Sound check on monarch butterflies

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TheVJProduction : when the bass drop

Coptah : kid hits em with the roblox death noise

mad : @0:51 roblox?

Cygnus' Edge : When you're watching a video and suddenly you hear the Roblox death sound in the background.

camt32 : That is so cool! but are you sure they can actually hear as opposed to pickup up vibrations? The lower pitch frequencies have more pronounced wavelengths

Jacob & Emma : How the new bassnectar has me feeling

someGUYwithADHD : Please for the love of god... get a boom box, play some deep bass techno, and let us watch them dance! Guaranteed viral video!

RedDiamondCrew : But, why?

Wild♦Card : you know...this could be torture for them for all you know. i know it was for me listening to that weird ape like noise she was making...

Dick Trickle : tfw no autistic gf to honk at caterpillars with for christmas

dan harv : The lower frequencies actually vibrate the leaves on the plant that they are on.

Martim V.A : It's not clear whether they can "hear" (i.e. they have some kind of 'ears'); instead they might just have some sort of impulsive reaction to sound waves

Dick Trickle : these caterpillars would be losing their shit if they heard some 808's. you should try listening to Luke dies, Leah gets blown out of an airlock but survived using force magic flying, Kylo Ren kills snoke to save Rey, Admiral Ackbar dies.

Roland Soós : debugging those green robots was easy and cheap, nice!

brunogarcia : I was expecting you to use a tone generator, but this is better.

Mindchime Official : These are NOT monarch butterflies as the title suggests. These are caterpillars. They can't "hear" like you said. They sense/feel the vibrations.

Zono : Play earrape owo

KillingerDOOM : clearly they're into metal.

Jose Gochez : lol press 5 then 6 on your keyboard.

Tyblerone : That is probably one of the most annoying noises i've ever heard but good job on the science.

Rourke Sullivan : Bitch dem ain’t butterflies

Bryan Soe : Hypothesis: They might have some kind of sensory receptor on their body picking up vibrations from lower frequencies. Maybe as a way to detect predators.

Venom415 : Was expecting her to play Still D.R.E and I was dissapointed lol

DukeLaCrosse20 : sounds like I'm watching something nsfw.

Blackflame : Put on some low-frequency death metal.

Martin Plociennik : Have you considered putting them in a smaller container and see if they do it to the same frequency? It may very well be the Helmholtz resonance frequency of the volume of the container. Which makes everything, including the leaves vibrate inside, which startles the caterpillars as their sensitive legs detect it. Very interesting phenomenon nonetheless!! :)

geefreck : It's not the sounds themselves. They freak out when they feel they're near Darth Vader.

SmashingGamerz -Minecraft & More : How is this trending on Canada??

Marcel Winklmüller : but i cant hear any sound ?

ally : Dance party

Paul Martinek : They may just feel the resonance, not necessarily hear the sound..

Arxces : lol i was expecting a computer or phone to make the sound XD

P I : bassier grunts indicate a large animal that might be coming to eat them probably some kind of defense mechanism.

pikiwiki : headbanging caterpiggles

Jadraptor : I love this. Thank you for sharing your experiment.

JohnnyReiTV : Great material for a *trap*

Narwhal Bacon : You should make that noise on a first date.

Jassi Brar : 😒

gus : How long til we get a video of you doing this test to music?

HF Integrale : R.I.P Headphone users

Arcadia 64 : Clearly they're into metal

Alexander Stedman : Lol Reddit brought me here, Its probably some form of resonance as to their enclosure and their own anatomy as to the sounds you're making. Next time try Online Tone Generator. Don't have it too loud though. Look up info about the brown note, or mike boyds channel where he breaks crystal glasses by shouting at them, same principles

iGame3D : Bass sounds are similar to grunting noises of something chewing on their food supply and potentially them. What grunts and eats leaves in their natural environment? Bears, moose, deer, etc.

Mister Natural : No.You can't try.I got this.

Haydn Samuels : Got some pretty top end audio tech there

Braidin Purdy : #savesml


xColindres : METAL!!!

Kevin Jeong : That is awesome scientific experimentation! I had no idea monarch butterflies had that behaviour! Are the intensities of head movements affected by volume? What happens when a monarch butterfly hears that frequency vs a caterpillar? Keep up the good work!

Soccem Bopper : needs a remix