A Tribute to Minecraft

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Monkeyfarm : Glad to be part of your MC memories. :)

Noodle : Not in a million years would I have expected a minecraft video to get me choked up in 2018, but you really hit the nail on the head with this. Well done, holy shit

10,000 Subscribers With No Videos? : *Gets a Minecraft ad before watching*

Alexandru BOSS RO : stupid & toxic kids with fortnite legends & gods with minecraft

PhotoTech : No words... Here i am, 20 years old, in college, studying to some fucking exam that i will have tomorrow... U really nailed it, when i started playing minecraft, summer 2010, i was just a happy kid, nothing to worry about, just like u said... This game marked me, and i am now wanting to go back in time so badly, just for a day... Thanks for this video.

Shrub Child : I used to own a Mac OS X, it was a family computer. So of course that consisted of me and my brother fighting over it. I found a small server a year into my experience with Minecraft. It was called Antcraft. I was known as Craftcrafter04 there, but one day I messed up my account. I was really young and kept messing with the settings.. I lost my old account because I couldn’t figure out how to log back in. My new username?.. Blastitated21, and on occasion after the 30 day wait, Blastman21. I returned and told everyone what happened, they welcomed me back. It was nice, I’d get home from school back when I was in the 4th - 5th grade and immediately hop on. I had a mansion, a trillion friends, and a skin I stole from a place you might remember, “The Skindex”.. One day I started showing up less, I was in 6th grade. I had a steam account and had been trying out Team Fortress 2. So after awhile I went back to Antcraft along with some friends I made there that were on my steam. Antcraft had been hacked, it wasn’t accessible, everything was gone, and all I had left was me, 8 friends, and our little server we privately started. I was on one day, building another replica of my old mansion, and my little brother came in bugging me for a turn when it wasn’t his. He knocked the computer off the desk directly, the glass shattered and it broke my leg. For 3 - 4 years I have been without a PC, and I don’t know if the server is up and If my friends remember me.. I know if I ever get a pc that they won’t remember me, that Antcraft will be dead. But a piece of me wants to stay in denial and never find out. I stay on Xbox nowadays with Payday 2 and Borderlands, games my parents never would of thought I’d own after they grounded me for playing Team Fortress 2. I know no-one is going to give a shit and this is just gonna be another irrelevant comment about a life story, but if anyone does see this.. I hoped your Minecraft childhood was just as good.

MiitsPlayz - Random Games : *I'm not crying, you are crying...*

Misfortune Follows : I'm not supposed to feel old yet...

Vex : This hit home- so damn hard

Zhxry : One day we signed on for the last time, talked to people for the last time. And to us that day was a normal day... See u tomorrow, what time will u be on? The normal time...

I have to wait 90 days to change my name : Where men became legends

WhiteValyria : Every once in a while, a video like this pops up. A rare gem that ticks all the right boxes. Well done.

Kirsten Roest : I have no words for this, I just want to thank you for making this video. You have no idea how hard this hits me, in a good way. I hope all my old Minecraft friends are doing alright and if I could, I'd get back on that one old server and play Minecraft with them. And I know it will never happen, but it's just nice to think about how much fun we had back then. I'm so grateful for this game and everyone involved in making this. I really had to shed some tears near the end, but that's okay. I'm planning on starting a survival world in an older version of Minecraft. But thank you again, I really needed this.

Steele : Now i have to go turn on my ps3 and load up me and my friends world where we grinded all the achievements I’ll be back with updates later Update:I cried pretty damn hard

Super Arafa : I just got back into Minecraft. When I did I was hit by the music. I remember just sitting there playing by myself and enjoying the music, and also being bombarded by skeletons but that’s not the point. This game is part of my childhood and always will be.

chinaboyhere : Who else just wants to join a survival server and just play like we would 5 years ago

Aztrosist : Very high quality, but don't lie, you still watch hunger games let's plays

Ewokman6 6 : Minecraft is the best game ever created

San : You just put every word I had on my mind into this video. I can't explain how this made me feel. So strange. But it's like someone, who I never met or talked to, feels the exact same way I did, about every single topic in the video. I started playing when i was 13, back in 2013. I was happy. Forgot about the real world when i went into that made up one. No worries, no cares, didn't even have to think about how long I'm playing it or if I'm enjoying it, I just, did. Nowadays my grown up self can't enjoy games like before. I have a computer which is way more powerful than the one i used to have, but still somehow feels like I could never get the memories similar to the ones i made on that crappy dual core. Makes me so sad, but, in a weird way. I just...want to thank you for making this. Feels like something, after a really long time.

