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TheQuartering : Only 1 video today friends because THIS is very important. THIS is the video I need you to make sure you LIKE & Share everywhere You can on Facebook and to share this tweet! https://twitter.com/TheQuartering/status/1015643056857591808 We have to help Stan Lee NOW!

Marcus O. : His daughter abuses him, his manager took advantage of him, and he's slowly growing older. He does not deserve any of this. Stan Lee inspired me to be a writer and create my own stories. I grew up watching spiderman and the avengers. This is so wrong man

Pixel : Being one of the most famous people in comics and being 95 years old isn't an easy thing. Lee deserves justice.

GardenOfLoveMUSIC : Wouldn´t it be great, if the entire cast of actors who embody his creations would cover his back in this situation? I think the entire family that is the current MCU owes to him, to step in and come up with some solution to this.

Kenn Tollens : A bunch of criminals taking advantage of the elderly. Special place in hell for those people.

censor everything : Why isn't this being covered more? Where are all of the Marvel fanboys/girls coming to his aid? Get out there. You show up for movie premieres to scream your head off. Show up in protest instead. Love from from the east coast.

hmm yes interesting. : Why must the man with the greatest film cameos ever (opinion) and the father of one of the biggest film franchise on Earth (fact) be treated so disrespectfully. What is humanity coming to?

Smith Hoowe : Because everyone is so entitled! This man spent his entire life building an empire, and these gutless leaches are there to steal his hard earned livelihood, and worse yet he cant even enjoy the spoils of his work, I would suggest to Lee to move out of that cesspool they call "Hollywood" and move someplace where they respect property rights and where it is legal to shoot trespassers on site!

Novaflame : this is deplorable, Stan Lee doesn't deserve this abuse.

Impending Doom : If ANYTHING HAPPENS to Stan Lee, I'm going to California. He's been a hero to me since I was 4yrs. old. California won't like me when I'm angry...

waRR waRR : Judge paid, everyone paid, lets abuse the old guy. You know people, thats how we are now.

Ćley FullAnime : Very depressing a famous man of inspiration being mistreated by people he thought he trusted. Truly sickening!!

JuergenGDB : I am sorry if this offends anyone, but California and other States are terrible at protecting people... Lawyers are necessary but evil at the same time.

mr.T3 p3 : That judge his bank account and all Holdings should be investigated(.)

Adam : Kevin Smith. Dude. Protect this man. He's a national treasure.

Cam Williams : If you all love Stan so much, don't just type it on YT, actually do something to help, write him support, petetion for protection, do something about it

Serious Soldier : R.I.P Steve Ditko I hope Stan Lee gets to enjoy his twilight years, why can't people just let him go peacefully. His life must be hell.

BW L : Kevin Smith should just get involved because Stan doesn't have the chance to say yes even if he wants to. Stan is being isolated with his emails being controlled, his phones being changed and strong arm security (not Stan's) that doesn't let him meet others alone. I doubt the second lawyer was brought on by Stan, just some people trying to muscle in Stan's legal affairs and it worked. I actually think that Kevin Smith doesn't have a malicious bone in his body and would be perfect to protect Stan's interests.

Penney Burgess : Alright, I’m confused. Stan Lee made a statement on U-tube that these statements were false and he was okay. But he went to court... if he was coerced, this is really bad.

TruthSpeaker Gear : this is bull shit stan lee shouldn't be dealing with any of this

justin hubbard : He gave abused kids something to look up to . Sons and daughters with parents that didn't know how to guide he needs some of us to be a hero

DarthAndrew520 : Where the hell is Marvel? Where the Hell is Disney? Their lawyers should solve all of this. This is all too horrible

ngs5150 : It is his right and his life. Sad ending for such a talented creator. I just hope he is at peace with his choice.

Knuckle_Bump : I want to help but I have to ask my mom first.

Marvelous Beats Gaming : It's really sad if you're 95yo, and you can't enjoy your last days in *peace*. No offense to anyone, but he's one of the very few white men I look up to. I know this isn't a race thing, but I'm just saying. I mean damn, he's is literally the coldest 95yo in the world. Wish there was something I could do.

Eric Z : Wow dude this makes me sick!!! Stan is a freaking legend!!! Marvel would not exist without him. He has inspired and brought joy to billions around the world. He does not deserve this kind of treatment whatsoever. I certainly have no power whatsoever concerning this situation but man if I did this shit would stop and I mean like right now!! I was having a good day but now I'm pissed and I don't even know Stan personally. Man I really hope somebody who has the power to steps up and does something about this. Sending you good vibes and prayers Stan you are a legend and a hero and you will never be forgotten. Rant over...

pumpkaboo riot : Let the man live his last years on Earth in peace.

Md Talha Ansari : the price of fame and fortune. I hope someone stands up for him. if there is something a guy from Bangalore can do, besides pray, let me know.

Jim Kirk : On one hand I feel bad for Stan Lee, but on the other hand how Stan mistreated Steve Ditko & Jack Kirby, well maybe it's karma!!! I give Stan Lee 2 more years after that only God knows!!! TRULY SAD!!!!

James Heal : Long story short, judge doesn't give a f*** about Stan Lee, and for that matter neither does anybody else. Save one.

Bozzak : Don't know.... Kind of agree and hope Kevin Smith can help.... or as he says, the other actors in the MCU.

bcm3OOO : I'll take care of Stan Lee. He can come live with us for free.

angusyoung119 : I stopped watching after 7:14. My heart just cannot take this. I do have a very soft spot for old people, especially when theyre being taken advantage of. But this is just too much. I honestly hope he can atleast die in a peaceful moment with no one who has harrassed him around him. Sounds like that's all he has at this point. Im so sorry Mr. Lee. I guess fame and fortune really isnt everything.

Little Ricky'sFlyingCircus : Judges are attorneys it's the good ol boy club... All Attorneys are bottom feeder's as they make their living off the pain and suffering of others!

IcedVenom Nightcore : Just another chapter in the Great American Tragedy.

eeeeeJack : I'm not a fan of comics. But knowing him being treat like this really make me sad.

Gotians Games : YouTube displayed and promoted this video to me. I'm tweeting this to Kevin Smith

Gazza Rover : Sounds like stan lee got jewed!!

BIGDAWG 91331 : I would protect stan lee like if he was my grand dad (ps. My grandad pass before i was born)

Stanley Speedway : His daughter has never worked a day in her life? Sounds like a welfare baby to me.

takeout221 : I have live my life through marvel comics. my art work is a direct vision of marvel. Stan Lee has always been my hero and idol. To hear that someone is doing this to him really hurts. Without him, a lot of us would not be who we are today.

TheAwesomeDarkNinja : Can we just go Daredevil on these harassers' asses? "You bully Stan Lee again, I'll know."

Bob L-B : I wish the best for Stan Lee. I wish there was some way I can help him. It's a shame that the great creator of all my favorite marvel superheroes has to suffer like this. :'(

Victor F Rodriguez Jr : It hurts to hear Stan Lee going through this! Very depressing.

Baldr's Dreams : This is revolting. How can this happen?

Tony Miles : Yes, where the F#ck are they? Stan Lee be one of the superheroes you've created and keep fighting like Batman.

QuattraSol99 : I wish I had the money to go see Stan Lee and protect him but I don't, not to mention I'm a stranger, but this man has been a hug inspiration to me and hearing this is happening to him makes me sick. Come on guys, we gotta save him!

Me You : Stan Lee is a GOD, thanks for all the memories

[TGF] Sheep864 : The people who disliked this have NO souls

Irving Silverman : Maybe he should hide under a pile of Marvel Comix...