Dumb and Dumber- So you're telling me there's a chance

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PabloCruise91 : When a job interviewer says "we'll be in touch"

Ohem F. Gee : Me after hearing Scarlett Johansson got divorced.

Philosophy of Religion Blog : Iron Man to Dr. Strange

Devon Miles : when the teacher say you're about to fail but you only have one test left...

minihalkoja : V.A.T.S shows 1% on head

Jeff J. : My reasoning for having a Tinder profile.

idcaf : Bernie Sanders supporters right now...

roller_47 : My reaction to Warren Buffett's $1 billion March Madness perfect bracket challenge.

Justin Marquez : Niners fans about the #1 seed bye

snois2 : Conor McGregor fans against Mayweather

mw2beastking : Ray sent me here.

Martin Anderson : Americans who tell themselves there is a chance Gary/Jill Stein has a microscopic chance of winning.

Snickerzz : Hillary fans on the recount

Count : Me when my counselor told me I can still get into a college if I retake a few classes online.

gor9027 : The Colts currently having a 3300-to-1 shot of making the playoffs over the Texans.

J L : When she says "Maybe you can come over tonight." on first night.

Joel : Leicester City fans at the start of the 2015-16 EPL season

Raymond Frand : my reaction to dbz returning to toonami

juonryu2nd : Braixen's 87.5% chance of being male

Blaze : H1Z1 Confirmed Date September 42nd. "YEAAAA!!!"

GODTamIT : Half time Germany Vs Brazil

gor9027 : The Cavs needing to win 4 in a row or a Game 7 at Oracle to beat a 73-9 team and win the title.

gor9027 : Blue Jays fans after falling behind 3-0 to the Indians and seeing that only the 2004 Sox rallied from down 3-0.

Michael Arbios : cubs fans about the world series.

Michael Arbios : 49ers will be decent this year so your telling me there's a chance !

Joshua Grahm : me after calculating that I need at least ~mid to high 80s on all the rest of my tests to pass the class

Enrico Visitacion : Indian guys asking for bobs and vagene be like

Arthur Sir : its even better when you realise Jim Carrey married that girl in real life

SonicMan2500 : Walking Dead The Final Season has been saved by Skybound!

S billings : Girl I'm seeing says there's a 4 out of 10 chance she'll sit on my face. Sent her this as a response.

Thunderfang777 : My thought process when summoning for a specific 5* in Fire Emblem Heroes.

Jake Oravec : England are in the semifinals

dmrc43 : Creating a profile on tinder be like...

Yaginator : When the Chiefs make the playiffs

A Dog : when you postpone my vet appointment.

Ex Rodriguez : 200*143*727

James Sajeev : Liverpool fans after hearing Pogba is returning to Man Utd Morata to Real Gotze to Dotmund

TravagGames : learning how few ppl get in an Overwatch beta wave

Christoph Burschka : So *this* is what Jon Stewart was referencing in the "Avalance on Bullshit Mountain" bit.

gor9027 : The 2015-2016 Bulls needing the Pacers to lose 3 straight games to lottery teams in order to make the playoffs.

sumthang678 : billion dollar powerball drawing

Godzilla Man : Carmelo to the Bulls

D P : Excellent

louis brody : Anyone here for Vertiigo

gpoop23 : I've been there.

reformedpaul : Kyman shippers during Season 20 of South Park.

Carole Sandler Kahn : So you're tell me there's a chance that Kascik will win! roflmao

Aaron Gallo : Tell her I have a rapist wit.

slapshot68 : Bears, Lions, n Vikings fans after Rodgers goes down

James Bryant : When Election betting odds have Gary Johnson at 0.1% chance to win.