Parents React To Bhad Bhabie
Adults React

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Mel : these the same parents with kids that watch jake paul

Audrey Torres : that white lady really needs to chill

Berna Osmanova : they were so dramatic lmao

Sci : Man with the dreads and orange shirt the one saving this channel no cap

Joe Essex : Why tf do parents get so offended over swearing, I genuinely don't understand that

Lil Ozzy : Why is it surprising to be swearing at 15

KJK : Honestly the only person that could get past her and respect her fr fr was the dude with the dreads. He didn’t insult her, or make fun of her. He actually listened to her music and could understand she’s playing a character.

Ieshah Jae Griggs : The guy with the orange tshirt ( forgot his name ) but he is so cool , laid back and opened minded he would be the best dad even when he would embarrass you , you would laugh so hard .

Bella G : *Dr.Phil has left the chat*


Kyzmerah joshua : They mad as hell that they know this is how they kids be speaking when they aren't around 😂😂

Laura Arsenault-Perera : Okay but, can we have Bhad Bhabie react to Parents React to Bhad Bhabie

Little Tomato : the amount of kids defending her in the comment section 😂😂

Joy Kabue : The one wearing black.. we love a supportive mom, she clearly understands its deeper than what comes of

Emily Antimo : “She can’t sing, but she tryin’ tho“ lmaoo

elidaemperor : gucci flip flops lowkey heat tho no cap

love yourself : i wish you played played "mama dont worry" at the end i think that would have changed there opinions...

jack Mannion : Who doesn't curse at their friends?

All That Jay : she's more productive than i was at 15 tbh

Tyesha Thurman : You shoulda played "mama don't worry" for them to understand her better?..

Dipstin : All 15 year olds have mouths like that.🙊

Chris Saldana : These are the kind of people that stub their toe and say “holy guacamole that hurt like a mother freaker”

im done : "tHaNkS fOr HaViNg Me ToDaY"

Talliyah Johnson : regardless if you like her or not, you gotta give it to her, she used her catchphrase to broaden her audience and now she's making millions

Muma’s Teaaa : Act like they never heard a curse word in their lives smh

Leah Hamm : Does that white guy really think he’s funny?

TheDangaronpaQueen329 : Some of them were way too over the top about the music. It gets old very fast.

Tracy Nguyen : the white lady doin too much fr lmao

softleeknow : 6:06 it aint that deep just take your head phones off jesus christ

Lisa Sun : You can tell some of these r the cool parents tho lmao

has2703 : Oh My GoD CuRsE wOrDs

Charlotte : I want bhad bhabie to react to this

Sarah Adams : Parents react to Billie ellish

jaida joseph : Adults react to Billie eilish

radin : bhad bhabie reacts to parents react to bhad bhabie

Milton Gwede : Did l lose a bet maybe that’s why l’m here🤣🤣🤣

Remy ma Tings : Adults react to Jeffree Star please💖

It’s Denariaaa : “Thanks for having me” “I think we’re done here” 😂😂😂😂

Olivia Moon : *Bhad bhabie is the same age as Jojo siwa* That's all I have to say

George Anderson : Dreads guy def a dad “she can’t sing. She tried tho”

jessica : the teacher was the only one who understood it. i love her, i wish i'd had her as a teacher lol

Frida Reyes : when she got up and left and was like “I’m done here thanks for having me” I criedddd💀💀💀

zaira moriel : y'all did daniella wrong af for not showing the parents "trust me" and "mama don't worry" ❗❗

Kailin Jones : You should of had them react to the song about her Mom ‘still ain’t dirty’ you should of showed more sides to her

Purple Drank : The dude in the glasses reminds me of Keith from the Try Guys

Sunny Addicts : Damn, it really is moms against Bhad Bhabie.

jessicaa mrtnz : Now you need to Danielle react to this video

Miss Frankiee : Parents react to Malu

Piknos : It's.....just not good. There's better music out there