'Parks & Rec' Star Aubrey Plaza Was An NBC Page | TODAY

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Danny Battinieri : She’s literally mocking them in front of their faces and they don’t even have a clue 😂

Dave Alt : I think Aubrey handled this so well. These two women were difficult to listen to, and they were rude. Side note: I love how Aubrey started to do her valley girl voice (like in Parks and Rec) when the women were calling her "crazy".

Angela Bell : She treated them the same way April treated Tynnyfer lol

Diane Palacio : they are terrible interviewers they talk right over her. and they we're really condescending and insulting her

embore : Are those plastic surgery witches high or something?

Give it up for GG : omg wtf rubber faced monsters

BigEnoughUmbrella : These women are acting like aubrey is saying the most outrageous bananas stuff.

Joshua Walsh : The two people interviewing her are pretty rude.

Brendan Taylor : The approach these women have to Aubrey is absurd and she exploits it without having to resort to being mean. Their approach is so condescending and overblown.

CJS929 : "I like to lie, I get paid to lie, and it makes me happy". She's priceless.

112233jjooee : somebody put these women out of their misery

Ossi Muurinen : These "hosts" symbolize everything that's wrong with American society.

Sir Monkey : they should treat her more respectfully as an actress

TheProtege00 : Aubrey is the sole reason why i started watching Parks. I eventually grew to love just about everyone on the show, but shes still my all time favorite.

CorrectWord : You can just tell Aubrey doesn't wanna be talking to them.

Ivie Lee : Are those women drunk or

Brent Wiggins : Her awkwardness makes her interviews seem like interrogations. It's an interesting sense of humor nonetheless.

JM Revelo : These cackling hens are insufferable

Christine Attanasio : She handles them really well. Even if she did get kicked out of the Page program, why would you make your whole "interview" an accusation session? They were just having fun, I know, but I feel like she did well in the given situation.

Embiv IE : Can these hostess' be any more fake

ZeGypsy : those two hosts are terrifying hell beasts.

superreverbfreak : She came so close to acting like she did on the episode of parks and rec "doppelgängers" when she got paired up with Tynnifer! I was so hoping she would have !

BlackBeltBabe16 : I'm miss Parks and Rec so bad. Aubrey was amazing on it. April and Andy were my favorite.

winehousedrunk : Aubrey rules every conversation and makes it interesting and hilarious. That's genius.

TommyTom : 2 jealous crones

The KnowingNanny : Aubrey hates them soooooo much!!!

Paula Kroll : i love this girl so much omg

atom : Shes soooo attractive! Her smile is perfect.

Devon Zastre : Jesus.....their completely disrespectful notes to self never watch this show or interviews again.

Tren979797 : lol Aubrey punks these 2 malfunctioning robots

Brooke Elysse : Aubrey looks beautiful! I miss Parks!

DaBase333 : What the heck? These two women keep dishing out insults and I don't know why. Aubrey is awesome!!!!


4RobinsonJ : Damn, that was hard to watch.

Gregory Gomez : Something about her makes me attracted to her

firewordsparkler : Oh my god I feel so bad for Aubrey.

Zebra Hawk : This feels like a Parks and Rec episode.

Monica : these two remind me of the geese in The Aristocrats! lol

Taylor Ragland : She looks like she couldn't stand being there... and I'm pretty sure she didn't. She was still so funny though. ^_^

Tamarah Davis : their laughing makes this so annoying to watch.

Geneva : OMG, I love Aubrey Plaza!!! Ha. I love how she retaliated in this interview too, lol

Harrison Engle : 3:14 is crazy.

SW627 : Well......that cup must be for people trying to cut down on coffee. Yikes !

troy ha ha : Terrible interviewers

Ovah Mahan : Im in love with Aubrey Plaza. There, I said it

malmn : You know those hosts voted for Trump....

Gary Hov : I love Aubrey! She cracks me up

Aaron Newell : Omg she is fine!!

Holly s : I LOVE HER

E P Ramos : Those brown eyes... Wow.