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TheQuartering : Only 1 video today friends because THIS is very important. THIS is the video I need you to make sure you LIKE & Share everywhere You can on Facebook and to share this tweet! https://twitter.com/TheQuartering/status/1015643056857591808 We have to help Stan Lee NOW!

Marcus O. : His daughter abuses him, his manager took advantage of him, and he's slowly growing older. He does not deserve any of this. Stan Lee inspired me to be a writer and create my own stories. I grew up watching spiderman and the avengers. This is so wrong man

Anthony Riccardi : Rip Stan Lee Honestly makes you wonder if he died from heartbreak and not just natural causes

KINGVIPPER TK : Why tf would they actually bully a 95 year old man!!

Artofficial : These actors aren't heroes in real life.

justin hubbard : He gave abused kids something to look up to . Sons and daughters with parents that didn't know how to guide he needs some of us to be a hero

bcm3OOO : I'll take care of Stan Lee. He can come live with us for free.

eeeeeJack : I'm not a fan of comics. But knowing him being treat like this really make me sad.

Daniel Tibbot : Love of many grows cold. Compassion is dead. Humanity is insane and a total disgrace

Sovereign Knight : This news pisses me off! Vultures taking advantage of Lee is down right sickening! Someone please help Stan Lee!!!!!!!

Smoking Gun : RIP STAN LEE. You will forever be a legend. EXCELSIOR!!

hmm yes interesting. : Why must the man with the greatest film cameos ever (opinion) and the father of one of the biggest film franchise on Earth (fact) be treated so disrespectfully. What is humanity coming to?

Scottish Goy Bastard : Any of the Hollyweird elite helping, Wait he's not a trangender migrant from middle earth so why would they care.

MrOrmanley : Now I want to see an official announcement with Ryan Reynolds, Robert Downey Jr., Chris Hemsworth, Scarlett Johannson, Tom Hiddleton, Samuel L. Jackson etc. to simultaneously speak into their mikes proclaiming "Hands off of our Hero!"

Lilmisscostumedrama : Robert Downey Jr. Got paid 1 million per minute for a recent Marvel cameo, where is he? Ryan Reynolds? Scarlett Johannsson? Samuel L Jackson? Chris Evans? Ioan Gruffudd? Jessica Alba? Sam Raimi? They'll sit there crying about refugees and berating Trump but when it comes to actually helping, they couldn't give a shit. Props to Kevin Smith for offering a helping hand and his home to the absolute Legend that is Stan Lee! 👏

You Ate All My Beans Niqqa : I gotta admit that ... Women are just horrible 😂

Serious Soldier : R.I.P Steve Ditko I hope Stan Lee gets to enjoy his twilight years, why can't people just let him go peacefully. His life must be hell.

F B I HAH : I hope these people will burn in the darkest and hottest pits of hell for all eternity, dying endlessly and suffering for their mistakes. Soon theyll look up to stan lee and say theyre sorry for ever touching his life and destroying it for many years. If we find a way to bring dead people back to life the first thing they have to do is burn the bodies of these types of people so they will never come back to life. Get cancer cruel jackasses.

YaBoiAkira : He finally did... Why god. R.I.P Stan lee.


Baldomero D Morales : I'll miss him after his death. He is a famous man who made a lot of comics and without him where will this world be. Without spiderman and the rest of the heroes that we all love.

TheAwesomeDarkNinja : Can we just go Daredevil on these harassers' asses? "You bully Stan Lee again, I'll know."

Robbie Palmer : Funny how all the actors posted “touching” tributes to Stan. Where were you when he needed a voice of advocacy

xdas11 : Wish any one that wrong this man drops dead

crysis4real : Stan Lee your most welcome to stay with me and my family in England/London. We do not want a penny from you only to take care of you.. Your a great man and you have my utmost respect for all the great work you done. RIP in this life and in the next life bro.. Peace

James Heal : Long story short, judge doesn't give a f*** about Stan Lee, and for that matter neither does anybody else. Save one.

Ćley FullAnime : Very depressing a famous man of inspiration being mistreated by people he thought he trusted. Truly sickening!!

Getsuga TENSHO : They should go to Trump I remember that one celebrity goes to him asking to release someone from prison!! So try Trump why not

Brandon Toure : RIP legend, you created my childhood and to see you dead pains me.

Malaki Donovan : #stan_lee_greatest_cameo_of_life

Khitty Kat : Im scared for Stan lee I think we have to separate him and marvel and try are best to make the last years of lees life the best it can be

DarthAndrew520 : Where the hell is Marvel? Where the Hell is Disney? Their lawyers should solve all of this. This is all too horrible

So tired of dumb ass people : That is truly heartbreaking, I grow up watching and reading his comics. And now my son's do the same watching and reading too. Thank God for Mr. Smith he is a angel on Mr. Lee's shoulder 😇😇😇😇. To all you motherfuckers that did this poor gentleman wrong. Don't forget you too will get older and may you get yours 😈😈😈😈

Stan Lee : Hey there true Believers, Look I want you all to know that you made this all possible. Without you, my fans I wouldn't have become the man I am today. I never got to thank you all before I left. Remember I'm always with you. I won't give up on you if you don't give up on me. Thank you for being there for me when I needed you most. Excelsior!

cgwworldministries : Nothing is sacred in this world. Sad disgusting reality, he cast his pearls before swine.

Joe Ruck : Deadpool is not a Stan Lee creation, but I'm with you bro.

MachoManAlex YT : the nerd defense force must unite

Richard Quinto : There are alot of humans...but no humanity.

Angela Shields : This is incorrect information!!!! On August 18th it was awarded for another 3 years!!!!!

Elizabeth Shaw : I would marry Stan Lee right now just to help him! Are you the wheelchair most of the time so I'm not looking for anything other than to help protect somebody. I am also do to inherit a large amount of money myself so I don't need it for that either. I have been a nurse and a physician and a social worker I've spent my life caring for other people. I will step in with no horse in this race other than to make sure he doesn't spend the rest of his life this way he deserves better. Whether he was famous or a nobody I would say the same thing.

The Rice Fields : It happened. He got what he wanted and now everyone is going into peril. The world might as well end.

Gotians Games : YouTube displayed and promoted this video to me. I'm tweeting this to Kevin Smith

BlackRedDragon777 : Stan Lee your fans are with you Excelsior! One of the first comics I've ever read was the classic spider man it got me into the genre even after nearly 2 decads that love for comics and super heroes has never wavered it has inspired my imagination and that of many others I can say with absolute certainty that this world would be a whole less brighter without you and everything you done thank you STAN LEE

AWthrower : What is the outro song? Have been searching for Aaaaages!

Michael Anthony : My account was banned from IGN because I made a comment on how they don’t play the games they review

Preston Ferry : 7:52 no offense, but he literally made a lot of mistakes on that sentence.

Alec Chong : Avengers assemble to help Stan Lee!!!

Sezmo Forsyth : damn i had no idea stan lee went through all that. people are doing the same things to me in my own life constantly stealing from me, so i can relate, at least it isn't my own daughter though, damn. stan lee will be missed.

Lazar : R.I.P Excelsior!

Granny : Goodbye Stan Lee, my hero, my inspiration and my favorite Super Hero. Sleep well, King