Rewind Clip Of The Week: Tupac's 1995 Deposition [Official Video]

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xXOldEnfieldXx : i watch lil waynes deposition to laugh and this one to be inspired

phillyhippie : I love how his whole face lights up when he talks about music and poetry

The247th : Intelligent guy and not a fake at all. Yes he had some rough edges but hey no one is perfect. There's a reason why he's still so popular to this day.

Clark Feeley : Very well spoken and intelligent. I know nothing about the guy, but he made the prosecutor look like a fumbling idiot several times.

Golden Arts : Now I understand why people loved Tupac, now I understand where real Rap comes. Most rappers today should be ashamed of themselves.

squash 101 : I got here by clicking on a Justin beiber deposition then I clicked on a lil wanye one after that I clicked on this one those 2 look like complete idiots compared to Tupac he gave straight answer plus showed respect while Justin was trying to be a thug


Kid Manchester : Who would you kill this guy...seem such an intelligent and educated individual......also very cool and collected. R.I.P brother

Polyfusia : Pac looked ten years younger in 1995 than he did in 96 when he died.

Vicii ssitudee : I bet other rappers don't know what "iambic pentameter" is...

Azer Simple : Tupac makes Lil' Wayne look like a comedy act.

Alex Brown : "were you trying to... get people to do things?" -"yes" "tell us what" -"THINK..."

Ahmazing Luke : rap literally means rhythm and poetry

Nancy Botwin : What an incredibly remarkable human being he was. The world truly lost a great soul the day he left us. RIP, Makaveli.

Jelilat Elias : Tupac handled that very well. He answered the questions honestly and respectfully, and was so cooperative. I don't understand why Lil' Wayne and Justin Bieber are trying to act all hard and shit, like it's not even funny. That's how you know that they're guilty if they can't even answer some simple questions without getting mad or giving the interviewer an attitude. It's sad that grown men like them can act like stupid 5-year-olds. They need to grow up and be mature, and take things seriously. If they don't know how to do that, they can come and watch this video. Tupac is a real man who knows how to face his problems and deal with them. It's a shame that he's gone now because Lil' Wayne and Justin can use a few lessons about maturity and respect.... ♥R.I.P Tupac♥

CR705 : REAL rap IS poetry

Daniel J. De Jesús : He seemed like a great, and smart person. It makes me sad, now that I know how he was, that he was killed.

Jag Singh : Now this is how you do a deposition you gotta be smart, not like Justin and Lil Wayne deposition

Franklin Evans : I think its BS that the law tried to sue Tupac for his lyrics but they openly allow the KKK to stand on blocks and express their opnions and its not disturbing the peace.

Sam B : how times have changed. cops be bumping 2pac these days lol

MurfDog : "You're trying to make me out to be a devil!" 

BryanV4 : Yo, if you can really understand and read his body language, this was genius.

Pjor Berger : I know nothing about this man, never been listening to his music or anything, just stumbled opon this and I must say he seem to be a really nice guy compared to todays assholes.

Cactus Wolf : Class act compared to Lil' Wayne's deposition...

Golden Goose : There used to be intelligent mainstream rappers...

Charis Pitcher : omg hes like the most cooperative celeb doing a deposition

Trielectify : If you haven't seen Lil'wyn and jb's depositions watch them and compare them to Tupac's. This man is deep, he knows how to control he interview and not just be some screw head who thinks he's better than anyone he meets. I cannot see admiring a rapper other than this man here he was truly a special person.

Omg Gurl : For some reason I don't feel that Tupac would be as big as a legend if he was still alive

Soley Johnson : I like how he kept it classy, but the ending made me almost cry. It was too late to declare him innocent... ): 

CruelIntentions6 : TUPAC IS A GEMINI LIKE ME! YAY. And his birthday is two days after mine lol Gemini's forever!!

Abhishek Singh : very mature at very young age respect

alexxC37 : Brilliant young man. Handled the situation with so much class. Such a shame he's gone. Rest in peace.

Hank Schrader : watched 6:20-6:30 at least 5 times

Nick Harris : He was mad tupac wasnt sounding ignorant enough lol

Jason Retribution : "Were you trying to provoke people to do things? Tell us what" Damn this is such a smooth ass deposition! I wonder how Tupac would have turned out if he was still around today.

Francesco G. : Little Wayne and Justin Beiber, take notes...This is how a real man composes himself at a deposition

Defalt : He was unlike any other human being. When he smiles, for some reason makes me smile. The ending was best "Have you tried to provoke someone in to doing something?" "Yes" "Tell us about it" "Think. Use your head"

commando1912 : what a smart and genuine person people's jealousy took that man's life RIP 2PAC

Mando Zamora : Take all these fakes, ALL these FAKES and BRING TUPAC BACK. This man was in a whole other level. 18 years ago.

Mrbiggestbawss : Well Pac definitely got me to think

julia pashnyak : Finalllyyy Tupac has some sense then bieber & wayne!

E C : Real class

Matt Odlum : he really has a great smile, can tell he loves life, hip-hop/rap has never been the same since his passing.

Julien Conille : Legend, I tip my hat to you pac,one love bro def miss your wise words and your presence.

Paul Ibarra : I only watched this because I miss tupac :(

Bianca Mihali : Because of all of this Bieber deposition talk....  I've never really listened to all of Tupac's music and went to follow on his career after he passed, but I've read his book and I've watched countless interviews he's done and he is intelligent. He knew exactly what kind of person he was, who he wanted to be, he knew how to articulate himself and how to hold a respectful conversation. It's clear that he was a very smart, genuine, and level-headed man.  Too bad Bieber couldn't take notes of this, he looks like a complete fool in his deposition. 

Jake : Damn so much respect for Tupac

insignificantly important : he seems like a really smart guy, opposite the today's rappers...

AverageCountryGirl Nikki : Wow, an actual sane, sober, intellectual, true, raw, real, deposition.  I'm actually impressed by this man.

bernard tim : Ole Tupac....gave a hell of a deposition didn't he? How did they turn out with that suit? They gonna sue him for what someone else did...they are crazy as hell.