A Tribute to Minecraft

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A retrospective on my favorite game, probably ever. Consider supporting my work on Patreon: https://patreon.com/jschlatt Follow me on Twitter for bad memes: https://twitter.com/jschlattAlt For all music used, please refer to this playlist: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLPvxONNzWG3kl7vKWM1mdnxTNcFhBxWHM ~~ All of the music you heard in this video was made by C418. Please consider supporting his work: https://c418.bandcamp.com https://twitter.com/c418 Thanks to Arlus Finch for yelling at me: https://www.youtube.com/user/gamgina Shaders: KUDA Texture pack: John Smith

Comments from Youtube

Naterbug : Anyone else remember looking up “How to spawn herobrine”

A Profile : "an old friend I haven't spoken to since middle school." My h e a r t.

The Ultimate Irishman : Mine in Minecraft doesn’t stand for mining anymore. It’s yours. A point in history you crafted yourself, that you can always get back to. Your memories. Your childhood. Your friends. You

Mahh : *stal starts playing* *AntVenom has joined the chat*

TeeTime : "Its getting late man, I'll see you tomorrow okay? See ya." - My xbox friend that no longer goes online.

__________ : Only true OGs remember when the rose existed instead of a poppy

Paladin Danse : I would pay so much just to be able to re-experience playing Minecraft for the first time again

Wole bułki od chleba : Do you remember the time when minecraft wasn't just a memory?

antic bitch : I wonder what my old Minecraft friends from 2012 are doing now :(

Vio : What ruined Minecraft was when you reached the point where you knew everything. The point where the wonder and curiosity in your first world is absent.

Oh Yeah Yeah : Just hearing the Minecraft Background music makes me shed tears. So nostalgic

James Cedillo : "Don't cry because it's over,but smile because it happened."-Dr.Suess

Dominator : I still miss you goomba2002, i put a tribute shrine for you in our sky island

LegendPepper : Fun fact crying is healthy for the eyes it’s ok

KatzoMatzo : 2017: We make fun of kids who play Minecraft 2018: We thank them for choosing to play Minecraft, not for doing fortnite dances.

BRICK ADDICT : I want to build a time machine and go back to 2012 and play with my friends on Xbox 360 one more time

CJ StuntinG : This shit hit hella hard I would do anything to swap my life with my old life where all this happened I was so careless and happy and now here I am in high school doing GCSEs with hella stress

HK killen : Nobody: Me: *No shut up im not crying*

Yo Bro : I can't believe i actually miss Minecraft so much and my friends in the past

Ryan Roback : I didn’t get truly depressed until he said that next to him was a house for an old friend that he hadn’t spoken to since middle school

Everest Hahm : I haven’t cried in over 3 years, then this broke it. Thanks. Ima come back here whenever I’m sad.

BRAN : The moment you said "I'm pulled back into a world... when I was happy." I wanted to cry, and I struggle to cry, but for once, I willingly wanted to, it made me think of why I came to love the game, why I enjoyed it so much and how it created most of my later child hood, how that game was one of my greatest escapes from day to day life, all of the happy memories I was able to make and all of the people I met. Thank you

Jord Luppens : Are people not gonna talk about how they we're scared of skeletons and zombies?

WaddCentral : Worst mistake made by most players, deleting your first world ):

NuttyNois : we really took minecraft for granted didn't we?

Punyr : I can't express how happy I was to buy back my old 360 from a friend I gave it to 3 yrs ago to find that my minecraft world was still there

LALO : I honestly feel the world did really end in 2012...

big daddy : "Lets finish the build tomorrow" Last seen online 4 Years Ago:

Charlie Luther : I don’t think i’m the only one who’s been getting a big hit of nostalgia lately

Tyler Rowell : Me: Ya I’m getting off Friend: see you tomorrow Last online 6 years

CheesyMcbadbad7 : No clickbait title. Do clickbait thumbnail. 1.7m views on a vid from a channel w >100k subs. If you put your heart into making such a damn good video, the views will roll themselves in. Such a relatable video. Thank you

Sergio Abreu : I was waiting for him to talk about skydoesminecraft tbh

Cookie Overlord : "Hey let's build a roller coaster after school"

21 chemicals At the disco : “These songs are timeless, and when I hear them, I feel like a twelve year old again.” Literally crying

DJD Edits : The saddest thing is...when you last logged out of Minecraft, you didn't realize it was your last time. :(

Childeater290 : “Minecraft is not knowing how to play Minecraft.”

joelarapoc : "next door... the house of an old friend i haven't spoken to since middle school" ...

Oskari Vesterinen : "So that begs the question... What is Minecraft?" *Gets mafiacity ad*

jorji : Apologies to your uncle, he sounds like a pure badass.

HEITORo : /time set 2012

mediahh : I am happy that I grew up with minecraft.

Colonel Capatilism : "Minecraft is becoming too complicated." 2/29/12

Wucid : Your the one who cries... This actually made me make videos again. Thanks bro❤️

Fluky.orb : Dude ur giving me depression I swear.

r a v i o l i : keep your head up gamer, your headset is falling

Jet Qu : Me logging back in for the first time in 4 years: “You have 17 new updates for Minecraft before you can launch the game Estimated time: 57 hours” ...

Jamie : Been trying to sum up my feeling about MC for a while. It was the biggest part of my childhood for a while, and unfortunately I wasn't able to play it when it first dropped, and only recently started in December 2018. By then I'd watched hundreds of videos, been through my phase, and MC was known to me. Yet, when I picked up the controller, I still felt some if that magic somehow. Watching this video both makes me want to cry, and doesn't. I miss when things were simpler, especially since now especially, I'm going through some tough times, growing up and whatnot. It's odd to me, how the nostalgia gets me so emotional, yet I feel so content with the idea of letting it go eventually. I still play with my ten year old brother, and my sister who is turning six soon, is just discovering Minecraft and building houses out of logs instead of planks. I'd like to think that, vicariously, I'm enjoying the game again through her eyes. I hope she feels the same magic I did when I first saw it.

1NC4RN4T10N : I used to play minecraft with my 3 friends and now they went playing fortnite ;~;

OriginalHotDog : God this video hit too close to home. Thank you Mojang.