Celebrating Oct. 17th

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Achtzehn : Well... you tried. That's something, right?

Steve McQueen : women arent funny at all... Everything the cbc does reminds me of a no talent highschool production for social studies class

Pradeep Kanchan : I remember at an Apple store, a sales person was showing me the wonders of "Apple Numbers" when i mentioned i will use Excel on my Macbook. I had to pause and think if I was being trolled by them!!

Steve Doe : If you want to see an infatuation with spreadsheets, then speak to an account, a CPA, financial auditor, etc. I’ve had ad hoc projects where I lived in spreadsheets for a couple weeks at a time. It was not unusual to literally “dream” in spreadsheets during these times. You can have your spreadsheets any day. I will take the natural, physical world...thank you very much.

J Nuy : Blaze up!🌿😁


Junda Li : You come here because you know marijuana is gonna be legal on 17 Oct

BeardlyTheKind : NERDS