Traditional Malaysian blowpipe maker shows how he takes down his prey in the wild

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Lahms : oh nooo

CenTz : that smile ,that damned smile

Christian Pacle : The New Assassin's Creed looks great

Yeet Daddy : who else is on this rising meme playlist?

Jackson Green : A true masterpiece.

Jacob Casha : Shout out to my fellow Malaysians! Wait only me? Okay...

RJrockstars : I can't believe you done this.

• feelin blue • : I like the background music

Max Evalondriz : Sniper Elite 3

The FBI : I’m here from a playlist that has 2582 video and this is the 4th one Edit: *ThX yA fOR dE liK*

gausm warhole : Play of the game

skwatek : Troll Face ! ^^

Tanker2000 : lmao, im from borneo,never knew theres gonna be a dank meme in this place

Naomi Roval : he *attacc* he *protecc* he aim for the *necc*

Kai Kinney : protec that smile

Syakir Aiman : I'm Malaysia and that i think that all asian do that

Nazik { Aka Mimikyu } : I like the smile at the end

Paul C : He's pining for the fjords now

Mecha Leo : Wonderful cinematography from that camera man. Both of them.

GGina - : You just hear somebody saying "oh no" in the background lmao 0:13

Chase Spadavecchia : Wait what did Bart do? I missed it

kitty youtuber : HELLO RANDOM PEOPLE

A- 710 : i'm from malaysia lol

Sqoosh : *O O F*

I xDeath I : Where is the original footage of this clip haha

Youtube Paul : His smile is the real version of the troll face

Drakiom : I can't not believe you did this.

Home is where the heart is. : It's so beautiful 😢👏👏👏

Matt Dibenedetto Fan : Background on this please

Cleveland Rock : I can't believe you did this!

My Tormtillos : art.

Stylo i Spółka : Perfectw

Wild Animals : Oooh!

Имя Фамилия : This.Fucking.Face.

No : Imagine he sucked in by accident

Noorliah Abdulkah : This is not really Malaysian people culture these people are like red indians in Malaysia so not everybody knows it's our culture stuff

LibraryofSin x : Gotcha Bitch

Dynamie : im from malaysia love me

CrypticRaps : Jesús take the wheeeeeeel, Taco in my hand

faillblogkeyboardcat : The dangers of vertical video.

TheModer8ter : John 3:36 'whosoever believes on the son has everlasting life.' Jesus Christ the Messiah died for the remission of sin, was buried and rose from the dead 3 days later. Simply believe in this and you have everlasting life in heaven.

White Purl ❖ The T Pose Pearl : lol my teacher was gonna show us a blowpipe vid and she clicked this XD

Liquified Lelong : i thought the title was traditional mayonnaise blowpipe maker

Duncan Askildson : Why the "Oh noooo" in the background? Isn't a bit disrespectful since the man is practicing his tradition?

Z4G : YOu know what this video needs? THe ''thumpy'' sound when shooting a noobtube in mw2

TheSovietLord : Pyrocynical instant regret playlist anyone?

Icy Emma : I'm so happy I convinced my teacher to let me do a study on memes in malaysia

DontKnowHowToYT Henry : That woman with the blow pipe looks like she is stoned

Tortee2 : *you spin me right round baby right round like a record baby right round right round*

Norsie : The song is: So I'm An Islander - Dæ, Mæ O Ål'sammel (You, Me and Everybody) Upvote for others to see <3