SubAtomic CC : Minecraft's soundtrack carries a bittersweet tone. But it's not just the nostalgia of youthful days of bliss passed by through the currents of time. The soundtrack sounds like wanting to go home, but knowing there's no home to return to.

Daggz g : This video after watching, made me choke up. After I watched this the first thing I did was take my old Xbox 360 from the depths of my closet and of course, Minecraft with it. I did as you did. Hopped on my world. The world. The world that was the most special to me. It was similar to you're world, a gient Minecart system, farms and man made villages, also my faild attempt at a mob trap (still don't know how to do those things.) But the thing that made me tear up the most was my, and a lot of other people's houses. This world was created back in 2013, I was 8 at the time. Me and my old friends from my elementary school would all meet up at my house every week on Friday to play for about 4 hours straight. It was absolute bliss and it was some of the best times I have ever had with any friends. But something happend. We where in a group of 4, two of them where twin brothers that were some of the funniest people you could ever talk to (when you were 8 of course.) But one day, they just left. Without warning too. This left me only with my last friend who still keep in touch with but havnt seen in real life in awhile, because I eventually moved too. So there I was, looking at our creation one of the most memorable things I've ever built and still remember picture perfectly onced we finished it. It was a 3 story wood house, with a basement. Pretty simple. But when I saw it again in over seven years, the soft piano music started to play. And I cried. I cried like a little baby. Just like you, I wasn't sad, I wasn't crying tears of joy, I wasn't overwhelmed, I was just... Brought back. Back to a simpler time. A time with no worry. A time of pure happiness. And looking at that house. Remembering old faces, old memories. Just then I knew... They really have never left.

Justin Y. : Man, this brings back so much nostalgia.

Birdy : Haven't really cried in a while, being the 17 year old I am today. But I remember those days on minecraft, im sad I didnt find this video sooner. Thanks dude, there wasn't one thing you missed out of this.

Nurd : I wish I could go back 5 years and experience this again. I’m so done with the new genre of clickbait Fortnite.

veined hoodie : hands down the best video i have seen in youtube, how tf did a minecraft video hit me so hard

CrossRoads : I am glad I grew up with this stuff. Minecraft, some terraria, even more so Roblox. Glad to know that I didn’t grow up with the filth that is fortnite.

Linkmon99 : When he talked about the music bringing back memories I got hit in the feels man, *real hard* :_(

EyreFilms : I feel like this is more of a tribute to your childhood that you’re ever so losing grasp of. I’m in the exact some boots as you I started playing mine craft on the Xbox in 2011 and then I merged over to pc later that year, that game holds countless dear memories with me and everything I experienced on that game will stay with me for life. Now I’m at university and turning 19 in a couple months I look back then I didn’t realise that was my happiest point in life I just took every day as it came and took it all for granted. Damn I miss those times.

chinaboyhere : Mario Sky landers Minecraft PvZ Clash of clans League of legends Counter strike Those are the main games I have played during my life, spending thousands of hours in total

Ida-Kristin Titlestad : Just when you started the song stall, my heart just started beating more slowly. There were so many good and bad memories rushing though my mind while watching this video. I am so thankful that you took a lot of your time, just to give me and many others that mix between happiness and sadness. I started playing in 2011 when I was 5, and I payed every day till 2016/17 I don’t know why I stoped playing, but I will start playing again. I lost my only friend when I was 2, and I got bullied every day. The only thing that kept me from killing myself was this phenomenal game. I got my "first friend” on a Minecraft server at the age of 9. We were playing so much, that we just forgot about life. My parents didn’t know that I were lonely, got bullied and wanted to kill myself. The only person except me, was that boy. This video made me cry because it reminded me of him, the guy that stoped me from killing myself.❤️😭☺️

