Dumb and Dumber- So you're telling me there's a chance

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Dumb and Dumber- So you're telling me there's a chance


Ohem F. Gee : Me after hearing Scarlett Johansson got divorced.

Philosophy of Religion Blog : Iron Man to Dr. Strange

minihalkoja : V.A.T.S shows 1% on head

Devon Miles : when the teacher say you're about to fail but you only have one test left...

Jeff J. : My reasoning for having a Tinder profile.

gor9027 : When the 2018 Browns are still mathematically alive for a playoff spot after 14 weeks.

idcaf : Bernie Sanders supporters right now...

Joshua Grahm : me after calculating that I need at least ~mid to high 80s on all the rest of my tests to pass the class

roller_47 : My reaction to Warren Buffett's $1 billion March Madness perfect bracket challenge.

Joseph Lee : When she says "Maybe you can come over tonight." on first night.

ashkechum101 : Hillary fans on the recount

snois2 : Conor McGregor fans against Mayweather

reformedpaul : Kyman shippers during Season 20 of South Park.

Count : Me when my counselor told me I can still get into a college if I retake a few classes online.

mw2beastking : Ray sent me here.

Martin Anderson : Americans who tell themselves there is a chance Gary/Jill Stein has a microscopic chance of winning.

Joel : Leicester City fans at the start of the 2015-16 EPL season

Justin Marquez : Niners fans about the #1 seed bye

Raymond Frand : my reaction to dbz returning to toonami

GODTamIT : Half time Germany Vs Brazil

Jose DeJesus : When you apply for a credit card in person and they tell you you'll get a response in the mail.

gor9027 : The Colts currently having a 3300-to-1 shot of making the playoffs over the Texans.

Derrick Ames : That's Don lemon on the Russian collusion

Hacker Maniac : Reaction to despacito 3 confirmed

Smark Shillington, DFCO : +106lifeisgreat ;)

sumthang678 : billion dollar powerball drawing

gpoop23 : I've been there.

James Bryant : When Election betting odds have Gary Johnson at 0.1% chance to win.

bombergal1 : lololol!!

tojejik Yo : pretty much my reaction when I ask a girl if she's busy tonight

xXStormtrooper117Xx : My reaction to seeing Halo 3 on the Steam Community Hub.

CloneOfJoster285 : Dredd 2

Tyler : Sent here from a comment of DeeO's video.

timenyart : Math you do as a Republican to make yourself feel better- truer words have never before been said by Megyn Kelly

TizzNasty : Imagine that sometime over the next five years a special bell will ring once for exactly one second. Someone tells you that if you can guess beforehand the exact year, month, day, hour, and second that the bell will ring, you win a prize. Mathematically, you have better odds of correctly guessing when that bell will ring than you do of winning the Powerball jackpot........ Cue video

AudioAndroid : Powerball Jackpot to Reach $425 Million

Boudosaved : Romney's initial reaction to Rove's Ohio comment on Fox News.

Boudosaved : My reaction after Biden won the VP debate.

kalk23 : Denmark on Holland tonight!

canucksgo : my reaction to the possibility that shea weber might come to vancouver

Call555JackChop : They should play this everytime they show Gingrich on tv saying he's still runnin for President lol

Jonathan Ferrier : Go Canuck go

starfox9872 : C-C-C-COMBO BREAKER

CollItsabotchDeadp99 : so you're telling me I come from France

Tyler Bond : so you're telling me I have no pants

Cameron Shanks : so you're telling me there's a chance

tseawell90 : so you're telling me there's a chance

MrRampage100 : so you're telling me there's a chance

mrkjerr : so you're telling me there's a chance