Dr Disrespect Admits to Cheating on His Wife LIVE

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BiggieToad : Dr disrespected his marriage

Juan Sanchez : So thats why he called himself the 2 time

Violence Speed Momentum : Man this sucks...

robm78 : So....does she get the Lambo?


c c : Of course he did, look at him, he's a 6 foot 6 alpha male that is extremely wealthy. He is the pinnacle of our species, it is only right that he passes as much of his genes down as possible

Mind´ : Damn. He either got caught or that other bic blackmailed him so he had to say something. This is fked up either way. Lost my all respect for him.

Spencer Honda : ok

Velaurius : I once reported him for cheating before I know who he was. I was never so right in my life.

Cartoonistic : But he didn't say that he did cheat on his wife

ashurafreedan : Jontron said some things and came back stronger and better from ever. His flex tape video was godly. The Doc will be back with a vengeance

toddler1009 : my man got caught!

Hugh Jundys : Oldest trick in the book and men still don't see it. Man gets wealthy, wife wants it so shuts off 'access' until he 'trips up', man then has huge guilt and falls on sword and gives wife everything. It's an easy female retirement plan any wife can trigger whenever they feel like it.

MrTw2009 : I am shocked..with that name..who would have thought he would do something like that?

Colombian History X : I’m devastated.

JimmyJimJames : that twitch fame got to him.

uo breh : but it is what he represents. because he did it. ONCE A CHEATER ALWAYS A CHEATER. disgusting REPLY

Fantastic Pond : That's not even Dr. Disrespect. This guy doesn't even have a mullet, or the Google prototype specs. FAKE NEWS!

Aztecia : This is so disappointing :( <3 Doc. Big of you to come clean.

PsychoBob : You can't know the whole thing and I respect him for coming out about it to all his fans. He clearly regrets it, so I don't hold anything against him.

Melaniko : I dont understand What is happening?

Vortex Fortitude : Drdisrespect is the man! He had the guts to do this live. All of you have to realize that.

neoMelee : dr disrespected women

Nintendo Pilot : Hope you had a prenup

brendan Sweet : Alpha asf

Hansel Carmona : ohh nooo

Jacob Harvan : It's ironic that this guys account is twitch fails...

Ice King : "Loyal to the land" but not to his wife.

really dude : Man this is pretty sad. Why'd ya do it, doc

Beer Threetwoseven : dr bettergetagooddivorcelawyer

Phased gaming : Well you deserve what is coming to you I guess.

Joseph Osick : gay

Stop Child Abuse : This is our daily bread, I am not surprise. Is there any faithful creature in earth?

Whack Angel : insert useless drama here... (oh, it's already done)

Mada Rashad : Why'd you need to put *"CHEATER"* in the fucking thumbnail?? I mean he made a mistake, that doesn't mean you had to put up a mugshot of Doc and put *"CHEATER"* under his face...

Slootyboot : How is this a "fail?" The guy admitted to something he didn't have to admit to... ON FUCKING STREAM. Kill yourself, and be sure to have someone record it on liveleak. Stick your neck in a bundle of barbed wire, tie the barbed wire to a bridge and JUMP OFF.... Jump off with the barbed wire attached to your beta-throat, and allow outsiders to record you decapitating yourself in a beautiful display of red-velvet as your head rapidly twists off from your spinal cord and your vitamin-D-less body sits, spraying HIV-infested blood (jk, you've never had intercourse) and ends up with you rotting in your own pain. While you're sitting there, I want you to reconcile everything different you could have done, and realize that all of the people you're putting on spotlight here, have substantially better lives than you could ever hope to have lived; and in that moment, you recognize the translucence of failure that you've stricken your shitty family with. You're nothing more than a fucking nutty little elf posting other peoples' content, and you'll never be anything more. How does that feel?

DaMonsta : lmfaoooooooo. Hope this nigga gets shot

ricardo baas : He probably cried like that when he was fucking his lover

ballDollarPen : lol most people just cant handle getting famous. Married, gets famous, young dumb bitches prolly telling him to meet up, he falls for it. Atleast he came out and admitted it, thats a man. But real men dont cheat on their wife, period. Feel no remorse for cheaters, and hope his wife takes everything. They can all eat shit and die for all I care. Its not hard to not cheat. In a relationship and feel like cheating? You about to meet with the chick? Go fap one out then tell me you still wanna cheat. Fucking pathetic.

Klemzoo : wife + thoty = 2 time

Bohdi Zafa : fuck this loser, he should be apl;ogizing like this to his wife and kids. fuck him

GRM114 : Lmao what a fucking loser

Mark Felt : So what? don't be a pussy....if you lose her, what you really are gonna miss ! besides her nagging... and why everyone in that shitty land is crying these days...cops, criminals, husbands, wives.....bunch of sissies !!

cragus2004 : Was the pussy worth it ?

drbeserka : So who was the strange puss owner? Was she hot? I mean he's destroyed his life over a some twitchcon puss... it must have been some seriously good puss right? I'm looking forward to her Womens Weekly expose of how she got seduced by the two time.

c c : We with you Dr. You can fuck who you want, don't let these hoes get you down

Jacob Weinstein : What a dumb fuck, he had everything. Focus on what? Your marriage is done, stop crying you fucking panzy, you fucked up. Deal with the consequences.

Sean Weir : gotta watch out for that twitch puss

Smb Weideman : I wonder how much violence speed and momentum he used on those bitches hahahahah

CIA Sherpas : Wow you lot are a bunch of dicks. The dude made a mistake, guess you idiots are perfect right? Pfffft. Takes some courage to admit it to 1 person let alone the entire fuckin internet. I hope he sorts his shit out.