Devon Powell : This is so much nostalgia. I remember when me and my brother would play this game almost everyday, and every day we did something that, at the time, we thought were impressive. I used to know almost all of the crafting recipes even though I played on the 360, and I was able to build this one cannon thing that I saw Stampy make that would launch you past the clouds. I thought this was super sweet even though I mostly played on creative unless I was playing with my cousins or friends. I would keep on top of every update ever since they added the improved villager update. The people I would Idolize were Stampy Longnose, Skydoesminecraft, Preston Playz, Dan TDM, Tobuscus, Antvenom, PopularMMOs and probably so many others that I can't think of or remember. I made this on party house That was made out of glowstone, and loaded it with beds, enchantment tables, paintings, and other things. I even made a creeper DJ made out of Diamond blocks and glowstone by a pool made of diamond, along with a giant diving board made out of glowstone that would go past the clouds. Which is weird because I wasn't really good at building and I didn't entirely enjoy it. But dang it I had so much fun building this party house that no one else was going to live in. One day the game deleted that world, probably because of how many other ones we built. We always had pressed apple air freshener for some reason, and we recently bought some more. And as soon as I smelled it, I had so many flashbacks about me and my friends talking about random minecraft stuff like Herobrine and the Christmas texture pack, and when my brother made a space ship based off of the one from the movie "Alien" and the time I got so exited about the villagers trading thing I hardly used. I didn't have much to worry about and it made for some fun summer memories. Thank you for reading this ramble I'm only 14 so all this was only about 4 years ago but it feels like so much longer. This game really changed my life and I know that sounds dumb and nerdy but it did.

Cole Mitch : This made me tear up.

GalacticSilver : That was beautiful man, and I think that many older players can relate; myself included, I may not have started back in alpha but I had a similar experience. I think this was a wonderful way to finally say goodbye to MineCraft... the original MineCraft. (Not trying to be controversial)

deez nutz : I agree with how they add too many new things but I also think that what ruined the game was when everyone started calling it "Cringy"

AnotherNote : Nostalgia at its finest. A hot summer day, fan blowing in your direction and just playing minecraft either solo or with friends. 1.8 was the last straw for me

khanman1234 : i never knew a minecraft video could bring me to tears

CentralMinnesotaRails : I miss this game, seeing the default texturepack with Steve wandering around an empty world gave me nostalgia that no game has and probably never will. I almost teared up remembering the good old times.

David Thomas : liked the video so much i disliked then liked it so my like could count as 2

Augustus Domitor : I still remember the day i first played minecraft, my dad got it for pe on his phone when i was like 8 and I remember stealing his phone the next day and bringing it to school to show my freinds that i got minecraft, I remember all the days i had freinds come over to play the demo on my xbox, I remember having parties just so we could build on minecraft, I remember making the first world and doing nothing but wanting to make a cake to find there was no sugarcane on the world. that was 5 years ago and I dont think i could have done much if i didn't have that sense of wonder, that sense of who will comeover to play it.

FunkyPlayz : Minecraft is honestly a good game and I hate the reputation its been given by the internet, I'll never forgive the internet for ruining Minecraft its a game about building houses and mining ffs.

thealley : Brought a (almost) grown man to tears. Minecraft will always have a great place in my heart and mind. ✊

Tulepeeker : I wish i still had my old minecraft worlds

VDK : The funnier part is that he’s using shaders 😂 while talking about the OG Minecraft but I get you brother

edan g : they should release a version of the game that was just og, no new blocks and items, just the original minecraft separate from everything we have now, and to top it off it can have ur old worlds in it just to increase that feeling of nostalgia

AceFade Guy : This video made me want to cry tears of joy!!

friwilly : undisputed: Minecraft kids > Fortnite kids I got the game on the 1.1 update, so 2011-2012. My older brother, sister and I (at 9-10 years old), gathered around my dad's old computer, with 512 MB of RAM, and played all the time. Worlds took forever to load and save, but it didn't matter. I remember I figured out how to build a bed for the first time, and it was an amazing feeling to figure something out by yourself. I started to talk to other people, meet people that were easy to talk to, because of our common interest in the game. Most of my passwords at the time included "minecraft" and my favorite person to watch at the time, AntVenom. I watched his Survival Games videos over and over again. I played on PC, so playing with real-life friends in elementary school was a challenge; although I did call my friend over our home phones to play, our session being disrupted by our parents needing the phones or chores. Something that allows me to remember so much from my childhood will never have the glory days be forgotten. Those glory days made Minecraft into one of the best games for the time period.

Dr.Sonny : This hit me hard for some reason.. especially the part about the music.. very relatable..

Lolz meme : Minecraft is not just normal game its a great game that has given everyone a great childhood a great memo. Minecraft a great game that i will never truly forget. Thanks To the people who made this amazing game im truly thankful.

Uncle Iroh : for me that nostalgia comes from another thing in minecraft, alot of dutch people will understand, it was a series called "The Kingdom" it was really fun back in the day all the big dutch minecraft youtubers participated in it always couldnt wait for the next episode and everyone had their own server for it trying to replicate it but now its kind of dead and not really fun anymore, it has lost its magic, it gives me nostalgia when i rewatch it, i hope there are some dutch people here who understand

Matthew Lawson : O I swear, as soon as he said "what's minecraft?" A mafia city ad came up😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