I Sent Fakes of Myself to Be on TV Around the World

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VICE : In the wake of turning his shed into London's most popular restaurant, Oobah Butler decides to send doppelgängers of himself on a global press tour to improve his personal brand. WATCH NEXT: How to Become TripAdvisor’s #1 Fake Restaurant http://bit.ly/2Cn4GuH

Kariyu : This guy is going to be the president of 20 countries next thing you know

Benedict Truman : When I saw his face on a thumbnail I was like... “oh no what did he do now.”

Olive O'Connor : I love that guy, what a peculiar mind you have to have to think of constructions as this

HamptonComics : sneak 100 intelligence 10 charisma 10 speech 100

Leah Summers : Next ep, "How I tricked everyone into thinking my real name is Oobah"

Robin S. Joseph : Oobah should do a TED talk titled "how to fake it till you make it"

Sven Lindecrantz : This man is lowkey dangerous, he's going to take over the world slowly...

BrightestMoments : Yo this is black mirror at its best

armando reid : You should make a fake band, that get booked at something like coachella... however you would do it.... like through music blogs and stuff

Fatima Kane : Oobah Butler wasn’t even in this video.


p n w b o r n : LOL the woman that auditioned. At least she tried

PiercingSight : "I like to think of myself as the Monet of farce. I like to paint with nonsense." Absolutely legendary.

Amit Sharma : Plot twist : The guy shown in the video as real Oobah butler is not Real either, watch twice. 😜😜😜😜

Daisy : Why would you put the hot version of yourself on the radio??

Cruye : "I'm not even the same person I was a year ago"

Hannah Mac : I swear to god Oobah is a walking black mirror episode

Licanueto : This makes me wonder, what if I'm Oobah?

Jordan Belfort : Malfoys, Malfoys everywhere!

Matt : Who ever he marries will need to conduct a spot DNA test at the alter, just to make sure.

stylefish84 : After having had a quick look over at oobah.com I sense that it actually serves a far greater purpose then only to be for jokes. Im pretty convinced that It actually holds the topic for the next documentary. If you start to read all the text under SUBMIT you'll quickly realise that oobah.com wants you to sign your whole life away when registering. I say next episode will deal with our issues of not reading what we more or less lawfully agree to on the net. Risky business if someone like this Oobah dude makes an internet service that draws a huge amount of people that signs up for it and agrees to the terms and conditions and the privacy policy of that same service. From the oobah.com site. "In consideration of your entrance to the promotion, you grant us over any content you submit above a perpetual, irrevocable, worldwide, non-exclusive, royalty free licence to use, store, reproduce, prepare derivative works of, display, perform, copy, exploit and to distribute and content, and make it available to third parties across any media. You also release all moral rights and similar rights in and to your submission." There is more to it thats even worse, in plain text on the front page, so pretty clear they set it up as an example. It is a huge problem all over net though so, good point!

Lewis : u fooled me! i thought you hosted some show called "the ellen degeneres show" or something

Herobrine231 : Next: “How I tricked everyone into thinking my name were Oobah Butler”

young pippo : 10:04 i'm not even the same person i was a year ago

Marion Marquez : So what I’m hearing is... this guy is the biggest and most woke phony

Somali pirate who's actually somali : _Haters will say it's fake. . . ._

Maekar I Targaryen : "The Monet of farce, I like to paint with nonsense", is an absolutely amazing line. It's just so outlandish and trollish, I couldn't stop laughing.

MachineryInDisguise : Ironically oobah sounds like 'ubah' in bahasa Malaysia, and ubah means 'change/ changing' so yeah. Brilliant name. 👍🏻

Tokyo : When he said "are you real, am I real is anything real" I started dying hahaha

de0509 : Holy shit what a finale of pranks. But is it really the end?

Marvin Lim : That Commercial has a Black Mirror episode soon lol

BCFC : When he won the award all the people that have been pretending to be him should’ve gone on stage😂

slippery dick : So many Oobahs and I still hadn't heard of him before this

Emrei Ccc : Next episode: "I sent someone else on my honeymoon".

Salman Awan : They should make a sequel to Catch Me If You Can starring Oobah Butler

anotherwhiteboy : This has to be by far the least trust worthy guy on the planet

yen._.jasmine : Now my trust issues instict say that maybe the "real" Oobah Butler we saw in this video wasn't even the real one but a doppelgänger or a person who got transformed into him...or maybe I need some serious help

Meetbeeppeeb : This guy might be the head of illuminati for all we know

Jin Seon : That oobah.com trailer is soo black mirror

Dimana D. : Being a bulgarian, who somehow missed this whole thing on tv and just now found out about this guy, let me tell you it was such a joy to watch the bulgarian part in this video. Firstly, I very rarely stumble upon my country being mentioned somehow on the "english" internet, so it's always a very interesting to me surprise. But more importantly, I could understand everything they said in the montage and it was funny, because they say how he made a fake restaurant and then they translate and narrate what he says when he questions if he or anything else is real.... And I don't know, but somehow hearing the irony in them interviewing the "fake" person about his fake restaurant in none other than my native language, made it so much better and meme-ier. And also the way they narrated/translated him speaking sounds sort of a bit pretenciously serious, which fits the irony so well. It's interesting how hearing something in your narive tongue (and also in this case, with a more or less familiar voice) can somehow make it sound different and perhaps even closer to you in a way.

Evafamia Langstodir : For episode 4 have you considered this :- Oobah Butler takes over Uber and names it 'Oobah'.

Jerdua : His brother is sooo good looking with his brown hair and beard

TΛBBY : *_i t o o k a n o o b a h h e r e_*

PAUL SHADY : For the real slim Shady please stand up 👊🏾

Ricardo Webb : Plot twist, this whole time the Oobah in the series has actually been an actor for the real Oobah who appeared as Adam Asmal in the previous episode.

Anthony Perez : May the real Gergio Pevioni please stand up!!!

Boris : So is this Guy getting interviewd by vice a fake also?

Jadden : I’ve never heard of him...

LondonMitzi2012 : Lol that ad at the end is like the beginning of a black mirror episode