)

Liam O’Neil : Ha nailed ever bit of it, the almost dying laugh was great, but my personal favorite was the newb bringing the self projecting tape, new guys always brought the wrong tools lol

SilentBiscuit333 : RIP headphone users at 2:13

THIGGEH : I work commercial electrical and structured cabling, we run all the electrical conduit underground, wire the whole building to the power grid etc, all of this still applies 100%

Anthony Whitehead : Lol. Right on man. This just about exactly how it is. cept, harder.

Brandon Aga : When I clicked on this video I thought that it was going to be Mclovin.....😓

Micheal Gorbochovsky : Reminds me of being an electrician, only 4 more years of min wage and then I'll be a journeyman! Stay on target, stay on target! Use the force! What? You mean a shotgun?

Two Shea Films : Worked construction during school breaks as a teen... so many flashbacks. The getting yelled at part had me in tears! Awesome video guys.

l wilton : As one who has cut up chocolate bars using a bandsaw, I have to say it is nice to see someone else that might do that.

tacticalsmokepole : every bit of this vid is true........ lmao

Alaska Skidood : AvE sent me. Love it!