Coconut Macaroons - You Suck at Cooking (episode 76)

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You Suck At Cooking : Good morning everybody.

Let me sleep in peace : I almost feel like there may have been a better word to use then the entire outer space region but I just can't think of it 🤔🤔🤔

Frankie Ramsook Jr. : That was one of the most hilarious videos I have ever seen. So happy I clicked on this, thanks to my love of coconut. Btw your the best.

achanwahn : This really is so simple. I'll have to try this with my nieces. They'd love to jump in a creek and catch fresh coconuts!

PrincessRiners : hehehehehehe. this is silly.

Christmas Crustacean : condensed milk is proof that god exists

Ballistic BBQ : Off topic, but seeing you use sweetened condensed milk is making me think of this. Toss a banana or two on the grill, still in the peel, until it gets nice and hot. Peel it and plop it on a plate and drizzle that sweetened condensed awesomeness on it... HEAVEN. Oh yeah! HEAVEN!

Yee : Never seen any of your vids, just saw you on trending. Insta Sub! :)

That One Super Saiyan : Oml he made me so salty when he said “outer space region”

Heeby Jeebies : I like to serve macaroons with a side of shrooms, a vase of blooms, on top of a loom, with a bunch of goons.

Bobby Duke Arts : You make me giggle

Kerry Cronic Vlogs : Gimme Dat lil girl!

Melissa Blake : Ugh don’t you just hate it when you go fishing for coconuts and your pants fall down.

:Honey_Nut_Cheetos: : First time iv'e watched you're videos. Sooo random and hilarious

Ghalaghor McAllistor : YSAC, you are pro...not

RC Spear Rock : MOON!

I'm lost, please help. : I really wish I could watch someone watch you "collecting" coconuts with your pants around your ankles.

LafaYEET : What happened to our outro song?

Angel Yampier : Not called Coconut Macaroons but rather “Besitos de Coco” which is a typical and cultural dessert in Puerto Rico. It was invented on the island by female African slaves and still to this day it is one of our best “candies”. France has tried to pass them as theirs for a while because they have a similar recipe but they are way different (even changing their form to look like ours)- no hate towards France btw. I did a special report about the topic- and they can be dated back to the XVI century. And the original French recipe (even though it dates back to around the same era) was very different and has changed over the years looking and tasting like our “Besitos de Coco”. Technically the recipe you did was ours but with added chocolate (french) because the originals are meant to be eaten plain. But I do love me some cultural appropriation 😂.

That Guy : *Came down here looking for Justin Y.* Glad I didn't find him...

Thekrygaming _ : Teach me how to make a mango

spicylemons : I was just sick for 24 hours and this is a good way to be recovering

Murrie Curl : White out = ancient analog delete button 🙊🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂

Holiday Home : “And just wangjangle those together with your pair of snippy lever knives” 😅

Rosie Devat : The only video Justin y didn't comment on! Yay!

MissMusicQueen101 : The only recipe I've been remotely tempted to make

Sister Night : "Certified glue free" 😂😂😂😂😂😂

Crazy German : Honestly the best YouTube channel

Karim zuetar : You NEED to make SUSHI pls!!!

Chris Minix : The fact that you were not listening to tunes on your zune feels like a missed opportunity.

Anjana : -"Hey mom I made you a mother's day thing!" -"Get out of my room" -"Ok" 😂😂

Trex Bro : Could have sworn the title said cocaine mushrooms

Toxic Phoenix : Just subscribed 👍 thanks for making my night lol

Benji : YSAC reminds me of: HowToBasic, Casually Explained, and Bill Wurtz

D Collins : Corny ass video when I love coconut uh smh


pepi560 : no pepper pepper pepper????? :'(

Nusayba Chowdhury : Slightly annoyed that he didn't finish the rhyme with moon, but still a great vid

Staacc : make fried pickles

SandY sands : If one if you heathens thought it was the french cookie that takes a shit ton to make then the exit is right behind you. Use it.

ᙅYᙖᙓᖇ ᗪOᙅ™ : I always utilize fish net stockings to catch wild coconuts when spawning. Adds to the flavor base.

TheMiniX : I made these for my 8th grade class once But My plans to share them with the class were shot down by school policies. So I ate all of them in one sitting while sobbing in bed. Overall they're pretty good. 10/10 would bake again

Ruben Avila : I am triggered.

Denny Herrera : 1,456 comment yeah

Picksel : Ur about to blow up like daily dose of internet did

lol lol : This is what gordon ramsy likes to watch

Felipe Ruiz : this time can u use profanity without the censor/beep? :D

Alyssa Perales : I'm super proud to say I just finished watching all of the videos you have posted! Does this make me a little crazy? NO, no it doesn't because I find you and all you're videos FLIPPING AMAZING!!! I'm very proud of you and what you have done to good and the way I look at it; I'll never cook eggs without letting then say good bye to each other. May I ask what is your favorite wangjangler and where did you get it?

James Polland : *Moon*

Zafou : Love your humour ~♡