Before Misire

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Phạm Hiếu : The story is very good

Urman holow : this is different but i do enjoy it a lot, you got yourself a new subscriber

Jennie : Great work! (✪‿✪)ノ

Steven : i am a little bit confused with some of the lines but i like your creativity playing with the words and the build up of the story, from calm to fuc*ed situation. And i can feel the intensity & creepiness throughout entire video, so good job!

Madeline : as a horror fans i approve this, i like the writing and sound effect style :)

Felicia Adella : Wow! It's good! Please continue your workkkk and maybe i will see your patreon :p work hard!

geordy : wow this one is disturbing lol

Bowen : Damn this is more dark than i thought it will be. I still not see any connection between this and episode 1. But i bet "something" is lurking in misire

PE Home : there is a lot of room to improve including the writing. but overall this is really interesting, i am subscribing and will definitely check out your future work

Phạm Hiếu : Is there an after misire If so i would like to see it

gareth : so, what the kid actually saw in the forest? damn 15:18 some insidious shit goin on, and the end RIP Mo

Igor Charlej : You are a fucking genius! I still can fell the creeps. That sounds! I'm already your big fan and can't wait for next part. And that part when the oldest one told ,,Try this kid" hahahhahah I don't know if you did it on purpose but that was good. And can i make one suggestion? Add the laugh. Like really creppy laugh (i'm talking about that scene with kid.